Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 3)

Hello everyone how r u all I am back with next episode. I request to all silent readers to comment please
Guys you know that yesterday my sis told me that my ff is boring and that’s why number of comments are not increasing I felt sad that I am writing and spending lots of my time no comments are increasing
And I am not yet satisfied with the comments so sorry for any spelling mistakes. But I will write it for those who are reading even if it is 2 or 3. And guys this is the longest episode I wrote.
So let’s start with the episode guys. Hope so you guys will like it.

Scene @Malhotra’s House
Nandani is in hall waiting for someone and she sees clock on wall and notices time
Nandani (in her mind): Where is this girl?
Nisha comes and sees Nandani waiting. She gets afraid seeing Nandani waiting in hall. Nandani sees Nisha and asks in angry tone
Nandani (in angry tone): Where were you and why are you so late?
Nisha shivers in fear and says: Actually Mom I was with my friend that’s why I got late to come in home.

Nandani: You and Rohit never listened to me and you both sister, brother never follow rules of this house. So today is no lunch for you directly go to your room right now.
Nisha goes from their sadly murmuring that her mother never understand her. Nisha sees Arjun standing and listened everything she makes faces and goes to her room sadly.
Then Arjun goes to Nandani and says: Mom why you scolded Nisha. That’s okay if she came late. It happens sometime.
Nandani: why are you defending Nisha? I don’t want to listen anything know.
Arjun: ok then it’s no use to say anything in front of you.
Arjun goes from their.

Scene @ Ishana’s house

Ishana does not find any job so she enters home sadly. As she enters Bua was waiting for her and she sees her and says
Bua: Did you find any job or not
Ishana (in fear): Actually Bua I did not find any job.
Bua (SHOUTS AND YELLS): What? You didn’t find any job.

Ishana: Bua I will go tomorrow again and I will find job.
Bua: ok then you will find tomorrow job then you will not eat anything today till night. And you will not sleep in room today you will sleep in kitchen.
Ishana: But Bua in kitchen there are rats how I will sleep.
Bua (yells): it’s not my problem.
Ishana: But…………………………….
Bua ignores and leaves from their giving wicked smile to Ishana.

Scene @ Raizaada house

Sanjana goes to her room and find her Dadi there.
Dadi: why are you so late? I was waiting for you and your father too.
Sanjana: Actually Dadi…………….. Before she completes her sentence Dadi interrupts and says
Dadi: Leave this I will bring lunch for you right now you just go and fresh up.
Dadi leaves from their and sanjana gets thinking what happened in university

Scene @ Vikram Thakkur
Vikram goes to her house angrily and says
Vikram (in her mind with angry tone): How dare she slapped me? I will not leave her know.
He calls someone and says I want single detail of Sanjana Raizaada. Like where she lives and with whom.
He laughs and says
Vikram: Now I will play game with you and it will become more interesting when I will come to your own house. He laughs and says Now you are gone Sanjana Raizaada.

Scene @ Malhotra’s House
Arjun goes to Nisha’s room. As he Brought food for Nisha goes near to door. Knocks it and says
Arjun: See what I have brought for you my little princess.
Nisha sees Arjun and wipes her tears.
Arjun goes near Nisha’s bed and says

Arjun: You can’t hide tears from your brother. Don’t cry
Nisha (weeping): Bhaiya why did mom scold me for every single thing.
Arjun: Leave this topic now we will discuss this later first let eat this food okay.
Nisha: NO Bhaiya I won’t .If mom will now then she will again scold me.
Arjun wipes her tears and says
Arjun: when your brother Arjun Malhotra is there for you why need to fear.
Nisha smiles and hugs her brother and says
Nisha: you are the best brother in this world .I love you so much bhai
Arjun feeds food with her hands. Nisha asks about Rohit

Arjun: From morning I haven’t seen Rohit till now. Don’t know where he is.
Nisha: bhai I think he is still angry
Arjun: Same here. You now Nisha whenever Rohit gets angry he bursts out in anger to someone. Don’t today whom he busted out in anger today and how he behaved.
Rohit was passing by he listened everything and he feels guilty. He remembers how he fought with Ishana. He was in his own thoughts while Nisha sees her and says that Rohit came and his standing near door.

