Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana ( Episode 28)


In evening
Jahnvi goes in Ishana house
She enters and sees Bua sitting. Bua sees her and gets angry
Bua: why are you here Jahnvi?
Jahnvi: I came to meet my daughter
Bua: go from here she is no more
Jahnvi (surprised): what you mean
Bua: she died in accident with his father
Jahnvi: don’t lie to me tell me where is she I know she is live my heart says
Jahnvi sees her husband picture and his daughter. She then sees Ishana’s picture on wall. She gets shock
Jahnvi turns: who is she is she Ishana
Bua: how you know her
Jahnvi: it means she is my daughter
Bua: what you mean

Jahnvi rushes to house
She reaches and sees Ishana working with sanjana in kitchen
Jahnvi goes and hugs Ishana
Ishana gets angry and pushes her back. Sanjana and Jahnvi get shock
Sanjana: what are you doing this Ishana?
Ishana: I should have done this before
Jahnvi goes near to Ishana. Then Ishana goes in hall and Jahnvi goes after her
Jahnvi: why are you angry beta?
Ishana (rudely): please don’t call me beta
Everyone hears this and comes down in hall
Rohit: why are you getting angry on Bua?
Jahnvi: Rohit leave it
Arjun: but Bua there must be any reason that’s why she is getting angry
Ishana looks at Rohit

Ishana was about to go then Rohit holds her from hand
Rohit: what it is Ishana you are trying to hide something from me
Ishana: I am not hiding anything Rohit
Arjun: okay stop this being angry on anyone where Nisha is
Sanjana: I don’t know
Then Nisha comes
Nisha: hello everybody
Arjun: Nisha I want to tell that Mr. Singhania and Mrs. Singhania called me
Nisha: so what
Rohit: first listen to bhai Nisha
Arjun: They told that they want you as their Bahu and even that they send the proposal of there elder son so what you say
Nisha gets shock
Nisha (sadly): bhai I need time to think
Rohit goes to Nisha
Rohit: it’s your life and you first think then tell us
Arjun: Rohit is right Nisha we will wait first think carefully about this proposal then tell us
Nisha goes from there to her room

In IshRo room
Jahnvi goes inside the room she sees Rohit and Ishana talking
Jahnvi: I want to talk you both
Rohit goes towards Jahnvi
Rohit: what it is Bua?
Jahnvi: Ishana is my daughter
Rohit (shock): what
Jahnvi: I mean she is like my daughter
Ishana angrily looks at Jahnvi
Ishana: I am neither like your daughter nor your daughter
Rohit (looks her): Ishu what is the way you are talking to Bua
Ishana (goes toward him): Rohit you don’t know this lady
Jahnvi looks at Ishana

Rohit: please Ishu don’t talk like this about my Bua
Jahnvi: its okay Rohit please you both don’t fight
Ishana: okay Rohit please listen to me
Rohit: what it is
Ishana: you this is the same lady who left me when I was just 1 month
Rohit gets shock and Jahnvi looks at Ishana
Jahnvi: please Ishu listen to me first
Ishana: I don’t want to listen to you
Everyone comes in room to see what happening
Sanjana: what happen Ishu why are you crying?
Jahnvi: it’s all because of me
Arjun: Bua what are you saying
Rohit: bhai I think we should let them leave alone
Ishana: Rohit you think that I will talk to this lady just because of her I was living a life like a orphan
Rajveer: what is this all I just don’t understand
Rohit: let’s go out I will tell you all
They all leave except Jahnvi and Ishana

In hall
Rohit tells everything to them
Rajveer: it means she is my elder sister
Rohit (happily): I am so happy
Arjun: but I don’t think Ishana is happy because what happen with her I don’t think it was good
Soniya: I think we should not talk about this because it’s between a mother and a daughter and they should solve this issue
Sanjana was about to say then she suddenly outs her hand on mouth and runs to her room
Rohit: what happen to Bhabhi?
Arjun (worried): I will go and see her

In room
Ishana was about to go but then Jahnvi holds her hand
Jahnvi: comes sit
Ishana: I don’t want to talk to you so please leave my hand
Jahnvi: you will do this with your mother
Ishana (angrily turns): you are not my mother
Jahnvi: you know that I left you but why did I left you. You don’t know that listen to me once please
Ishana was not interested to listen but Jahnvi holds her hand and makes her sit on bed beside her
Jahnvi: when you were only 1 month and I decided to leave you with your father because I loved someone else and when left you with your father and went to that person lived with him and even after that he didn’t married me he said that if I can leave my own husband then I can leave him also after that I got to know that I am pregnant but it was late he left me
Jahnvi cries
Ishana: so it was all your fault not mine
Jahnvi: I know I was regretting and I decided to meet you and your father after 7 years I came but you Bua said that you and your father met with an accident and died
Ishana (angrily): you came to see me and my father that we are dead or live
Jahnvi puts her hand on her face
Jahnvi: I love you beta you don’t know how much I missed you
Ishana angrily makes her leave her
Ishana: but I just hate you
She cries and continues

