Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana( Episode 34)

Hello guys I am back after a long time did you all forget me or not but I didn’t forget you all guys missed you so much please guys comment because I got just 1 comment only on my previous episodes thanks to akshaya that she is still reading and commenting but I am very much disappointed with the number of comments please please comment. I was thinking to post twice in a week or if not then after a week I will post 1 episode what you guys think and then tell me. I am so sorry for not commenting on others ff .I want to tell that I am reading nidhi,sat, vjey ruhirachel,
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I am really sorry to all of you guys for not commenting.Okay shyed zayaada bakwass kr rhui hun aur bol rhi hun so let’s start it with the boring ff written by none other then soha.
The episode starts
In morning
On wedding day
Everyone was busy doing the preparations for wedding of Nisha.

@ Karan house

Mr. and Mrs. Singhania were talking to Karan.
Karan: mom dad you both cannot force me for this marriage I don’t want to marry Nisha because I love someone else. You both said to go to her house so with both of you I reached in her house but I don’t believe that after knowing everything you just both are pushing me for this marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Singhania get angry on Karan
Mr. Singhania: you have to marry and this deal is important for me
Mrs. Singhania goes to Karan

Mrs. Singhania: you have to marry if not then don’t know what arjun will do with us he will not spare us
Karan: I don’t care what he will do or not but its final I will not marry that girl
Mrs. Singhania: then what will we say to them today
Mr. Singhania: don’t worry Karan you will come and have to if not then don’t dare to enter this house
Karan: who will come in your house I will not come even know I will leave from this house right know but I will not marry that girl
Wedding time

Nisha gets ready for her marriage and everyone were waiting for Karan to arrive soon.
In ArJana room
Suddenly Arjun gets call of Mr.Singhania. He receives it
Arjun: hello Mr.Singhania where are you we are waiting
Mr.Singhania: actually Arjun Karan is not ready to get marry
Hearing this Arjun gets angry
Arjun: what are you saying I don’t know he have to come you know what the media is outside and what I will say to them if today he will not come then Mr.Singhania I will not leave your family
Mr.Singhania: sorry Arjun he is not listening to me

Arjun: when will you come?
Mr.Singhania: know what will I come to see when my son is not ready to get marry
Arjun: come fast in 1 hour or otherwise see what I will do with you and with your son.
Sanjana goes to Arjun
Sanjana: don’t worry everything will be fine
Arjun (angrily): when you don’t know anything it’s better to be quite rather than giving lecture of no use
He angrily goes out of the room
Sanjana gets upset

In hall
Later Mr. and Mrs. Singhania arrived in their house. Everyone were present in hall
Arjun angrily goes and holds Mr.Singhania’s collar
Arjun: how dare you come alone where your son is?
Mr.Singhania: I told you he will not come
Jahnvi: Arjun leave him. It’s no time to fight we have to think what should we do right know
Arjun leaves Mr.Singhania collar
They all gets worried what to do know
Then Jahnvi looks at Rajveer
Jahnvi: today marriage will happen
Rohit (confused): Bua but how

Sanjana: yeah there is no groom
Ishana: and without groom how this marriage can will happen
Arjun: Bua they are right
Jahnvi: Rajveer will marry Nisha and they both will get married
Rajveer and Soniya get shock. They both looks at each other
Rajveer: mom what are you saying how can I will marry Nisha
Jahnvi: Rajveer you have to marry because it’s about our family reputation know
Arjun: Bua is right Rajveer you have to marry Nisha
Rajveer: I will not marry her and that’s final
Ishana: bhai I think your mother is right you should marry know
Rajveer: di how can you say this

Jahnvi goes near Rajveer
Jahnvi: if you will not marry then you will not be able to see my face
Rajveer: mom what are you saying
Jahnvi: say that you will marry
Rajveer looks at Soniya

Rajveer: but mom…….
Arjun: please Rajveer marry Nisha don’t say no try to understand the situation
Rajveer: okay I will marry
Rohit: okay then what are you waiting for get ready and yeah wear the sehra because no one will know that you are Karan or Rajveer
Arjun gets happy.
Sanjana and Ishana goes to tell Nisha that she is going to get married with Rajveer not Karan. She gets upset hearing this. Then sanjana and Ishana goes from there.
Nisha sits down and cries recalling moments with Ayaan.

Nisha: no one asked me what I want. How can I marry Rajveer? Because I just love Ayaan.
Rajveer was passing by he hears what Nisha said.
Rajveer looks at Nisha and thinks in mind
Rajveer: I will not let your life get spoil Nisha. Because I know what I have to do now.
He then smiles
The groom comes wearing sehra. After while Nisha also comes. She looks here and there
Nisha (in mind): where is Ayaan?
She doesn’t finds Ayaan and gets upset
They both gets married with all rituals.

At night
In IshRo room
Rohit looks at Ishana and tries to talk with her but she ignores Rohit.
He gets angry Ishana looks at him
Ishana: if you want to talk about your Bua and my relation then please I am not interested to listen. So please don’t try to talk about her
Rohit: Ishana please listen she is your mother and you should talk to her why don’t you understand.

Ishana (angrily): Rohit please stop it
She angrily goes to sleep on bed. Rohit looks at her and gets upset.
In ArJana room
Sanjana sees Arjun. He was standing near window
Sanjana goes near him
Sanjana: what happen you seem to be happy Arjun?
Arjun looks at her
Arjun (happily): I am happy because today what happen I think everything happens for good
Sanjana: yeah everyone is happy but I don’t think Nisha is
Arjun: don’t think about this I know my sister if she want to say something she have told me sanjana
He goes near sanjana and holds her hands
Arjun: I am sorry sanjana

Sanjana (confused): sorry for what Arjun
Arjun: I am sorry for not talking properly with you and not taking care of your. Because I had some business problems
Sanjana puts her hand on Arjun
Sanjana: don’t be sorry Arjun I know that you were having tension about business
Arjun holds her from waist
Arjun: Mrs. Arjun Malhotra you understand me so well it means that whenever I will be in problem you will know it right.
Sanjana: Mr. Arjun I am your wife and obviously I will now it but if you dare to hurt me or avoid me again like before you did then I will kill you
Arjun: you killed me on that day when I fall in love with you and I will never think to harm you in my entire life and if I will try to hurt you then you know what I will be in pain more then you.

Sanjana looks at him
Sanjana: wow Mr. Arjun you were never like this before. So much changed
Arjun: this credit only goes to you if you never came in my life then I would never changed like this.
Sanjana (smiles): okay Mr. Arjun let me go know because I have to change my clothes.
Arjun was not letting her go
Arjun: what’s the need no problem sanjana I can……..
Sanjana interrupts
Sanjana: don’t think this okay
She pushes Arjun and goes in washroom. Arjun was looking at her and smiling.

In Rajveer room
Rajveer enters in room and sees Nisha sitting on bed. Nisha sees Rajveer and goes near him to say something. Rajveer looks at her coming near to him he stops her
Rajveer: don’t come close to me make a distance from me.
Nisha: Rajveer listen to me
Rajveer: Nisha I think you should sleep know because it’s late night
Nisha: but Rajveer………
Rajveer interrupts and goes from there to sleep
Nisha tensely looks at him

Rajveer goes to meet Poonam in her house………………….. Everyone are in shock finding Rajveer marries Poonam…………… IshRo fight………………….. sanjana falls down from stairs

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