Arjun turns and sees him and goes to Rohit
Arjun: where have you been Rohit today?
Rohit (who was yet in her own thoughts) says: you are right bhai I busted out in anger and scolded someone.
Arjun (shakes him): what? Not again Rohit you should try to control your anger.
Nisha goes there and tries to say something to Rohit he ignores her and says to Arjun that I am going to my room bhai and I don’t want anyone to disturb me.
He leaves from there
Nisha goes to her room while Arjun becomes busy with some client talking on mobile.

Scene @ Ishana‘s house
While Ishana was in kitchen washing dishes she notices that her bracelet in not on her hand. Seeing this she gets worried and goes to her room to search. She searches everywhere but doesn’t find it. Suddenly she remembers how Rohit dragged her from hand and her bracelet falls.

Ishana: Don’t know what he thinks of himself .I should go and check in café might be their bracelet has fallen. Then at night I will go there and check. She gets thinking that how she will go at night. Her Bua might not let her go outside. She gets an idea that when her Bua will sleep then she will go.

Scene @ Raizaada house
Sanjana thinks that Dadi have not yet come. I should go there and check. She goes out of her room and finds Vikram standing
Sanjana: What are you doing here?
Vikram: See sanjana I have brought something for you
He calls someone and the man brings something in large plate covered with cloth
Vikram uncovered the cloths and shows sanjana that he brought bridal dress for her and some jewelry

Sanjana gets shocked and says No
Vikram: Get ready sanjana your groom has come for you only.
Sanjana: What Nonsense Vikram. You think that I will marry you. She goes to Vikram in front of her and pushes her from front and shouts that Go from here right know. Vikram laughs
Vikram: Yes you will marry me sanjana
Vikram calls other man and shows some person to her pointing gun at them
She gets shocked.

Scene @Malhotra’s house
Rohit was sitting on sofa and sees Ishana’s bracelet. He gets mesmerized seeing her innocent on her face. He comes out of her thoughts and stands near window.
Rohit: why I am thinking of her. As soon as possible I should return her bracelet. She might be searching for her bracelet. I should go to that café right now to return her bracelet. Don’t now she will be there or not.

Scene shifted to Nandani’s room
Nandani was laying on her bed and thinking something. Suddenly her mobile phone rings and she picks it up seeing someone’s name on mobile phone.
Nandani (Angrily): How many times I should say to you that don’t call me. What? .You are here. Okay wait I am coming.
Nandani hurriedly goes backside of her house and sees some lady there.
The face of women is covered with cloth. Nandani goes to her near.
Nandani: If someone sees you here with me they. They can get doubt on us.
Lady: Don’t worry No one knows me. Just do something for me so that I can enter in this house.

Nandani: oky I will do something. Don’t worry. Just do what I say. Right now go from here. I don’t want someone to see me with you.
The lady goes from there and Nandani goes inside house.

Scene @ café outside
Ishana goes to Bua’s room to see if she is sleeping or not
She sees Bua sleeping and says thank god she is sleeping right know.
She goes out of her house and reaches at café. She was searching for her bracelet and suddenly she sees Rohit there. She turns her face back and says: what is this steady person doing here.

What will sanjana do……………….She will marry Vikram or not………………..who is that lady whom Nandani met…………………..Will Ishana be able to escape from Rohit or not……………New Entry.

Hope you guys will like this. Bye. Have a nice day love you all guys.

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  1. hi soha no your ff is not boring it is really good and you should keep writing and sorry i didn’t comment on your last ff but i have read your ff and dear there are more silent readers to who must like your ff dear i am a little confused cause the pic has all the brothers in it and there is not any in ff will you add them later or are they not in the ff just a little confused and really loved the episode keep writing

    1. Soha

      Dear first i told in my introduction that my ff is not related to any drama nor its character’s dear and thank you that you commented happy that you liked my ff

  2. Aarion

    Good story….don’t get upset….comments will increase..pls read and comment in my ff also..
    With love

    1. Soha

      Thank you aarion i will keep writing and which is your ff plzz send me a link of your ff so that i can read it and i will comment on it dear 🙂

      1. Aarion

        Hey soha I am sorry I don’t know how to give links….but you can got to my profile page -> my post.
        And there you can find all my episodes…..

        With love

  3. Shivu

    hii soha ur storyline is good and entertaining…. do continue

    1. Soha

      thanks shivu that you liked my ff and yeah i will continue

  4. Its not bring but sorry I am reading it first time and sorry except ishana all characters are new and I can’t understand the storyline so if you can give me the link of intro and last two episodes. So that I can understanding plzzz

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