Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana ( Episode 25)


Scene in Nisha room
Nisha calls Ayaan late night
Ayaan wakes up hearing his mobile ringing. Looks on mobile screen
Ayaan: why is she calling late night?
He picks the call
Nisha: where were you I called you so many times Ayaan
Ayaan: I was sleeping Nisha but why you called late night
Nisha: because I am so happy
Ayaan (surprised): what It means you will call me late night
Nisha: yes I will call you okay and I am outside of your house come down fast
Ayaan in shock stand from his bed
Ayaan: are you stupid Nisha if Dadi wakes up and sees you late night in front of house then what will happen
Nisha: you are coming down or I will come inside your house wait not inside your house but inside your room ok
Ayaan: don’t try to come inside I am coming wait
Nisha laughs

Ayaan: now why are you laughing?
Nisha: you are such a dumb person are crazy that I will come late night and in your room stupid I was joking
Ayaan: what you are joking
Nisha: and you thought I am serious why I will come late night in your house
Ayaan: okay then I am going to sleep then bye
Nisha: no you will not sleep
Ayaan: why
Nisha: because you are my friend
Ayaan: it means who becomes your friend then you don’t let them sleep at night
Nisha: how you know wow because I have to tell you something and talk with you
Ayaan: please Nisha let me sleep we will talk tomorrow we will meet
Nisha: you are just saying then you will not come to meet
Ayaan: I promise that I will meet you
Nisha: okay then sleep
Ayaan goes to sleep and Nisha smiles thinking about him.

Scene in IshRo room
Rohit enters his room and sees Ishana standing in front of dressing table and combing her hairs. He smiles looking her. Ishana see him
Ishana: why are you smiling Rohit?
Rohit: why can’t I smile after all I am having a beautiful wife
Rohit goes near Ishana and holds her hands
Rohit: Ishana I am so happy today it was not possible to expose Nandani and you helped e so much
Ishana (smiles): Rohit stop it after all this is also my family right
Rohit: you are right and I am sorry Ishana
Ishana: for what
Rohit: the way I behaved with you for marrying even I am feeling guilty sorry for that
Ishana looks Rohit and makes him leave her hands
Ishana: you should be sorry Rohit
Rohit holds her from waist and kisses her on cheek
Ishana(nervously): what are you doing Rohit if any one sees us then especially Nisha then she will tease us
Rohit laughs
Rohit: yeah you are right then wait
He goes and closes the door
Ishana: Rohit what are you doing
Rohit: wait Ishana
He then goes and takes something out from wardrobe.
Ishana: what is this?
Rohit kneels down and shows the beautiful ring
Rohit: I love you Ishana
Ishana (surprised): what
Rohit: so tell me do you love me
Ishana teases Rohit
Ishana: I don’t love you Rohit
Rohit stands up
Rohit (in serious tone): what are you serious?
Ishana laughs loudly
Ishana: I was joking look at your face Rohit in mirror
Rohit gets relief and again holds from waist and goes more closer
Rohit: so it means you love me
Ishana: did I said Rohit that I love you
Rohit: you said right know Ishana
Ishana understands and smiles
Rohit was about to kiss then she suddenly stops
Ishana: what are you doing in front of Nisha Rohit she is looking leave me
Rohit: what are you sure?
Ishana: just look back
Rohit turns to see and sees none then Ishana again laughs
Rohit: oh so you are trying to make me fool
Ishana (laughs): if you will catch me right know then I will listen to you what you will say but it’s not easy to catch me
She says and runs on bed Rohit also runs after her in all room they were running like a kid at last Rohit holds her from hand and caresses her on face. Ishana gets shy
Rohit: you said that what I will say you will do that right
Ishana: okay what it is Rohit?
Rohit: kiss me
Ishana (surprised): what I can’t do this Rohit just ask something
Rohit: no you have to do this because you have to listen to your husband
Ishana looks here and there in room
Rohit: what are you looking?
Ishana: nothing
Rohit: so you are not doing okay fine then
He leaves her and takes her in his arms and makes her lay on bed. Rohit sits beside her

