Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 32)

At Malhotra house
Ayaan and Dadi came in Malhotra house. Sanjana sees Ayaan and her Dadi she gets happy
Sanjana goes towards them
Sanjana: Dadi I am so happy to see you here
Ayaan: how are you sanju?
Sanjana looks at Ayaan
Sanjana: I am fine bhai but I don’t want to talk with you
Ayaan: why
Sanjana: because you never came to talk to me
Ayaan: I am sorry I thought you will never forgive me sanjana
Sanjana: you know that I can do anything for you and Dadi okay now I forgave you so come inside
They go inside and sit in hall.
The singhania’s arrived in Malhotra house. Arjun Rohit and Jahnvi welcomed them.
They go and sit in hall with everyone.
Arjun: Karan how are you and how’s your business
Karan: Arjun I am fine and the business is also going good
Mrs.Singhania: where is our Bahu?
Arjun looks at sanjana
Sanjana: she is getting ready let me go and check then I will bring her
Sanjana goes in Nisha room

In Nisha room
Sanjana goes inside and sees Nisha ready. Nisha was sitting on bed
Sanjana: Nisha come let’s go Karan and his family arrived here. Your saas was asking about you know fast lets go Karan must be searching for you
Nisha looks at sanjana and stands
Nisha: let’s go then
Sanjana teases Nisha
They go in hall

Nisha was coming down then Ayaan looks at her. Sanjana makes Nisha sit with Karan. Karan looks at Nisha
Ayaan looks at them.
All were talking then Mrs. Singhania says that they want Nisha and Karan to get married soon so today they will do engagement. Everyone looks at each other
Rohit: but how today even that we haven’t yet did any arrangements
Arjun: Rohit is right and we don’t know the decision of Karan also he want to marry or not
Mr. Singhania: don’t worry Karan likes Nisha and he don’t have any objection and about arrangements we will do only in family and simple also.
They all agreed and Karan makes Nisha wear ring.
Ayaan looks at Nisha
Ayaan (in mind): why I am getting jealous looking Nisha with Karan. No what I am thinking I should not think like this she is my best friend and I should think of her happiness.
Mr. and Mrs. Singhania were about to leave
Mrs. Singhania: tomorrow will be mehndi and next day will be of marriage don’t say that you all need more time and in good thing why to late
Arjun: okay then as all you wish then
They go from there. Nisha goes from there to her room and Ayaan also goes after her
In room
Nisha sees Ayaan inside her room
Nisha: what are you doing here?
Ayaan: I am here to congratulates you Nisha
Nisha: you did congratulation know you can go from here
She talks rudely with Ayaan.
Ayaan: why are you talking like this Nisha?
Nisha: please Ayaan leave me alone
She pushes Ayaan out of her room and closes the door in front of her face he was shock and does not understand why Nisha was behaving badly with him.

At night
Soniya have done the last rituals of her mother. Rajveer looks at her
Rajveer: let’s go home Soniya
Soniya (crying): no I don’t want to go home Rajveer please leave me alone here for a while
Rajveer: how can I leave you here Soniya let’s go home
He holds her hand and takes her to the car
At Malhotra house
Everyone was waiting for Rajveer and Soniya. They both enter and see everyone in hall
Nisha sees both of them and she gets angry for not being in home with her on her engagement
Rajveer: I am sorry Nisha
Jahnvi looks at Soniya and gets shock. Soniya was wearing white shalwar kameez
Jahnvi: why are you wearing these clothes Soniya?
Soniya starts crying. And everyone gets worried
Rajveer tells everyone what he saw and what happen with Soniya mother. Everyone consoles Soniya. Soniya goes from there to her room
Arjun was about to go after her then Rohit stops him
Rohit: bhai let her be alone for while
Arjun: but Rohit
Jahnvi: Rohit is right Arjun at this time she wants to be alone so let her be alone for a while then afterward we will go to her room.
Rajveer: and don’t worry I will do something so that she can eat food you all go and relax
Everyone goes to their rooms.

