Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana ( Episode 27)


In morning
Ishana goes near the bed and takes the photo frame and she sees her father picture with Jahnvi in bridal dress and gets shock. She was about to go then Jahnvi comes from washroom and stops her
Jahnvi: what happen Ishana?
Ishana wipes her tears and turns
Ishana: everyone is waiting for breakfast for you
Jahnvi: okay I am coming
Ishana goes and runs to her room and cries sitting on bed
Ishana: why she is back why it means she is my mother no she is not my mother and Rajveer is my brother no I will not tell this truth to any one
She cries
Ishana: I miss you papa why you left me I hate this lady I can’t live in this house with her
She cries

Jahnvi goes down for breakfast Rohit looks for Ishana
Rohit: Bua where is Ishana
Jahnvi: she didn’t came
Rohit: no problem Bua you sit I will go and see her
He goes in room and sees Ishana on bed
Rohit: what are you doing Ishu?
Ishana hears Rohit voice and wipes her tears. She goes to Rohit and hugs him
Rohit: what happen Ishu?
Ishana cries and Rohit gets worried. He puts his hands on Ishana face
Rohit: why are you crying Ishana just tell me see I am getting worried
Ishana: Rohit I am missing my Papa so much
She again hugs and cries
Rohit: Okay stop crying please Ishu
He wipes Ishana’s tears
Rohit: come down you didn’t eat breakfast till know
Ishana: no I don’t want to eat Rohit
Rohit holds her hand and takes down in hall for breakfast
They both sits for breakfast. Then Rajveer goes from there

He was going then he sees Soniya crying and sitting in corner. He goes to her and sits beside her. Soniya wipes her tears and was about to go Rajveer holds her hand and pulls towards him and she falls on him. They have an eye lock. Soniya breaks the eye lock
Rajveer: why are you sitting and crying here
Soniya: Rajveer please I am not in mood to talk to anyone
Rajveer makes her sit
Rajveer: okay then listen
Soniya: please Rajveer don’t try to start your fazool shayari
Rajveer (looks her): you think my shayari is fazool seriously
Soniya: yes it is
Rajveer: then listen to me
Soniya puts her both hands on ear
Soniya: I will not listen
Rajveer holds her hand
Rajveer: you have to listen Poonam ki Raat me Chand badal jata hai, Waqt ke sath Insan badal jata hai, Sochte hen k
Aapko tang na karen Magar, Sochte sochte Plan Badal jata hai
Soniya (angrily): what you think to tease me seriously
Rajveer: no it was just shayari you think I will tease you
Soniya angrily looks at other side
Rajveer (in mind): where I came I thought to make her laugh but she getting more angry on me what should I do

He looks at Soniya
Rajveer: okay Soniya listen to me
Soniya (angrily): please Rajveer listen I am not in mood please leave me alone
Rajveer: okay fine then sit here and cry
Soniya: I was not crying okay
Rajveer: okay then listen again to my shayari
Soniya looks at him and he makes puppy face
Soniya: okay fast say
Rajveer: Wo Meri Zindgi me kuch is tarha Aai,
Soniya say
Wah wah
Soniya: wah wah
Rajveer: Wo Meri Zindgi me kuch is tarha Aai,
Jese Harey Bharey Khet me “Bhains” Ghus Aai
He makes puppy face Soniya burst into laughter. He gets happy seeing her happy
Soniya (looks other side): Rajveer thank you so much
She turns and sees no one there
Soniya: where is he gone?
Scene in Nisha room
Nisha was sitting and gets a phone call

She picks
Nisha: hello
Ayaan: Nisha where are you I am waiting for you
Nisha: what okay sorry I am coming
She goes out of the Malhotra house to meet Ayaan
Nisha sees Ayaan sitting on chair and looking at watch. Nisha smiles seeing him and goes to him
Ayaan: Nisha where were you I was waiting for you
Nisha: I am so sorry Ayaan actually I forget
Ayaan: no its okay today you forget to meet me then you will forget me
Nisha: no how can I forget you Ayaan
Ayaan: sorry Nisha that I talked rudely with you at night actually
Nisha interrupts
Nisha: it’s okay Ayaan no need to give any explanation
Ayaan: okay what you want to say
Nisha happily tells that how IshRo and her sister sanjana exposed Nandani. Ayaan looks at her while she was talking and smiles at her.
Nisha finishes and looks at Ayaan who was still looking at her
Nisha (waves hand): hello Ayaan
Ayaan comes in senses
Nisha: so what you thought
Ayaan: about what Nisha
Nisha: about sanjana
Ayaan: about sanjana what

