Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana( Episode 33)

In morning
Soniya wakes up and gets shock seeing Rajveer sleeping with her on her own bed. She remembers what actual happen and what did they do
Soniya looks at Rajveer and cries holding blanket
Soniya: how could Rajveer did this with me.
She cries then Rajveer wakes up and sees Soniya crying. He goes near her and was about to touch her then Soniya pushes her and was about to go to washroom then Rajveer comes in her way
Rajveer (confused): why are you crying Soniya
Soniya: shame on you Rajveer you don’t remember what happen
Rajveer remembers and gets embarrassed
Rajveer: Soniya listen actually……..
Soniya interrupts
Soniya: Rajveer please don’t try to show your face I just hate you what you did last night. I thought that you understand me but no you were just trying to use me like you use others girls for your benefit.
Rajveer holds her hand and Soniya gets angrier and slaps him
Soniya: don’t touch me Rajveer I hate you for what you did
She angrily goes from there in washroom
Rajveer goes in his room
Rajveer (in mind his heart says): Oh god what I did how can I hurt Soniya I just want her to be happy but what I did.
But his mind says something else
Rajveer: No why I am feeling upset for her. I should not think about her and with every girl I did this but why I am feeling sad. I used every girl and flirted with them but…..
He puts her hand on her head
Rajveer: I don’t understand anything I should once talk to Soniya and make sure that she should not tell anything to anyone in house.
He goes to fresh up

In hall
Ishana and sanjana were busy with decorations of house for mehndi function
Then Arjun goes to sanjana
Arjun: sanjana please don’t do any work in this state you that you should take rest
Sanjana: Arjun please I have to do so many works for function and you are saying I should not do
Rohit: Bhabhi bhai is right please rest
Ishana: sanjana don’t worry I will do everything and every work you just relax
Sanjana: but Ishana how can you do alone
Soniya: who said Ishana will do alone I will help her and please don’t worry okay you just tell me what to do
Nisha: Bhabhi please know you rest because Soniya and Ishana Bhabhi will handle all this okay
Sanjana: but
Arjun: no and but now let’s go in room
He takes sanjana to her room

In jail
Vikram was in jail then Poonam comes to meet his brother
Vikram: Poonam what are you doing
Poonam: bhai I will not leave this Malhotra family especially Soniya just because of her and her mother you are here in this place
Vikram: don’t leave this family and take my revenge from them and also from that sanjana.
Poonam: bhai know wait and watch what I will do with them
In Malhotra house
Everyone gets ready for mehndi function. The mehndi designers were also there to design mehndi on Nisha hand and others.
Ishana takes Nisha and makes sit her near the designer to design mehndi on her hand.
Nisha looks here and there she was finding Ayaan so that she can say sorry for what she did with him
Ayaan was in room
Ayaan: why I am thinking about Nisha and I just don’t understand that why she is behaving like this with me
I should call her and tell her to meet me

In hall
Jahnvi (looks at them): sanjana you should make mehndi on your hand and Ishana you also
She tells to the designer to design mehndi on their hands
Sanjana goes and sits there for mehndi. Ishana was about to go then sanjana stops her
Sanjana: where are you going Ishana come and sit?
Ishana: sanjana I have work after that I will tell the designer to design mehndi okay
Sanjana: no Ishana come and sit right know
Ishana goes and sits there
The mehndi designer asks from Nisha that what is her going to be husband name
Nisha looks at her and gets upset
Nisha’s mobile rings and she gets happy seeing call of Ayaan in happiness she says Ayaan
The designer smiles and writes Ayaan name on her hand.
Nisha: hello
Ayaan: where are you Nisha?
Nisha: Ayaan I am in hall
Ayaan: I want to talk to you right know Nisha
Nisha: no right know you cannot okay bye
She cuts call

Rajveer was also present in hall then he sees Soniya coming down. He keeps looking at her
Rajveer (in mind): I am sorry Soniya what I did with you and I will make you happy right know because I can’t see you upset like this
Rajveer goes near Soniya. She sees him and ignores Rajveer. She goes from there. Rajveer gets upset
Soniya goes to sanjana and Ishana. She sits with them thinking that know Rajveer will not come.
Sanjana sees her and looks at Ishana. Ishana then says something in Sanjana’s ear
Sanjana: Soniya you also design mehndi on your hand okay
Soniya: no sanjana I don’t want because then I will not be able to eat
Ishana: so what I will tell Arjun or Rohit to make you eat
Nisha: or even Rajveer also can also do this
Rajveer comes there
Rajveer: I don’t have any problem but may be Soniya have problem that she will not eat from my hands
Sanjana calls the designer to make design the mehndi she comes and starts making design on her hand
Soniya looks at Rajveer
The function ends then everyone gathers in dining table for dinner
Jahnvi looks at everyone and smiles
Sanjana: Jahnvi Bua how I will eat know
Ishana: and what about me
They both looks at their hands

Soniya: you both were giving me idea now Arjun and Rohit will help you both to eat so why to worry
Nisha: yeah Soniya is right my brothers let start making eat your wife
Rohit was about to make Ishana eat then suddenly she goes from there. Jahnvi looks at Rohit. He takes food in plate and also goes from there
Soniya was about to go then Nisha stops her
Nisha: where are you going?
Soniya: to wash my hands
Sanjana: are you crazy Soniya why will you wash right know
Nisha: yeah even your mehndi is wet
Soniya: its okay then I will eat
Rajveer goes near Soniya
Rajveer: don’t wash your hands okay sit know
Nisha: Rajveer is right Soniya sit and eat know he will make you eat okay
Soniya: but Nisha
Rajveer holds her from hand and makes her sit on chair. He also sits near her to make her eat.
He was about to make her eat then Soniya looks on other side
Rajveer (says in low tone): Soniya please eat right know if you will not eat then how I can eat food
Soniya looks at him. He then feeds Soniya
In IshRo room
Rohit goes in room and sees Ishana
Rohit: why you came from there
Ishana: because I don’t want to eat food
Rohit: why you don’t want to eat
Ishana: my choice
She was going then Rohit holds her hands and makes her sit on sofa.
Ishana: what are you doing Rohit leave me
Rohit: you don’t want to talk to me its okay but don’t show your anger on food please eat it Ishana
Ishana: Rohit please I don’t want to eat
Rohit forcibly feeds her

In Soniya room
Rajveer goes in Soniya room and sees her sitting again in corner and crying.
This time he doesn’t switch lights on he goes near her and sits with her
Soniya sees Rajveer near her and gets angry
Soniya: what are you doing in my room?
Rajveer: Soniya please forgive me what happen with us I did not know how this happened
Soniya: Rajveer go from here I don’t want your explanation just go
Rajveer: Soniya please listen
Soniya angrily stands and holds Rajveer hands and pushes him outside
Soniya: don’t try to come inside my room again okay and even I don’t want to see your face I just hate you know
She closes the door
Rajveer goes from there in his room and sits on bed
Rajveer: why is she doing this with me I am feeling so guilty for what happen and what I did with her? Why she doesn’t want to listen to me once she should have listened?
A tear of drop falls from his eyes
Rajveer: why I am crying and feeling so pain after looking at her crying. I don’t understand what is happening with me. Nothing happened with me like this before the way I am feeling for Soniya.
He gets worried
Karan runs from marriage………………. Everyone is in tension because media is outside for Nisha’s marriage……………… Jahnvi forces Rajveer to marry Nisha……………..Rajveer agrees to marry Nisha for her mother’s sake ………….. Ayaan realizes love for Nisha…………… Nisha comes to know that she is married with Rajveer.

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