In Soniya room
Soniya was sitting in a corner of room and crying. She cries badly thinking of her mother. Rajveer was passing by her room and sees her crying.
Rajveer goes inside her room and he was holding something in his hand.
He switches on the lights .Soniya looks at her and wipes her tears
Rajveer: take this and get ready
Soniya: get ready for what Rajveer
Rajveer: we are going to have food outside so no and but get ready fast in this bad there is clothes for you I brought so get ready fast and I am waiting outside near car okay.
He goes from there commanding Soniya
Soniya takes the clothe from the bag. It was a beautiful gown without sleeves
Soniya: how can he bring like this dress for me without sleeves?
Then she sees another gown inside the bag and there was some note also written she takes and read
Rajveer: I know you will not like this dress that’s why I bought 2 dresses so decide and wear any 1 and come down fast.
She smiles and looks at another dress. It was lovely pink anarkali dress. It was long and simple
Soniya gets ready and goes outside the house. Rajveer looks at her and gets mesmerized
Rajveer (in mind): why am I looking at her? Maybe she is looking beautiful that’s why I should stop looking her. Oh God what I am saying. (He puts her hand on chest) why my heart is beating so fast and why I am getting nervous what is happening with me know.
Soniya goes to her
Soniya: hello Rajveer what happen can we go or should go back to my room
Rajveer looks at her: No let’s go know
They both sit in car
While he was driving he was looking at Soniya
Rajveer (in mind): stop looking her Rajveer stop.
They both reached in hotel and goes inside. They sit
Then the waiter comes and he looks at them
Rajveer: what you want Soniya
Soniya: anything you say
Rajveer: no you say I will eat what you want
Soniya: okay then

She orders and then a waiter goes from there
Rajveer: wait Soniya I will come right know
Rajveer goes after the waiter
Rajveer: listen put some wine in my juice okay she should not know okay
He points at Soniya
Waiter smiles and goes form there
He goes and sits
After while they start eating and then the waiter comes with the juices in 2 glasses
Soniya takes the glass and drinks the half glass
Soniya: Rajveer in juice there is something because it smelled like there is wine in it
Rajveer: what are you sure give me and check it
He drinks and looks at Soniya
Rajveer (in mind): oh sit man she drank the glass in which there was wine now what should I do
They both get drank
Soniya starts laughing while looking at Rajveer
Soniya: should I say shayari like you
She talks and laughs while saying.
Rajveer (laughs): why not say it Soniya
Soniya: Twinkle Twinkle little Star,
Rajveer: why do you rhyme say shayari Soniya
Soniya: Rajveer listen
Twinkle Twinkle little Star,
Teri girl friend Gaye Bazaar
Rajveer: so what should I do let her go
Soniya: don’t talk in between listen know
Rajveer: okay say know

Us ko Mil Gaya MAJNU ka Piyar,
Ab Tu Beth ker Makhiyan Maar..;-p
Rajveer (laughs): okay from Majnu I have to say shayari know
Soniya: say it
Rajveer Kiya Hai…
Soniya: know say it
Rajveer: Majnu Ki Kismat Jaag Gayi…
Soniya: Wah Wah…
Rajveer: Laila Se Pyaar Kar ke
Majnu Ki Kismat Jaag Gayi…
Majnu Ne Itne Love Letter Post Kiye,
K Laila POSTMAN k Sath Bhag Gai…
Soniya laughs and Rajveer looks at her
Rajveer: Soniya lets go home it mid night know
Soniya: no Rajveer I don’t want
Rajveer goes near her and takes in his arms
Soniya keeps looking at her
They both reached home and gets out of the car.
Soniya was about to fall Rajveer holds her and takes her to her room
In Soniya room
He leaves Soniya and makes her sit on bed. Then he was about to go Soniya holds her from his hand
Soniya: Rajveer
She goes near Rajveer
Rajveer holds her form waist
Rajveer: why are you looking so beautiful to me Soniya?
He cares her face
Soniya looks Rajveer
He goes more closer and K*** her

No Next sorry for this guys. Hello guys I wish that you all remember me and didn’t forget me so sorry for posting very late and making you all wait. Thank you all for reading this bakwas ff and giving your precious time for reading this. Hope so you all will like this. Today I am posting 2 episodes separated hope so you all will like. So know read the next episode because there are going to be more surprises awaiting for you all and even some shocks also.i will try to post next episodes if i can sorry guys again

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