Nisha: don’t try to be innocent Ayaan when you will talk with her you said that you will talk with her but till now you even didn’t came in house to talk to her please at least talk with her
Ayaan: but Nisha I don’t know how she will behave after all what I have done I don’t think she will forgive me
Nisha puts hand on his hand
Nisha: please at least try
Ayaan (looks at her): okay as you say
They spend some time with each other
Scene in Rohit room
Rohit was sitting in room then Arjun comes
Rohit (stand): bhai you are here come inside
Arjun Goes near Rohit
Arjun: actually I came to say sorry the way I behaved with you and Ishana please forgive me Rohit
Rohit: bhai it’s okay sometimes misunderstanding happens
They both hugs
Arjun: where is Rajveer?
Rohit: I think he is in his room bhai
Arjun: then let’s go to him
They leave to go to Rajveer room

Scene in Rajveer room
Rajveer was lying on bed then suddenly he hears the voice
Voice: hello baby
Rajveer looks at her
Rajveer: Poonam what are you doing here
Poonam: baby I can’t come to meet my boyfriend
Other voice comes from behind
Voice: he is my boyfriend not your
Rajveer looks
Rajveer (shocked): Ira what are you doing here
She goes to Rajveer
Ira: tell her that you are not her boyfriend baby
Poonam: Rajveer baby tell her to go from here
They both start fighting

Rajveer: today I am gone I have to do something
Rohit and Arjun looks at Rajveer
Arjun: what is this Rajveer?
Rohit: what are these girls doing here?
Rajveer goes to them
Rajveer: bhai please help me either I am gone today
Arjun: no we will not do anything
Rajveer looks at Poonam and Ira they were still fighting
Rajveer goes towards them and tries to stop them
Poonam: Rajveer tell me you love me or this b*t*h
Rajveer: please you both listen to me
He stands in between of them and goes towards Poonam
Rajveer(slowly): baby I just love you see I told her that
He then loudly says
Rajveer: you are such a b*t*h that you don’t have some manners that how many times I told you that don’t try to come between me and her
Poonam hugs Rajveer. He looks at Ira and she was smiling
Rajveer: now baby you go I will handle her okay
She goes and waves bye to Rajveer
Then he goes to Ira

Ira holds Rajveer cheeks
Ira: you are so innocent Rajveer that you told her that you can’t bear her that she comes in between us
Rajveer (holds her): Baby I love you so much you can’t believe it
She hugs him. Rajveer winks to Rohit and Arjun they were smiling
Rajveer: okay baby then tomorrow we will meet
She goes from there. Soniya comes inside
Soniya: Rajveer you are not doing well with those girls
Rajveer goes to her
Rajveer: now you will tell me what to do
Soniya: I am just saying that don’t do this when they will come to know that you are flirting with them those girls will get hurt
Rajveer (point finger): don’t try to give me lecture okay because they know me that I am flirter then why are they coming to me they know everything
Rohit comes in between
Rohit: stop it guys
Soniya: Rohit tell him that he is not doing well I wish that Bua was here
Rajveer: it’s my life Soniya so don’t try to give me lecture okay
They start fighting

Arjun (shouts): stop it guys
Soniya goes from there angrily
Arjun: why you fight with her
Rajveer: I am not interested to fight with her Arjun bhai but she is the one who fights with me
Rohit: Soniya was saying right Rajveer you should not do this
Rajveer: Rohit bhai I am young and if I don’t do this then I will be having boring life
Arjun: okay I wish that you fall in love with some one
Rajveer (folds both hands): please don’t wish this because I don’t want to get marry soon
Rohit: no problem but someday you will love someone
Rajveer: I am giving you both grantees that I will never fall in love
Arjun: I just don’t understand what you get by doing all this Rajveer
Rajveer (smile): bhai you will not understand it
Arjun and Rohit goes from there

Jahnvi goes in Ishana’s Bua house……………… Nisha to get proposal………….SoVeer stuck together………

Author’s Note:
thank you everyone for supporting me guys. i hope that you all are enjoying rajveer’s entry i tried to add some fun in the ff because i thought that the ff is getting boring and i will try to add more fun in the ff so that you all will enjoy reading
thanks for reading and spending your time on my ff and dear Sanchi i think that your exams are going well so best of luck for your exams

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  2. Fantastic episode…. ?? and a question…. Is jhanvi real or step mother of ishana…..???? Rest episode was superb

    1. Soha

      thanks maleeha and jhanvi is real mother of ishana

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    Great job Soha …I want more Arjana scenes….these characters are like IB ..then why have you changed their names??

    1. Soha

      Thanks Neha and i will try to add more ArJana scenes Neha dear first in my mind came that i should try something new because when i saw all ff they were related to ib or other serials. i thought to make my own ff and characters name because we can imagine them as we want with any character or with any celebrity so i hope that you understand dear and like to read my ff

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        ohh…ya its a unique idea…u r doing great…I have started reading ff nw …n I had this question ..waiting for next one..

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      thank you so much neha for reading dear i am glad 🙂

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