Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 30)

At night
Vikram goes in Soniya room and sees her not yet got ready
Vikram (angrily): why did you not got ready yet Soniya
Soniya: because I don’t want to be part of this dirty plan of yours
Vikram: okay then
He then calls someone in room and Soniya was shocked to see that person
Soniya: Poonam you are with him
Poonam: baby don’t get surprised he is my partner we do this work since my years
Soniya: you are such a traitor poonam
Poonam goes near Soniya and holds her from hand and turns her hands back
Poonam: because of you Soniya I was not able to be with Rajveer my all plan got failed because of you if that night I was with Rajveer then I was able to enter in your house as Rajveer wife but no know see what we will do with you
Soniya: I will not let be successful poonam because Rajveer come to here and will tell him about you
Vikram: both of you stop your cat fight
Vikram to poonam
Vikram: poonam make her ready and beautiful because now men’s will come to see her in room
She goes then poonam looks at Soniya
Poonam: now your reputation will be no more because now you will have to be here entire life
She throws clothes to Soniya and commands her to get ready fast
Vikram takes her mobile and out and comes to know that GPs is on and hen eh turns it off
On other side Rajveer gets upset because he was near to come but was not able to locate the location know
Soniya goes and changes her clothes she cries
Soniya (cries): where are you Rajveer? I is better for me to die
Poonam knocks the door and she opens. Soniya was looking so beautiful
Rajveer: how can I will know that Soniya is in which place here are so many places
He gets upset and worried for Soniya

ArJana room
Sanjana wakes up from sleep late night and she wakes Arjun
Arjun (rubbing eyes): what happen sanjana?
Sanjana: I am feeling hungry
Arjun (looks her in shock): what for this you wake me sanjana you can go in kitchen and eat
Sanjana: no Arjun I want to eat something spicy
Arjun: what at this time how can I go to market
Sanjana: don’t be angry on me I am not hungry your baby is feeling hungry
She makes puppy face and keeps hand on her tummy
Arjun stands from bed
Arjun: okay then I can do for my baby come I will make something in kitchen
Sanjana: okay
She was about to stand then Arjun takes her in his arm and goes in kitchen to make something
In kitchen he made food for sanjana and they both sat and eat

In desolate place
Soniya was sitting in room and she gets scared as she was rubbing her hands in fear
Then poonam enters
Poonam: Don’t worry Soniya your first guest is coming you know he is very handsome man and you have o make him happy today
She goes form there and the man enters
He was drinking alcohol
Soniya in shock stands and was about to go then holds her from hand
Soniya: leave my hand how dear you touch me
She makes him leave her hand and runs to open the door but it was closed from outside
She turns and gets scared because the man was coming towards her
Soniya looks here and there to get something so that she can beat the man and from the table she takes the vase and warns the man not to come close to her
Soniya: don’t try to come close or I will kill you
But the man catches her and tears her sleeves
She gets more scared and shouts at the man
Then suddenly someone opens the door from outside because it was locked from outside and it was none
Other than Rajveer. He enters inside the room Soniya gets happy seeing him and she was about to go the man
pushes her and she gets hit on the wall and falls down she gets injure on the forehead and blood starts bleeding.
Soniya gets faint Rajveer goes near her and takes off her jacket and puts on her. The man gets angry and tries to
Beat Rajveer but he beats the man and he gets faint. Rajveer takes Soniya in his arms and thinks were to go from here
Rajveer: she is unconscious and where I will go know at this night somehow I have to go from here before someone sees me here with Soniya
Rajveer somehow manages to go out of the place . He puts Soniya inside the car and drives. But Soniya was still unconscious. While driving the car suddenly stops and he goes out to check
Rajveer: shit how can the car wheel get puncture
He sees Soniya from outside
Rajveer: I have to take her and here is some hotel also near
He then asks from man about hotel location and gets the location.
Rajveer take Soniya in arms and walks on road
Rajveer: she is so overweight how I can take her till the hotel seriously I am dead today but I have to walk
He then sees Soniya and suddenly due to bad weather. It starts raining
Rajveer: she is still unconscious and it’s raining
He find the hotel and goes inside to book 2 rooms but the mangers says that there is only 1 room available
Rajveer: oh no with Soniya in one room god help me today she will get angry and will not leave me today
He then takes the key and goes inside the room
And makes Soniya sleep on bed.
Rajveer: shit I am wet know even my clothes

