Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana ( Episode 26)


At night
Scene in ArJana room
Sanjana was taking the blanket from wardrobe. Arjun looks at her and stops her
Arjun: where are you going?
Sanjana: I am going to sleep in guest room
Arjun: no need of it sanjana you sleep here I will go and sleep in guest room
Sanjana: papu ji stop doing drama okay
Arjun: stop calling this
Sanjana: what papu jii
Arjun: stop calling me papu okay
Sanjana: I will call it do what you want to do okay
She turns and was about to go Arjun holds her from waist and goes closer
Sanjana (yells): leave me okay
Arjun: I will not because you are my wife and I have right to do anything okay
Sanjana: oh good morning then
Arjun (confused): No sanjana it’s night
Sanjana: seriously you are papu
Arjun: oaky no problem call me this because I don’t care
He goes closer and was about to kiss her. Sanjana pushes her
Sanjana: don’t try to do this again Arjun
Arjun: what you mean sanjana I am your husband
Sanjana: for me you are not my husband
Arjun: what are you saying sanjana you are my wife and were are husband wife?
Sanjana: Arjun are you okay I am not your wife I am from middle class girl they just need money right and they marry rich person for money

Arjun goes near
Arjun: stop it sanjana please stop it I am sorry for that what I said about you
Sanjana (with teary eyes): who I am I am nothing for I don’t have any place in your life.
Arjun holds her
Arjun: you are my wife Arjun Malhotra’s wife
Sanjana: seriously Arjun why are you doing this are you okay no I think you are having fever
She puts her hand on his forehead to check
Sanjana: you are even not having fever Arjun
Arjun: stop it sanjana why don’t you understand that sometimes I just can’t express my feeling
Sanjana: no need to say Arjun because I know you will say that you are going to give divorce to me it’s okay than give me divorce
Arjun gets shock

Arjun (holds her from shoulders): why don’t you understand that I love you sanjana I love you
Sanjana gets happy hearing this
Sanjana: what
Arjun: okay fine if you get happiness if I gave you divorce then I will give you if you will be happy by living separate then I will be happy also
Sanjana: but Arjun I
She was about to say Arjun angrily was about to go outside sanjana stops him
Sanjana: where are you going late night and it’s raining outside Arjun?
Arjun (gets hurt): leave me alone
Sanjana: but Arjun listen to me first
He ignores and goes out of the house.
Sanjana: I have to stop Arjun he is not listening to me what I was telling him seriously he is such a stubborn person I have to go after him
She also goes out of the house to find Arjun

He shouts and sits down on road
Arjun: why god why with me first my parents know the one whom I love she also wants to be away from me I know I am arrogant and I do what I want but it doesn’t means that I don’t think of my family and about sanjana. I love them that’s why I have to be rude with them because I just care about them.
He cries and shouts why
Someone puts hand on Arjun shoulder. He stands and turns to see. He sees sanjana
Sanjana: it’s cold outside and raining come we will go
She holds his hand to make him go in home but we know that he is really stubborn person
Arjun: I don’t want to go you go otherwise you will get fever
Sanjana (angrily): okay fine it doesn’t mean that you will sit in rain and try to hide your tears.
Arjun: I am not crying

Sanjana (puts hand on his chest): Mr. Arjun Malhotra I know you better than anyone because I am your wife
Arjun: what you mean now go from here and leave me alone
Sanjana: okay you want to sit then I will also not go home until you will not come with me
As she says she sits on bench then Arjun angrily goes to her and holds her form waist
Arjun: what are you sometimes you try to be so good and sometime you become like Hitler?
Sanjana: I am your wife like you are then I will be also like you Arjun
Arjun (still holding her and gets confused): what you mean sanjana you said that you want divorce and know you are talking with me
Sanjana: okay I said and you are so stubborn Arjun that you even did not let me complete my sentence
Arjun: what sentence
Sanjana: I said that I want divorce because I thought that you don’t love me but after knowing I don’t want divorce because I love you Arjun
Arjun (gets happy): seriously
Sanjana: no I am joking
Arjun: I love you too
Sanjana hugs him
Sanjana: don’t ever try to hurt me or I will not talk you Arjun
Arjun: you think I will hurt you know
She leaves him

Sanjana: obviously you are Mr. Arjun Malhotra and I cannot trust you
Arjun picks her in arms
Sanjana: what are you doing Arjun everyone will look at us?
Arjun (while walking): so what we are husband wife and I can take you in my arms
Sanjana: Arjun please leave me
Arjun: no I am not going to leave you if I leave you then you will fall down sanjana
They reach inside the house
Sanjana: Arjun leave me know because if someone sees us like this then what they will think
Arjun (looks at her): don’t worry everyone is sleeping and it mid night
Then he was about to go they see Nisha and Rajveer standing in front of them and smiling. Arjun nervously drops sanjana down on the floor
Sanjana: ouch

