Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 6)

Hello guys how are you all. So I am sorry that I will not post my ff from Sunday because my exams are starting. And I promise that I will post on Thursday and Friday. Hope so you all will understand me. I want to tell again that this ff is not related to any drama nor its character’s. Hope so you all are loving this ff. now let’s start with the episode guys.

The episode starts at Raizaada House
Vikram calls sanjana. Sanjana picks call
Vikram: what is your decision?
Sanjana: I am ready to marry you Vikram.
Vikram (happily): I knew it your answer will be yes.
Sanjana: But you will not harm my family.
Vikram: how can I will harm your family? You know your family will be mine when you will marry me. So come to temple in bridal dress which I gave you sanjana.
Sanjana angrily throws mobile on bed and cries badly. Her Dadi and father comes sees sanjana crying.
Dadi: Don’t cry ever thing will me fine sanjana.
Sanjana: No Dadi nothing will get fine now.
Arun: Don’t cry sanjana you have time even now you can say no to marriage.
Sanjana: I don’t have another option papa.
Arun gets thinking

Scene @ Malhotra House
Nandani is talking with lady (the same lady which she met in his house backside)
Nandani: Nisha is convincing Arjun to marry that Arun’s daughter.
Lady: That is good news.
Nandani: How can you say like this? He is not ready to marry.
Lady: Let Nisha convince Arjun to marry because he will marry then I can make an entry in your house.
Nandani: WOW! What an idea. Why this idea didn’t came in my mind.
Lady: Hahaha now go and join hand with Nisha to convince
Nandani: yes I will do this know
They both laughs
Scene shifted to Arjun’s room
He was finding his file. Then Nisha comes. Arjun sees Nisha
Arjun: why you came here.
Nisha: You have to marry that girl bhai.
Arjun (gets angry): I said that I don’t want to discuss this topic. How many times should I say that my opinion will not change?
Nisha: You have to change it bhai.
Then Nandani comes in Arjun room
Nandani: Nisha is right Arjun you have to marry that girl.
Arjun (gets shock): Mom how you can say this.
Nandani (fake tears): your father promised and you cannot fulfill this.
Nisha: Mom is right bhai. If this news come in media then what you will do bhai.
Arjun: what do you mean?
Nandani: We mean that if this news come in media then our family reputation will get bad in front of people.
Nisha: Bhai mom is right and they will say that Malhotra family elder son didn’t fulfill his own father’s promise.
Arjun gets thinking. Nandani and Nisha knew that Arjun can do anything for their family reputation.
Nisha: So what is your decision bhai?
Arjun: My decision is that………….. Nandani interrupts and says
Nandani: I knew that you can do anything for your family Arjun. I will go right now to make preparations for our new bride.
Nandani smirks and goes from there. Nisha gets happy and hugs Arjun.
Nisha: I am so happy bhai that you got ready to marry. And where is Rohit bhai. You should say this good news to Rohit bhai.
Arjun: okay I will call Rohit right now.

Scene in Car
Rohit looks at Nisha
Rohit: Tell me that name of person whom you were escaping Ishana.
Ishana (looks at car window): Actually Rohit I was not escaping from anyone.
Rohit: Don’t tell lie. I am your friend right you can tell me Ishana
Ishana: You now Rohit at night when you dropped me in my house. My…………..
Rohit’s mobile rings.
Rohit: Wait Ishana let me talk with my bhai right know then I will talk to you.
He talks to Arjun.
Arjun: Where are you Rohit?
Rohit (looks at Ishana): Actually bhai I have some important work and I am outside right know.
Arjun: I want to say that I am marrying that girl so you should come house right now and then we will go to that girl’s house.
Rohit (gets happy): what? Seriously bhai are you sure. Okay I am coming right now.
Rohit looks at Ishana and says
Rohit: Sorry Ishana I have to go right now we can meet at night and talk okay
Ishana: It’s okay Rohit. But where we will meet?
Rohit: In that café where we met.
Ishana: okay bye
Ishana opens door of car.
Rohit: Ishana wait.
Ishana: What happen Rohit?
Rohit: why you were standing at bus stand.
Ishana: Actually I had to go for my job
Rohit: where
Ishana: I am going to bakery
Rohit: okay come I will drop you then I will go home.
Ishana: No its okay your family must be waiting for you I will go myself.

Rohit: okay wait I will call my driver to drop you right now.
He calls driver and says to drop Ishana at bakery.
Ishana: You can go right now Rohit I will wait for your driver.
Rohit: He is near here. I will go when he will come.
Ishana: What should I say know? I knew that you will not listen to me
Rohit (smiles): okay sit in car if again men’s will come they will think that I am fighting with my wife again.
Ishana laughs and sits in car. Then they waits for driver. Mean while driver comes and they gets off the car. Ishana sits in car.
Rohit (to driver): Don’t tell this to anyone that I called you and told to drop this madam.
Driver: Okay sahib
Rohit: Drop her safe in bakery okay. Nothing should happen to her.
Driver goes and drives car from there.
Scene at Raizaada house
Sanjana gets ready in bridal dress. She wears jewelry and looks in mirror. Before they go to temple
Arjun along with Nandani, Nisha and Rohit enters in Sanjana’s house. Arun looks at them and gets happy. He goes near them and thanks that they came to fulfill their promise.
Nandani: No need to thank bhai sahib.
Nisha: Where is my Bhabhi uncle?
Arun: She is getting ready.
Nisha: okay I will go to my Bhabhi then.
Nisha goes from there to Sanjana’s room.
Rohit talks with Arun and Nandani with Dadi. While Arjun was talking on mobile with someone about his office work.
Nisha enters in Sanjana’s room and Sanjana looks at Nisha. She goes to Nisha and hugs her and cries.
Nisha: Don’t cry sanjana everything got fine you know.
Sanjana: What do you mean Nisha?
Nisha narrates the entire story to sanjana that how she convinced Arjun to marry her.
Sanjana: It means that your brother is very concerned about family reputation.
Nisha: Yeah he can do anything for our family. See how much my brother loves our families. Don’t worry he will also love you.
Sanjana gets shy and Nisha notices she teases sanjana that my brother is very steady and angry person.
Sanjana: I know how to handle these types of persons Nisha.
Dadi comes and says that come pundit is calling. Time of marriage is running
They take sanjana to hall

Arjun looks at sanjana. Nisha points finger to Arjun and says that this is your future husband. She looks at Arjun. He ignores Sanjana and goes to sit in mandap. Dadi and Nisha makes sanjana sit with Arjun.
Then the pundit starts the rituals.
After while they got married. Dadi tells them to take blessings of elders.
They both goes to take blessing and bends sanjana looks at Arjun. Then suddenly Vikram comes. He sees sanjana with Arjun and mangalsutar in her neck and sindoor on her forehead.
Sanjana looks at Vikram and gets scared. She holds Arjun shoulder and steps back.
Arjun looks at sanjana scared.

Vikram points gun at sanjana …………Then he shoots everyone gets shock…………… Ishana goes to meet Rohit at café. And sees with someone. IshRo Fights with each other.

Will Vikram shot sanjana or someone else………….Did Ishana thought wrong about Rohit……….Why did they fought with each other.

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