Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 5)

Hello everyone I am back with Dhamaka episode hope you guys will like it and sorry for late update guys hope so you guys will understand it
Its morning and the episode starts

Scene @ Malhotra’s House
Rohit comes out of his room and goes in kitchen for breakfast. Everyone was present in kitchen. Nisha and Arjun gets shock seeing Rohit. They cupped their mouth with hand; Rohit looks at them and says
Rohit: what happened?
Arjun while taking off her hand from mouth and says
Arjun: Nothing happened to me but what happened to you.
Rohit: nothing
Nisha: Then why Bandage is on your hand. He ignores Nisha and sits on his chair. Then Arjun and Nandani asks the same. But doesn’t get reply from Rohit. He was silent
Arjun: At night did something happen you were fine in morning and afternoon. Did you fought with someone wait maybe with goon’s right?
Nandani: Arjun leave it you know he always fights with anyone or goons
Rohit: This is a simple injury nothing much.
Nisha: but bhai it’s not simple even on your forehead you are injured. Why are you not telling us?
Rohit (angry tone): it’s just a simple injury I told you and it can get healed in time but what about that injury which is in my heart for so many years. NO one can heal that even my own brother
Nisha: if we cannot heal but maybe someone can heal it and you have to wait for that right time. That person will come in your life.

Then there were a silence on dining table. After a while a maid comes and she says to Nandani that someone can to meet her
Arjun: At this time.
Nandani: okay I am coming let make that person sit in hall.
Everyone goes in hall and they see a man sitting on sofa he stands up and looks at Nandani
Nandani: you
Nisha: Do you know this person Mom.
Nandani: yes he was your father’s friend.
The person is none other than Arun Raizaada.
Arun: I came here to remind your husband’s promise which he promised to me some years before.
Nandani: I remembered that promise Arun bhai sahib
Rohit: what is that promise uncle?
Arun: when he was a lived he promised me that his elder son will marry my Daughter.
Everyone gets shock except Nandani because he knew this. Arjun was shocked more.
Arjun: what? (Looking at Nandani). Is that true mom
Nandani: this is true Arjun your father promised this.
Nisha: And what you what know uncle.
Rohit: yes uncle what is it
Arun looking at everyone: I came here to say that it’s time to fulfill this promise.
Arjun: How you thought that I will marry your daughter a middle class girl. Whom I don’t know her.
Arun folds hand in front of Arjun and says: please son marry my daughter. You are the only hope we are in trouble.
Nisha and Rohit together goes to Arun and say no need to do this
Rohit to Arjun; Bhai it is time to fulfill our papa’s promise you can’t do this with anyone.
Nisha: Bhai Rohit Bhaiya is right.
Arjun: You guys think that I should marry that girl.
Nisha and Rohit together says YES and then they look at each other
Arjun goes to Arun and says: I can’t marry your daughter please you can leave know. Arun looks at Nandani
Nandani: Arun bhai sahib I can’t do anything if Arjun is not ready to marry your daughter.
Arun sadly goes from hall Nisha gets sad and she goes after Arun.
Rohit gets angry on Arjun.
Nisha follows Arun and stops
Nisha: which problem is your family in and what does that mean that my brother is your last hope uncle.
Arun (sadly): Today is my daughter marriage. And she is pressurized by a goon to marry her.
Nisha: what is your daughter name?
Arun: Sanjana Raizaada.
Nisha gets shock and Arun goes from their sadly.
Nisha (in her mind): it means sanjana is marrying Vikram and he is father of sanjana.
Scene in hall
Rohit: You can’t just fulfill papa’s promise
Arjun: I can’t marry a girl with middle class tag.
Rohit: It doesn’t matter bhai
Arjun: It doesn’t matter for you but it matters for me Rohit.
Nisha comes

Nisha (to Arjun): bhai you have to marry that girl.
Arjun: What? Are in your senses. You think I will marry that girl.
Rohit: you have to marry that girl. Why are you trying to ruin her life?
Nisha: Rohit bhai is right
Arjun: I thought Nisha you will understand me but no I was wrong you both don’t know this world properly this discussion is over no more talks.
Rohit: Bhai I was wrong I think that I was mistaken to understand you.
He goes from their angrily. Nisha was about to say Nandani stops and say
Nandani: Arjun doesn’t want to marry why you both are forcing him to marry.
Nisha: but Mom……………
Nandani angrily scold Nisha that why is she interfering in this issue she is younger and she doesn’t know this world and this type of cheap middle class people.
Nisha (looks at Arjun): But bhai.
Arjun: I don’t want to talk about this topic and my decision will not change. I have important work to do and I am going to office right know Mom.
Nandani and Arjun leaves from there. Nisha stands sadly. She thinks that.
Nisha (in her mind): Somehow I have to convince bhai to marry sanjana. After knowing about sanjana I can’t ruin her life by letting her to marry Vikram.

Rohit in car
Rohit is driving car and he sees from mirror Ishana is standing in bus stop. She was waiting for bus.
Rohit (in her mind): What is she doing here? He gets out of car and goes to Ishana. Ishana sees and ignores Rohit due to her Bua. Rohit goes to Ishana
Rohit: what are you doing here Ishana?
Ishana again ignores Rohit
Rohit: why are you ignoring me Ishana?
He holds Ishana hands
Ishana (angrily): Leave my hand Rohit
Rohit: I will not leave your hand until you will not tell me that why you were ignoring me.
Some men’s looks at Rohit holding her hand and Ishana trying to free herself. They go near them
Men 1: leave this girl hand.
Rohit: Who you are to say me.
Men 2: who you are to hold her hand
Rohit: I Now her………. Before he say something Ishana interrupts
Ishana: I don’t know her. Who is he even I don’t know him.
Rohit (shockingly): Ishana why are you saying like this. Tell them you now me.
Ishana sadly in her mind I am really sorry Rohit. The men’s hold Rohit collar and beats him for misbehaving with Ishana. Ishana gets teary eyed. Rohit looks at Ishana so that she can say anything.
Ishana can’t see Rohit getting injured. From there she sees Bua going. She goes and stops men not to beat Rohit so that Bua should not see them and doesn’t create any drama in front of society.
Ishana: I know him so please leaves him.
Men 3: Now you said that you don’t know him. What is your relation with this boy?
Ishana looks at Rohit and says he is my husband.
Rohit gets shock and looks at sanjana. People talks and goes from there.
Rohit: before you said that you don’t know me and know you are saying that I am your husband why.
Ishana holds Rohit hands.
Ishana: let’s go from here. Before she sees me with you here.
Rohit: But who Ishana.
Ishana (teary eyes): Let’s go from here Rohit
They go from there and sits in car.
Ishana: I am really sorry Rohit. While crying
Rohit wipes her tears and says don’t cry just tell me that person name then see what I will do. Rohit understands that she did this because of some reason.
They both looks at each other eye.

Will Rohit comes to know about Bua’s torture on Ishana…………………………IshRo spends time.
Will Arjun marry sanjana or not……………

Hope you all will like this.
Bye guys have a nice day

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