Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 7)


Hello guys how are you all. I missed you all guys. Hope so you all love this ff. now let’s starts with the episode guys.
The episode starts
Sanjana holds Arjun shoulders in fear. Arjun looks at sanjana. He removes her hand from her shoulder. Vikram angrily goes to sanjana.
Vikram: what the hell is this sanjana?
Nisha interrupts: She is my Bhabhi know so you should go from here right know.
Vikram angrily takes gun out from his pocket and points at sanjana.
Vikram: You and your father cheated with me. Know I am not going to live you.
Everyone gets shock.
Rohit: Leave this Stupidity.
Arun: Don’t do this Vikram.
He then shoots. Everyone looks at sanjana but sanjana was saved. Actually he pointed gun at sanjana but he shot Sanjana’s father who was standing behind sanjana. Sanjana gets shock she goes to her father and cries.
Vikram: You cheated me. This is your punishment for playing game with me sanjana.
Polices comes there and arrests Vikram. Nisha had called police.
Vikram: I will be Back Sanjana. I am not going to live you peacefully.
Police goes from there taking Vikram.
Dadi and sanjana cries looking body of Arun.
Sanjana: This is all happened because of me Dadi.
Nisha consoles sanjana and her Dadi then Nandani says
Nandani: we should go from here right know sanjana.
Arjun: No Mom she should be with her Dadi because this will be not good to take her with us at this time. Because she is not in her senses.
Rohit: Bhai is right.
Nisha: Mom even I think the same
Nandani (upset in her mind): Now what I will say to her.
Then she says: okay as you all wish.
Arjun: We should leave right know.
Sanjana was still crying looking at her father body.
Rohit and Nisha walks towards sanjana. They both consoles sanjana.
Nisha: I will live with them mom till Bhabhi will not come with us.
Rohit: Miss Nandani Nisha is right she should live with them for some time to console them.
Arjun: How can you Nisha live here? He says we should leave right now.
Dadi: It’s okay I am here with sanjana.
Everyone goes from there
Then Dadi says: You should go and take rest sanjana.
Sanjana (Crying): No I will not leave papa alone. This all happened because of me.
The ambulance comes and takes Arun’s body from there.
Sanjana cries and runs towards her room.

Scene in car
Arjun and Nisha were in same car while Rohit and Nandani were in another car.
Rohit while driving calls Ishana.
Rohit: How are you Ishana?
Ishana: I am fine how you are Rohit
Rohit: I am fine Ishana can you come right know to meet me in café.
Ishana: okay I am coming right now then.
While Nisha to Arjun: Bhai I want to go café. I am feeling hungry.

Arjun: okay I will park car here. Don’t take too much time. Go and order.
Nisha: okay Bhai.
Nisha goes to café. As she was about to enter. She sees Rohit sitting and waiting for someone.
Nisha goes to Rohit
Rohit (in shock and angrily): Why are you chasing me.
Nisha: I am not chasing………………..
Rohit interrupts
Rohit: Go from here right now.

Ishana comes there and she sees Rohit with someone.
Nisha: But for whom you are waiting right now.
Rohit: it’s none of your business Nisha.
Nisha: why are you always angry with me? What I have done Rohit.
Rohit: I don’t accept this relation Nisha.
Ishana listened everything she gets angrily.
Ishana goes to Rohit and slaps
Rohit and Nisha gets shock.

Ishana: how dare you to lied to me.
Rohit: what I lied Ishana.
Ishana; I don’t want to talk with you Rohit. I was wrong thinking that you are a good person.
Ishana goes from their angrily thinking wrong about Rohit.
Nisha: who is she?
Rohit: I have no time to explain you right now. I have to go to Ishana.
Rohit goes after Ishana.
Nisha gets confused and goes after Rohit to see who she was

Scene @ Raizaada House
Sanjana cries badly. Dadi comes and sees sanjana weeping.
Dadi: Don’t cry Beta
Sanjana: This all happened because of me. If I hadn’t married Nisha’s brother then papa haven’t died today.
Dadi: It doesn’t happen because of you stop blaming yourself for this.
Then telephone rings.
Dadi goes in hall to pick the call.
Dadi: Hello

Person: How are you Dadi?
The person is Sanjana’s Brother Ayaan Raizaada.
Dadi: Ayaan beta. I am not fine. Come back to India immediately.
Ayaan: Dadi are you okay and what about sanjana is she okay. What happened that you are saying to me to come India Immediately?
Dadi: I can’t tell on call so come back on tomorrow flight.
Ayaan: okay Dadi I will come tomorrow.
Then they a little talk. After that Dadi goes to Sanjana’s room to see her. She sees sanjana sleeping.
She goes inside the room and switches off the light.

Scene @ Malhotra’s House
Nandani on call with the same lady
Nandani: When Arjun’s wife will enter in this house then you can come.
Lady: why have you not tried to bring you Bahu?
Nandani: I tried but what I can do the three of them said that she should live in her house for some time.
Lady: Okay but Next time this should not happen.
Nandani: Okay tell about your daughter how she is.
Lady: She is fine.
Then they had a talk and did planning of what to do next.

Scene Shifted to Ishana and Rohit
Rohit goes after Ishana and holds her hand.
Hum se log hain naraz kis liye,
Hum ne kabhi kisi ko khafa to nahi kia

Ishana: Just stop saying shayari and leave my hand right now.
Rohit: Why are you angry with me Ishana?
Ishana: I trusted you but you cheated me.
Rohit: What? Did I cheated you
Ishana (Angrily): I don’t want to talk with you so please you can leave from here.
Rohit (yells): okay fine you don’t want to listen to me then fine.
Ishana: it’s will be good if you leave
Rohit: last time I am saying you don’t want to listen to me.
Ishana: No
Rohit: Ishana you are misunderstanding me.
Ishana: No before I misunderstand you now I came to know you very well.
Rohit goes from there angrily. Nisha hided and listened everything.

Ayaan lands in India……………. AnSha meets……………… Nisha meets Ishana.

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