Ishana: you know what just because of you I was living a life like an orphan and you shower all your love on your son Rajveer
Jahnvi: I love you also Ishana
Ishana stands and was about to go but she sees Rajveer and stops
Rajveer: Di you are my sister and I am your brother but we have different fathers but not mother she give you birth and to me also we all love you don’t think like this
Ishana: Rajveer I am not angry on you bhai
Rajveer: then please talk to mom
Ishana: impossible
Rajveer: you got know everything but after that you will not talk that’s not fair
Rajveer holds her hand and brings near to Jahnvi
Jahnvi hugs her but Ishana does not reciprocate the hug. Rajveer smiles
Ishana: I will try to talk to you but as Rohit Bua not as my mother
She goes from there. Jahnvi gets sad
Rajveer (puts hand on her mother shoulder): don’t worry mom everything will get fine

In Nisha room
Nisha calls Ayaan
Nisha: Ayaan I want to tell you something
Ayaan: what happen say it?
Nisha (worried): you know Mr. and Mrs. Singhania send the proposal of their elder son
Ayaan (happily): wow Nisha now you are going to be a bride soon
Nisha: you are happy
Ayaan: off course Nisha
Nisha: okay bye I will talk to you later
Nisha cries
Nisha (in mind): I can’t marry him because I just love Ayaan but even that I don’t know he loves me or not I have to tell bhai I can’t do this
She goes out of the room
In ArJana room
Arjun goes inside the room and sees sanjana coming out from washroom. He then goes near to her
Arjun: sanjana are you ok
Sanjana (hesitates to say): actually Arjun I want to say that
The she stops

Arjun (worried): say it sanjana I am getting worried
Sanjana: actually I am pregnant
Arjun gets happy and takes her in his arms
Arjun: what seriously I am so happy sanjana
Sanjana smiles looking him
Sanjana: Arjun leave me if anyone comes here then
Arjun leaves her and holds from waist
Arjun (happily): you cannot believe that I am so happy and I just want a baby girl
Sanjana: no it will be a baby boy and I don’t want a baby boy like you stubborn
Arjun smiles
Arjun: sanjana I want that Nisha should accept this proposal because I want her to be happy I will be happier if she accepts this proposal
Nisha was standing near door and listened what Arjun said
Arjun sees her
Arjun: Nisha what happen you are here
Nisha: bhai I had taken the decision about the proposal
Arjun: and what is your answer
Nisha: I will tell when everyone will gather in hall

In hall
Rohit: what is your decision Nisha?
Jahnvi: I think whatever decision you take it will be good for you
Nisha: Bua actually
Nisha then gets thinking
Nisha (in mind): what should I say no or yes I just don’t understand I cannot say no because Arjun and Rohit bhai have done so many things for me even they are not my own brothers I have to say yes
Sanjana goes near Nisha
Sanjana: what it is Nisha just say it we will be happy for your decision if it is no or yes
Nisha: I am ready for this marriage bhai
Arjun and everyone get happy
Arjun: okay listen know another new is that I am going to be papa
Jahnvi (happily): seriously Arjun
Arjun: Bua you don’t know I am so glad today
Rohit: yeah we can look at your face and can tell how much happy you are
Jahnvi looks at Soniya

Jahnvi: Soniya where is your mother we have not seen her from yesterday
Soniya: Bua she is out of town so I don’t know when she will come
Sanjana: Arjun I will go to take Dadi from home because know Nisha marriage will be held soon
Arjun: sanjana wait you don’t go
Soniya: you don’t go I will go to take Dadi don’t worry okay
Rohit: but Soniya you will go alone
Soniya: so what I can go Rohit
She was about to go then Jahnvi stops
Jahnvi: Rajveer will go with you and it’s going to be night and how you will go alone
Soniya: Bua don’t worry I can go
Arjun: Bua is right Rajveer you should go with her
Rajveer: but mom bhai
Jahnvi interrupts
Jahnvi: no but okay go with her
Rajveer (silently): So bad days are ahead of me that I have to go with Soniya god please help me today
They leave from there

SoVeer stuck together…………………. Soniya slaps Rajveer……………………. Soniya goes missing…………everyone is worried in house for Soniya

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    emotional one….precap is interesting next asap

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      Thank you so much Anah

  3. Superb and fantastic as always…… Loved it….
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