The suddenly Soniya shouts and was looking in fear. Rajveer goes near her and she hugs Rajveer
Soniya (in fear): Rajveer he will come back I know he will not leave me please don’t go anywhere don’t leave me alone
Rajveer consoles Soniya that none is here except them and she is safe but Soniya was still scared and she was still hugging
Rajveer: don’t worry everything is fine know okay sleep
He leaves Soniya and tells her to sleep but Soniya holds her hand
Soniya: please Rajveer don’t go anywhere
Rajveer (turns and looks at her): I am not going anywhere you just sleep right know
Soniya: please sleep with me here on bed
Rajveer (shock): what are you crazy?
Rajveer goes near her on bed and she again hugs him in fear
They both lay on bed
Rajveer (in mind): what happen to her that she is talking like this?
Soniya hugs while she was on bed and gets sleepy
Rajveer looks at her and she was sleeping and hugging him in fear that might be Vikram will come and again take her in that hell

In morning
In Malhotra house
Everyone gathers for breakfast
Rohit: where is Rajveer and what about Soniya
Jahnvi: Rajveer told me he was going to take Soniya but they have not yet reached here
Nisha: Bua don’t worry might be they didn’t come because of the weather
Sanjana: Nisha is right you eat breakfast know they will come soon
Arjun: Nisha Mr. and Mrs. Singhania said that they will do today engagement
Nisha get shock
Nisha: but bhai Rajveer and Soniya is not here how we can do engagement
Arjun: don’t worry they will come to see you and you can also meet Karan

In hotel
Soniya wakes and gets shock seeing herself in arms of Rajveer she moves from there and gets angry. She sees the jug on table and takes it and pours on Rajveer. He wakes up
Rajveer: what is this Soniya is this the way to wake someone
Soniya: for you I will use this way
Rajveer: oh god at night she was trying to be so innocent and know look how she is becoming like a tiger
Soniya remembers everything what happen in night and about poonam also
Soniya: I want to tell you something Rajveer
Rajveer goes near her
Rajveer: what it is
Soniya: I don’t know you will believe me or not
Rajveer: you are right it is difficult to believe you
Soniya: joke a part Rajveer
Rajveer: okay say what it is
Soniya tells about poonam and everything what happen in night
He gets thinking and starts his joking
Rajveer: Pyar ki rasmo ko ye zamana kya janay,

Dil k dard dil torne wala kia janay,
Soniya: what seriously you love that poonam
Rajveer: you think that will love here Soniya that bimbo okay listen full

Hoti hai kitni mehnat ek larki phasanay mai

Ye ghar me betha uska Abba kya janay
Soniya laughs
Soniya: you are right
Rajveer: now see Soniya how I will make this poonam remember her Nana and Nani
Rajveer goes near Soniya and she moves backward he then goes near her
Soniya (heavily breathing): what are you doing Rajveer
Rajveer holds her form waist
Rajveer: 1 thing I should say Soniya that you can’t believe that at night for me it was difficult to carry you
Soniya (angry): what you mean I am fat
Rajveer: please do some diet okay so that your future husband can lift you
Soniya: han what stop it okay?
She pushes him
Rajveer: okay seriously 1 thing I should say that you were looking beautiful are night that’s anyone can become your Romeo
Soniya looks at Rajveer
Soniya: stop buttering me Rajveer tell what you want
Rajveer: why I will butter on you you know that butter is used to on bread
Soniya(smiles): stop it and tell me what it is
Rajveer: okay I want that you will say in house that you went to your friend house and will not tell anything what happen with you okay
Soniya: okay and I don’t want them to be worried listening this all about what happen in night with me
Soniya questions Rajveer about how he came in desolate place to save her
Rajveer: don’t worry i just tracked the location
Soniya: but
Rajveer interrupts
Rajveer: don’t question me go and get ready to go home
Soniya goes to get ready and Rajveer gets thinking

Nisha engagement……………….. Zahrili and Vikram argument……………….. Soniya is upset…………. Ayaan feels something for Nisha

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  1. Akshaya

    Soveer rocked today. This is not fair arjun does things for baby not for sanjana . Rajveer, so cool you’re buddy. Wonderful episode dear. Waiting for the ne

  2. Akshaya

    Soveer rocked today. This is not fair arjun does things for baby not for sanjana . Rajveer, so cool you’re buddy. Wonderful episode dear. Waiting for the next for ansh

    1. Soha

      thanks Akshaya

  3. Sanchi

    Bechara Rajveer, kya author tumne kitna raita phela diya jise Rajveer ko sametna pada????
    Loved it yar

    1. Soha

      hahaha sanchi kya kare adat se houn majboor aur rajveer ko hi saara raita samethna pade ga and thank you dear

  4. fantabulous…..fantastic…… Really superb….. Loved it….. Soveer were amazing and arjana also…..

    1. Soha

      thank you maleeha

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