Ishana then sits on bed
Ishana: I love you Rohit
Rohit gets happy and hugs her
In morning
Scene in Zahrili room
Zahrili calls Soniya in her room
Zahrili: you have to do this Soniya
Soniya: mom I am not going to do anything evil and I can’t do this
Zahrili goes near Ishana
Zahrili: why don’t you understand I am doing this for you Soniya?
Soniya: I will not do this mom because I don’t want to separate those who love each other
Zahrili: you will get this house property and will rule like a queen think of it Soniya
Soniya: mom please stop doing evil acts because I came to know what is wrong and right so please
Zahrili holds Soniya from her shoulder tightly
Zahrili: you have to do this because if Arjun and sanjana gets separate then you can make Ishana dance on your fingers
Soniya (smile): don’t try to manipulate me mom because I am not going to do this
Zahrili slaps Soniya and Soniya cries
And she angrily leaves from there
Zahrili: I have to do anything know
Soniya crying goes down in hall and she wanted to hide her tears and was going out of the house
Soniya was going and on other side Rajveer entered the house holding large box in hands. He was not able to see and Soniya was remembering her mother words, then they both gets collide. Soniya gets angry
Rajveer looks at Soniya and removes his glasses
Rajveer: Bachna Ae Haseena ,Lo Mein Aa Gaya
Soniya looks at him and gets shock
Soniya: what do you mean hello and who are you what are you doing in my house
Rajveer: what do you mean this is my house
Soniya: hello don’t try to show off in front of me
They start fighting then Nisha sees Rajveer
Nisha (shouts): Rajveer
She goes and hugs him. Soniya gets confused and looks at Nisha
Nisha: don’t worry Soniya he’s Rajveer Jahnvi Bua’s son okay
Rajveer: where is everyone Nisha
Nisha: I think they all are in room an wait let me look at you
Nisha turns Rajveer and looks at him
Nisha (laughs): what a biceps Rajveer I know this is all for flirting with girl’s right
Rajveer: you know me better than your brothers Nisha what about call then where is Arjun and Rohit
Nisha shouts calling their names
They came and looks at Nisha
Arjun: why are you shouting Nisha?
Rohit: what happens is everything okay
They see Rajveer behind Nisha and greet him
Rajveer: Arjun you are not change like before you are and Rohit I heard that you became a Romeo
Nisha: Rajveer understand this is all because of Ishana Bhabhi
Rajveer: yeah I understand Nisha
He goes to sanjana
Rajveer: you are papu’s wife right
Arjun looks at him and he signs him to be quite but it is impossible to keep Rajveer quite. Rohit Soniya and Nisha smiles looking Arjun
Sanjana: who is papu I am Arjun’s wife
Rajveer: yeah we call Arjun papu
Sanjana laughs loudly hearing Arjun name as papu
Arjun: No this is not my name Rajveer stop it
Rajveer: Arjun you didn’t t told sanjana about this
Nisha: Rajveer you think he will tell this to Bhabhi and you know when we were small and you used to run in this house wearing nikar and Bua used to run after to make you wear the clothes
Everyone start laughing
Rajveer: and I think you forget your time right
Rajveer looks Soniya and she was laughing
Rajveer: okay Nisha arz kiya hain
Nisha: what it is say it right know
Rajveer: first listen everyone Mujh se Ab Ye Judaai ka Gham,Nahi Piya Jata,
Rohit: whom you are missing
Sanjana: who is she Rajveer?
Ishana: guys stop it let him tell it first who is that girl and he is missing a lot
Nisha: I know he is going to say something FALTU
Rajveer: Nisha stop it and listen. Mujh se Ab Ye Judaai ka Gham,Nahi Piya Jata,
Arjun: Ab agy bhi bol na yaar
Rajveer: Mujh se Ab Ye Judaai ka Gham,Nahi Piya Jata, ,Mujhy Bas 2 Glass Pepsi Pila do, Baraf K Sath Nisha go and bring Pepsi
Everyone: what
Rajveer (laughs): you guys think that I love someone no way
Soniya: so cheap Rajveer you should have said directly that you want Pepsi what was the need to say FALTU shayari
Rajveer: you will not understand Soniya
Then someone holds Rajveer ear it’s none other than his mother
Rajveer (turns): Maa what are you doing
Jahnvi: know you got time to come home to meet me after flirting with girls
Arjun: Bua beat him also
Rajveer: Maa leave me please see everyone is watching and especially our papu
Everyone laughs Arjun looks at sanjana and sees him laughing
Arjun: you are just impossible Rajveer
He goes from there

Jahnvi: did you finish doing fun now come with me to your room
Rajveer: but Maa before that please leave my ear its hurting
Jahnvi leaves his ear
Jahnvi: I am waiting in room okay then come
Rajveer: okay why after I am coming Maa right know
Rajveer goes after Jahnvi
Ishana: he is so nice
Rohit: you don’t know better than me and bhai
Soniya: Rohit is right Ishana you don’t know him he is so ill mannered
Ishana: don’t say like this Soniya
Nisha: Soniya it was miss understanding okay he didn’t know you that why he started to fight
Soniya: Okay fine baba leave this okay
Everyone leaves

Arjun and sanjana fight……………….Arjun tells sanjana that he loves her…………….. Sanjana asks for divorce………….. Arjun cries……….AnSha moments…………….Ishana shocked to see something in Jahnvi room…………..she cries

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  1. Sanchi

    Loved it..

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      thank you sanchi dear

  2. Akshaya

    Interesting episode and precap too. Finally rajveer came yippee.

    1. Soha

      thank you Akshaya seems like you are happy for rajveer entry

  3. Aik baat batao…..Yeh Sab kuch ishana ko hi milna hota hai…..nandini ke khilaaf suboot…..And now jhanvi….? really eager to know what she saw there….. Arjana divorce?….. Anyways, the episode was really superb…. Rajveer entry was a fun sight….And ishro moments as well…..
    Keep rocking,

    1. Soha

      thanks maleeha ?

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