Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 31)

At evening
In Malhotra house
Zahrili arrives in Malhotra house and she asks everyone about Soniya
Jahnvi: she will be coming right know
Zahrili: but I heard that she is not in house for more than one day
Sanjana: actually Rajveer said that he is going to pick Soniya from her friend house
Zahrili surprised
Zahrili: she is not having any friend in this city
Ishana: it might be is gone out of city that’s why they have not yet come here
Arjun: but Bua they have come here because it’s too late know look the time
Rajveer and Soniya enter in house and everyone was waiting for them and gets shock seeing Soniya’s state. Everyone goes towards them
Sanjana: what happen Soniya?
Ishana: and what is this look at yourself what happen and why are you wearing Rajveer jacket
Rajveer and Soniya looks at each other
Rajveer: actually my sweet bhabhi’s she was feeling cold and I gave my jacket
Jahnvi (looks at Rajveer): I don’t think so
She looks at Soniya and goes near her
Jahnvi: Soniya tell what happen and what happen on your forehead
Rajveer looks at Soniya
Soniya: actually I fall from stairs from my friend house that’s why

Zahrili comes near Soniya and holds her hand. Soniya angrily makes her leave her hand and angrily goes from there
Rohit: what happen to her why is she behaving like this
Everyone gets worried
Zahrili goes to Soniya room and sees Soniya sitting on bed
Zahrili: what happen Soniya?
Soniya (angrily): you are asking to me that happen to me mom
Zahrili: Soniya what I am asking just tell me that
Soniya (point’s finger): know you are asking me that what happen to me just because of your enemies I was going to
Then she stops
Zahrili goes near her and holds from her hands
Zahrili: just tell me Soniya what happen with you
Soniya hugs Zahrili and starts crying
Zahrili (gets worried): just tell me Soniya I am getting worried for you
Soniya: mom yesterday Vikram kidnapped me and you will not believe what he was going to do with me
She cries and continues

Soniya: mom please stop doing any wrong with this family if Rajveer didn’t came that night my reputation was gone
Zahrili (angrily): I will not leave this Vikram he tried to touch you know see what I will do with him I will kill him now
She was about to go then Soniya stops her
Soniya: mom please finish this chapter now and don’t try to do anything that can harm or hurt you and this family
Zahrili: no Soniya now I will not leave him
Zahrili goes and Soniya goes after her to stop. When Soniya was going Rajveer stops her
Rajveer: where are you going Soniya?
Soniya in hurried doesn’t listen to Rajveer and goes from there
Rajveer: what happen to her and why she is going hurriedly out of the house I have to check it out
Rajveer goes after Soniya out of the house

In IshRo room
Ishana and Rohit were fighting
Ishana: Rohit please don’t try to tell me what to do
Rohit: Ishu why are you not understanding me I am doing this for your better just forget and move on
Ishana: it’s not easy for me to forget Rohit I will never forgive your Bua
Rohit goes to her and holds her
Rohit: she is your mother Soniya and please stop doing this
Ishana: Rohit it is better not to talk on this topic and not to make our relation effect
Rohit: why do you not understand?
Ishana gets angry and pushes him
Ishana: Rohit please don’t try to talk with me if you don’t have another topic except this
She goes from there angrily
Rohit gets upset
Rohit: Ishana why are you not trying to understand what I am saying
Scene of Zahrili and Vikram
Zahrili and Vikram start arguing.
Zahrili: why you do this Vikram with my daughter
Vikram (smiles): and what about your promise you said that somehow you will make sanjana leave Malhotra house
Zahrili: now I will not do this for you Vikram
Vikram: then start counting your bad days
Zahrili gets angry and takes gun out
Vikram (laughs): know you will shoot me
Zahrili: I will finish this chapter now
Soniya comes there and sees Zahrili pointing gun on Vikram
Soniya (shouts): mom no don’t do this
Vikram sees Soniya and takes gun from his pocket and hides back
Zahrili: no Soniya let me finish him know
Vikram (laughs): know you will threaten me look at your daughter how she is scared of me
Zahrili looks at Soniya and then Vikram shoots Zahrili
Soniya runs towards her mother and cries
Soniya: mom please don’t try to close your eyes
Zahrili: I……… am… sorry Soniya… please forgive me beta
Soniya looks angrily at Vikram who was laughing and looking at them. Soniya tries to wake her mother but she was dead. She angrily goes to Vikram and slaps him
Soniya: how dear you do this Vikram I will not leave you
He was in shock that how she can slap her and gets angry
Vikram: know see what I will do with you
He holds her hand and was about to take her to his car but Rajveer comes there and he gets shock seeing Zahrili dead and stops him
Vikram: see who came to save you Soniya but not this time
Soniya turns and sees Rajveer
Soniya (shouts): Rajveer
Rajveer looks at Soniya and goes near Vikram. He was still holding Soniya’s hand
Rajveer: leave her
Vikram: who are you to say me?
Rajveer makes Vikram leaves her hand. Soniya goes to her mother dead body and cries
Vikram hits Rajveer. And they start fighting. Soniya sees them and calls in police station.
Rajveer falls on ground injured on arm.
Vikram: you are nothing in front of me Rajveer
He was about to go near to Soniya then Rajveer holds Vikram from leg and he falls down. He beats him. Then polices comes there and arrests him.
Vikram: Soniya I will not leave you and your family I will ruin your life just wait and watch.

