Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 29)


At night
Scene in car
Rajveer was driving car and suddenly it stops.
Soniya: what happen?
Rajveer: how I will know
Soniya: then go and check it
Rajveer goes out to check the car then Soniya comes out if the car
Rajveer: everything is fine here
Soniya (confused): then why it is not starting
Soniya goes inside the car and angrily comes outside
Soniya: you dumb the car is out of fuel cannot you check before we were coming
Rajveer: just shut up Soniya I don’t know why mom sends me with you
Soniya (worried): now how we will go to pick Dadi and this please is so haunted
Rajveer: we have to ask someone for help
He then goes on road side to take lift then a car suddenly stops. A car window opens and Rajveer gets happy
Rajveer: poonam you
Poonam: baby what are you doing
Soniya sees them
Poonam comes out of the car and hugs Rajveer
Poonam: who is this aunty with you Rajveer?
Rajveer still holding poonam and looks at Soniya
Rajveer: this is my cousin
Poonam: what you both are doing here then
Soniya goes near them and looks at Rajveer
Soniya: actually our car is out of fuel and we need your help and we have to pick Dadi
Poonam: oh see the weather is not fine and it will rain soon Rajveer near here is the hotel so we can relax there and you both can go in morning
Soniya: but
Rajveer interrupts
Rajveer: why not okay baby lets go then
They sit in car to go to hotel

In Malhotra house
Everyone gathers for dinner
Jahnvi: Rajveer and Soniya didn’t came yet
Sanjana: At this time they had come here
Arjun: I will call Rajveer wait
He then calls but none pick the call
Arjun get worried
Ishana: what happen?
Arjun: no one is picking the call
Sanjana (worried): ok wait I will call Dadi and ask that they both are with her
Sanjana calls Dadi
Sanjana: hello Dadi
Dadi: how are you sanjana?
Sanjana: Dadi first tell me are you with Rajveer and Soniya
Dadi: I am waiting for them but they haven’t yet came to pick me
Sanjana: okay Dadi I will talk with you later
Jahnvi: what happen sanjana is everything fine
Sanjana: they haven’t yet reach to pick Dadi Bua now what
Nisha: I wish they both are fine because outside its raining Bhabhi
Everyone gets worried
In hotel
Rajveer books 2 rooms. 1 for Soniya and other for poonam and his
Soniya in room
Soniya (worriedly): I have to inform in house because everyone will be getting worried
She puts her hand in pocket and remembers that she left her mobile phone in house
Soniya: now what I should go to Rajveer and tell him to call in house

In Rajveer room
Rajveer was standing near window then poonam came wearing night dress and she goes near Rajveer
Rajveer: what is this all poonam?
Poonam: see Rajveer we are alone and we can have some fun together
Rajveer: see I am not here to have fun poonam I am getting worried that maybe in home all are in tension because I forget my mobile in my car
Poonam: see Rajveer you are not a baby you are grown and they know that you are outside they will understand so don’t worry
Poonam hugs Rajveer
Rajveer: you are right poonam
He holds her from waist and was about to kiss then suddenly the door opens and there Soniya is standing and getting angry
She goes near Rajveer and slaps him tightly
Soniya: you are not here to make your honeymoon okay we came to pick Dadi and everyone must be getting worried in home and you with this girl shame on you Rajveer
Poonam holds Soniya from hand
Poonam: how dare you slap Rajveer?
Soniya angrily makes her leave hand. Then Rajveer angrily holds Soniya from her shoulder
Rajveer: how dare you slap me Soniya and how many times I told you not to interfere in my life?
Soniya (angrily): leave me Rajveer okay fine you make your honeymoon with this bimbo but I will not stay here for a second in this hotel
Rajveer: just shut up okay I told you that we will go in morning
Soniya: but I will not stop here
Rajveer: if you will not listen then I have to do with you that I have not to do
Soniya angrily makes her leave and she angrily leaves from there
Rajveer angrily breaks the glass and poonam goes and hugs him
Poonam: relax baby don’t worry okay she will be fine if she want to go let her go don’t spoil your mood
He then angrily pushes her and goes on bed to lay down
Soniya went out and she was crying badly remembering Rajveer words
Then suddenly she collides with someone and looks at them
Soniya (shocked): you

