Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 4)

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So, the episode starts with Ishana sees Rohit in café and she turns back
Ishana: what is he doing here?
She tries to escape from Rohit. But Rohit turns and sees Ishana. Ishana sees Rohit chasing her and turns back .they both stops.
Ishana: Why are you chasing me? What you think of your self
Rohit: I am not chasing you and I am Rohit Malhotra.
Ishana: how many times you will say your name. I know your name Mr. Rohit Malhotra…………….

Before she says anything Rohit takes out bracelet from his pocket and shows her. Ishana sees her bracelet and immediately snatches from Rohit’s hand. She dances happily and gets stunned that she is happy just for a bracelet. Ishana sees Rohit is watching and smiling at her she stops and looks at Rohit.
Ishana: what are you looking at?
Rohit: Nothing
Ishana: Thank you.
Rohit: Sorry
Ishana (shock): For what

Rohit: for misbehaving with you
Ishana: oh seriously someone said that Rohit Malhotra has never said sorry and will not say sorry to anyone. She laughs and says now Rohit Malhotra came Ishana’s below
Rohit: What? What kind of language you are using
Ishana was about to go from their Rohit stops and says
Rohit: where are you going?
Ishana: why should I tell you?
Ishana goes from their and she stands near road side to stop rickshaw. Rohit goes in his car and sees Ishana from mirror she was trying to stop rickshaw but fails. Rohit drives car towards Ishana’s side and opens car mirror and says
Rohit: Come I will drop you
Ishana: I don’t need your help I will go myself.
Rohit: It’s late mid night now and you will not find any rickshaw here.

Ishana ignores her and goes from their walking
Rohit (in her mind): In fact she will not listen to me I have to chase her.
He drives car slowly. So that he can see Ishana going.

Scene @ Raizaada House
Sanjana is sitting worried and she goes in flash back
In flash back
She gets afraid seeing her father and Dadi on gun point and runs toward them and hugs them. Vikram was pointing gun on them and he says
Vikram: Now say you will marry me or not.
Arun (Sanjana’s father): He will not marry you.
Vikram: I think sanjana you should think. You know if your answer will be not in yes then what can I do.

Sanjana: I need some time to think.
Vikram laughs: Seriously you need time to see your father dying. Ok then do something I will give you only one day to think. He goes near sanjana and holds her hand sanjana in fear shivers.
Vikram: Don’t worry I will not kill your father if you don’t want your father to die then marry me.
He goes from their smiling.
Arun says: don’t marry this person whatever Happens. Don’t worry I will make everything fine.
Sanjana cries.

She comes out of FB. Dadi sees sanjana worried she brings glass of water for her and sits beside sanjana to console her.
Dadi: Don’t worry everything will be fine .Don’t become pressurized by him. Sanjana I want you to marry that person whom you can’t live without him not that whom you can live with him. Sanjana cries and lays on her Dadi’s lap
Sanjana (weeping): I will marry Vikram Dad because I don’t want you and papa to die because of my silly mistake.
While crying she sleeps. Dadi lays sanjana on bed and leaves from her room.
Dadi goes in hall she sees Arun sitting on chair thinking.
She goes near him and sits on chair. Arun sees and asks about sanjana
Dadi: she is now sleeping
Arun: what is her decision?

Dadi: you know she will marry Vikram tomorrow.
Arun: I will not let this happen.
Dadi: but what can we do
Arun: I know my friend. Now it’s time to fulfill their promise.
Dadi: but why they will help us
Arun: they promised me that their elder son will marry sanjana
Dadi: will he marry sanjana
Arun: don’t know tomorrow morning I will go to their house and will ask about it.

Scene shifted to Rohit and Ishana
Ishana was walking on a road. There were some goons standing. As she passed from there the goons looked at Ishana and goes towards her. Ishana sees they are coming toward her. She walks fast but the goon catches Ishana’s hand
Goon 1: where are you going we will drop you at your house come with us and have some fun?
Ishana: leave my hand I said

Goons misbehave with Ishana and she shouts for help.
Rohit comes on time and goes near goons.
Rohit: leave the girl
Goons catch Ishana from her hand
They says that they will not leave Ishana whatever he want to do he can do
Ishana tries to save herself from the goons clutches
The goons leave her hand. Ishana runs to Rohit and hugs in fear. The goons stand and watch Ishana and Rohit hugging. One of the goons goes from Rohit’s back and tries to stab him with knife but Ishana sees and shouts Rohit. Rohit turns back and sees goon coming toward him. They fight and the goon runs from there to save them. Rohit gets injured. The blood from her hand bleeds. Ishana sees this and goes to Rohit looks at her hand. She takes handkerchief from her purse and tries to bandage it but Rohit takes her hand from her
Rohit (angry): I told you to come with me but no you didn’t listen to me. See what happened with me.
Ishana (sadly): okay baba sorry but let me bandage your hand see the blood is bleeding from your hand Rohit.

She takes her hand and bandages while speaking
Ishana: thank you. Today you saved me from the goons
Rohit: stop praising me know come I will drop you
He walks a bit but Ishana was still standing on her place. He goes back to Ishana holds her hand and says
Rohit: before they come again to take you we have to go fast from here.
They sits in car
Rohit: what is your name?
Ishana: what you are asking now
Rohit: so what did you told me your name

Ishana: okay don’t fight with me now my name is Ishana.
He was about say his name Ishana stops and says
Ishana now your name how many time you will repeat your name. The one and only Mr. Rohit Malhotra. Who never said sorry to anyone and will never says
Rohit smiles listening to his talks
After while
Rohit stops car and says your home came.
Before Ishana goes from there she says

Ishana: can’t we be friends
Rohit: what
Ishana: oh my god this is your problem do you have family problem of listening
Rohit: stop taunting me know
Ishana: after all you saved me today
Ishana forwards his hand towards Rohit. Rohit also accepts her friendship .They both bids bye to each other

Rohit leaves from there and Ishana goes inside the house and sees his Bandari Bua
Bua says: who was that boy with whom you came right now. Know I come to know that what you are doing
You are staying nights with that boy. Shame on you
Ishana shouts that enough Bua shame on you that you are thinking like this. I never thought that you will think like this. Bua beats Ishana with stick that she is talking in front of her. While beating she says that I don’t want you to see with this boy. Ishana screams in pain and falls down crying. Bua goes from there to her room.
Arun goes to Malhotra’s house…………………………………. Nisha comes to know that Arun is father of sanjana……………. Nisha tries to convince Arjun to marry sanjana……………………….IshRo spends time with eachother.

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