Sanjana stands
Nisha (smiling): Bhai and Bhabhi where were you both and see you both are drenched what happen
Arjun and sanjana looks at each other face
Rajveer: Nisha you are do dumb you don’t know they were outside in rain and you know in rain they must be doing romance
Arjun: stop it Rajveer
Rajveer: what stop it Arjun bhai I am saying truth and okay no problem in my mind some shayari is coming so I am staring
Sanjana and Arjun remembers Rajveer shayari of Pepsi and both at once says
ArJana: no
Rajveer: what no
Arjun: I have some work I am going inside
He goes form there
Nisha looks at sanjana
Nisha smiles: Bhabhi you must be having some work so go bhai is waiting
Sanjana: actually I am feeling sleepy I am going good night
Nisha and Rajveer looks at each other and laughs
Rajveer: Nish so I am starting my shayari
Nisha: oh please Rajveer don’t say your Faltu shayari I am going to sleep
Nisha leaves from there
Rajveer: no problem I will say in morning breakfast mom and everyone will be there
He goes in room

In ArJana room
Sanjana goes inside
Sanjana: why you left me there Arjun
Arjun: I was feeling so embarrassed in front of them
Sanjana: that’s why you made me fall down
Sanjana sneezes then Arjun goes near her
Arjun: I told you to go inside house but no see you caught cold
Sanjana: okay no problem
She goes and takes out her clothes to change she goes and changes the clothes
Then she comes and gets surprised seeing the room decorated
Sanjana: what is this all Arjun?
Arjun: why you did not like it
Sanjana goes near him then he holds her again from waist and cares her face
Sanjana (nervously): what are you doing Arjun I am feeling sleepy let me sleep
Arjun: Hum Lafzon Me Kuch Bhi Izhar Nahi Kerty..

Matlab Ye Nahi K Tujhy Pyar Nahi Kerty..

Chahty Hen Tujhy Hum,

Teri Minnaten Ker K Tujhy Bezaar Nahi Kerty..

Tamasha Na Ban Jaye Kahin Mohabbat Meri,

Isi Liye Apny Dard Ka Izhar Nahi Kerty..

Jo Kuch Mila Hai Usi Me Khush Hen Hum,

Tere Liye Khuda Se Hum Takraar Nahi Kerty..

Per Kuch To Baat Hai Teri Fitrat Me,

Warna Tujhy Chahny Ki Khata Baar Baar Nahi Kerty..!
Sanjana: stop doing shayari Arjun like Rohit
Arjun: why you didn’t like it sanjana ok then another one
Sanjana: Arjun I want to ask something from you
Arjun: what it is just say
Sanjana: please talk with Rohit
Arjun: don’t worry I will talk okay
She makes him leave and was about to go Arjun takes her in his arms and makes her sleep on bed. It was the night that their souls and hearts were together.

In morning
Everyone gathers in hall except Jahnvi
Arjun and sanjana comes down both sneezing Nisha looks at them and smiles
Rajveer: you both got cold
Rohit: what you mean Rajveer
Arjun and sanjana sits and looks at each other
Nisha: bhai you don’t know that Arjun bhai is also become Romeo like you
Ishana: what seriously
Soniya: so cute bhai
Rajveer: you just listen the half truth not full
Arjun signs him to be quite Nisha looks and smiles

Rajveer changes the topic
Rajveer: okay now everyone listen to my shayari
Soniya: hello we are not here to listen your shayari we are here to eat breakfast
Nisha: Soniya is right please don’t say faltu and boring shayari okay
Rajveer: no Nisha you have to listen because yesterday night you didn’t listen to me
Nisha: please stop it Rajveer
Arjun: oaky both of you stop and Rajveer what about you when are you going to marry
Rajveer (smiles): you think I will marry no way
Nisha: haan bhai don’t think that this flirter will marry because he wants to flirt more with girls
Soniya (makes face): Arjun bhai you think any girl will marry this stupid person
Rajveer (looks her): hello you don’t know me every girl wants to be my girlfriend except you who will make you girlfriend and marry you
Soniya looks Rohit and gets sad she goes form there

Ishana: Rajveer what have you done see she went without eating
Sanjana: she got sad see
Rajveer: I was just joking my bhabhi’s
Ishana: okay now stop Jahnvi Bua is not here so I will go and call her
Arjun: ok go and call her
Rohit looks at Arjun. Ishana goes from there
She enters Jahnvi room
Ishana: Bua where are you
She doesn’t see Jahnvi in her room so she was about to go then suddenly she sees photo frame and she goes and takes in hand gets shock

Ishana cries in her room Rohit comes…………AnSha moment……………SoVeer talk………….. Arjun Rohit talk………….Jahnvi goes in Ishana’s Bua house

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  1. Akshaya

    Interesting yaar. Arjana was so cool and romantic? rajveer??? was also cool. Waiting for the next. Nice suspense yaar

    1. Soha

      Thank you Akshaya ??

  2. Kahin jhanvi aur ishana’s bua relative to nhi…..somewhere…..I just thought….but lets see what u have stored for us…..And the episode was really really fantastic….. Arjana romantic mode…..And nisha and rajveer teasing them….. Superb one…..aur woh shayari boht Achi thi….

    1. Soha

      Thanks Maleeha and just wait till tommorow then you will come to know about Jahnvi so its a suspence till now

      1. And I forgot to mention…….congrats for the silver jubilee…..of ur ff….

    2. Soha

      Seriously ?I dont know maleeha abhie pata chala wo bhi apse

  3. Neha_Pheonix

    Interesting …and few cute moments ,,,loved it!

    1. Soha

      thanks neha dear and keep commenting ?

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