Police takes Vikram and goes from there.
Rajveer sees Soniya and she was crying. He goes near her
Rajveer: Soniya we should call and inform our family
Soniya was not in the state that she could reply to Rajveer. Rajveer goes near her. She hugs Rajveer and cries badly.
Rajveer: we should go home Soniya
Soniya: no Rajveer I will not go
Rajveer (keeps her hand on Soniya face): then what you will do here please lets go
Soniya looks Rajveer
Soniya: no I will not go until. I will not perform the last rituals of my mother
Rajveer: okay you want to do then do I will call house and tell them
Soniya: no don’t call them we will tell them later and you know that in home Singhania’s will be coming to see Nisha.
Rajveer: but Soniya
Soniya interrupts
Soniya: please Rajveer
Rajveer looks at Soniya. He gets upset seeing her worried
Rajveer: okay I will call pundit
Rajveer mobile rings and he sees at Soniya
Rajveer: Arjun bhai is calling what I should say to him you know I can’t lie to him he will come to know that I am telling lie
Soniya: okay I will pick call
Rajveer: its okay I will talk

On call
Arjun: where are you Rajveer?
Rajveer: actually bhai I am with Soniya and we both are in our friend marriage
Arjun: but Rajveer you know that singhania’s are coming to see Nisha and you know Nisha
Rajveer: sorry bhai but I cannot come right know may be I will come late night
Arjun: okay as you both wish
Later pundit came and she performs the last rituals of her mother

In Malhotra house
In ArJana room
Sanjana: what happen?
Arjun: Soniya and Rajveer are together and they will not come
Sanjana: let them come I will take their class
Arjun: and what about singhania’s
Sanjana: they are coming right now
Arjun: go and see Nisha that she is ready or not

In Nisha room
Nisha was lying on bed and thinking. Then sanjana and Ishana enters
Sanjana: what is this all Nisha?
Nisha gets in senses and looks at them
Nisha: what
Ishana: you are not yet ready
Sanjana goes near her
Sanjana: you are looking upset what happen
Nisha: nothing Bhabhi I am fine but where is Rajveer and Soniya
Sanjana: don’t worry they will come soon
Ishana: and you get ready soon okay
Nisha takes clothes and goes to get ready

Nisha engagement……………….. Ayaan feels something for Nisha………….. everyone are shocked to know about Zahrili death…………….Soniya sits in dark room and cries at night…………. Rajveer to cheer up Soniya

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  1. Sanchi

    This was intense for me..
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    Anyways loved it

    1. Soha

      thanks sanchi and the new vamp will soon enter. you think that without any vamp there will be an episode or ff

  2. Akshaya

    Unexpected twist soha. Interesting episode dear. Loved it. Soveer??. Ayaan uff he gains knowledge lately.. waiting for the next

    1. Soha

      thanks Akshaya ??

  3. Flawless…… It was intense and thrilling…. Zahrili died…..yaaayyy ?? Loved the episode
    Keep smiling&writing,

    1. Soha

      thanks maleeha

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