In morning
At Malhotra house
Everyone were in hall worried about Soniya and Rajveer
Jahnvi: I don’t know where they are
Sanjana: it’s because f me I should not have send them out
Ishana consoles her then suddenly Rajveer enters the house
Everyone goes to him
Jahnvi: are you okay Rajveer
Rajveer: I am fine mom what will happen to me
Everyone asks about Soniya
Rajveer (shock): what she is not here
Nisha: what you mean Rajveer she was with you then why are you asking about her
Sanjana: where is she Rajveer tell us
Rajveer gets shock and remembers what happen in hotel
Rajveer: it all because of me I should have not let her go outside
Rohit: what you mean Rajveer
Rajveer puts her hand on head in tension
Rajveer tells lie that Soniya wanted to go to pick Dadi alone so he then let her go alone in night
Jahnvi: how can you let her go alone Rajveer
Sanjana cries
Arjun goes other
Arjun: sanjana please don’t cry

In evening
In desolate place
Soniya wakes up and she holds her head
Soniya: where I am which place is this
She goes to open door but all in vain the door was closed from outside
She then remembers what happened in night when she was walking
Soniya: Vikram you
Vikram: you are daughter of Zahrili right
Soniya: what you mean Vikram
Vikram holds her hand back
Vikram: now your mother will come to know with whom she deal
He releases her then suddenly someone beats something on Soniya’s head and she gets faint
Now in present
She remembers and gets scared then someone opens the door and comes inside the room
Vikram goes near Soniya
Soniya stands and tries to run from there and then Vikram holds her from mouth
Vikram: don’t try to do this Soniya
Soniya screams in pain. He then gives the saree to Soniya
Soniya: what is this I am not going to wear it okay and let me go from here?
Vikram goes near her
Vikram: you know what you will never imagine what is going to happen with you and you will not be able to show your face to world
Soniya (shocked): what you mean
Vikram: today at night you will be auction of your reputation in front of men’s
Soniya (scared): what you can’t do this Vikram
Vikram: don’t worry Soniya they will just give money and spend night with you
Soniya (point finger in anger): don’t try to do this with me because I will not let this happen with me because we women’s are not so weak that you men’s can do anything with us
Vikram angrily holds her finger and squeeze it
Vikram: let’s see today then Soniya because what your mother did with me then you have to pay for it
He goes form there
Soniya (in mind): what you did mom just because of you I am here I have to do something today even that I have no mobile phone so that I can call in home
She walks here and there in room worriedly. Then she sees mobile fallen on floor she immediately picks it
Soniya (in mind): this is Vikram mobile he will come to take I have to call house as soon
Then she calls put none picks.
Soniya (in mind): what should I do know I can call Rajveer but he will not come no I have to call him because of him I am here
She then dials Rajveer number and calls
The mobile phone rings but Rajveer was not in his room
Soniya (worried): pick up the phone Rajveer
Then someone picks it none other than Rajveer
Rajveer: hello
Soniya: it’s no time to say hello to you Rajveer
Rajveer (shock): Soniya were are you
Soniya: I am doing picnic in a bar and parting like you did
Rajveer: really how cool
Soniya (angrily): you dumb someone kidnaps me and they are going to do auction of me
Rajveer: what but Soniya which place are you
Soniya (upset): I don’t know Rajveer please come soon it will happen tonight or I will do suicide if something happens to me
Rajveer: don’t try to do this Soniya just what I say do it what they are saying
Soniya: what I am just wasting my time that I called you
Rajveer: listen to me don’t worry I will come soon and nothing will happen to you okay and just open the GPs in this mobile then I will come to know where are you
Soniya then here someone coming near door then immediately she cuts the call and opens the GPs
Rajveer: hello Soniya shit know how I will know where she is
Then Vikram enters the room and takes her mobile Soniya was sleeping on bed. He goes from there
In Malhotra house
Rajveer was going outside then Jahnvi stops him
Jahnvi: where are you going in hurried Rajveer?
Rajveer (tensed): mom I am going to pick Soniya
Jahnvi (happily): where she was
Rajveer: Mom I don’t have time to tell you all but think that she is safe and she is with her friends okay
He goes from there bad checks his mobile to trace the location
Rajveer: thank good know I can trace the location with the help of the gaps

ArJana scenes………………………….. Soniya gets ready…………………… Rajveer can’t locate the location………….. Man enters in Soniya room

Author’s Note:
hello guys i want to tell you all that i will not be able to post regularly because my collage is going to open from 2 jan. 31 and 1 jan TU will be having holiday but i will try to post if possible. Thank you so much to support me guys

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  1. Akshaya

    Interesting episode and precap. Soveer and their nok-jhok was awesome. Waiting the next

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      Yhank you Akshaya : $

  2. Haawww…… What a twist…???? Loved the whole episode…. Super amazing…… But the precap is happy one as well as scary…..

    1. Soha

      thank you Maleeha dear

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