Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 24)

At Night

Scene in Zahrili room
Zahrili sits on chair and calls someone
Zahrili: do something to expose Nandani
Voice: but before that what you will give me then
Zahrili: okay ask anything Vikram
It’s none other than Vikram Thakkur he is back and Zahrili knows about how he black mailed sanjana to marry her and killed her father because Nandani told everything to her
Vikram: I need sanjana Zahrili
Zahrili: Okay then you are making my way easier to execute my plan Vikram
Vikram: tell me what to do then
Zahrili: somehow just call Ishana and tell her to give money and take the video of Nandani the video I will give you
Vikram: okay but what is in that CD
Zahrili: truth of Nandani
Vikram: don’t worry I will do this for you and don’t forget to do my work
Zahrili: don’t worry Vikram I will do it because I want her to be away from Arjun life
They both laughs

Scene in kitchen
Soniya was in kitchen and then Ishana comes there she sees Soniya
Ishana: Soniya I want to talk with you
Soniya looks Ishana and goes near her
Soniya: but I don’t want to talk with you Ishana because you snatched my love
Ishana holds her hands Soniya gets surprised
Ishana: Soniya see you love Rohit but he doesn’t loves you and you are trying to separate us it’s no need of it because we both love each other but somehow if you get successful making separate then what you will get nothing because you will spoil three peoples life. See Rohit trusts you so much but what are you doing when he come to know about you. He will not forgive you
Soniya looks at Ishana
Soniya: I am not here to listen your lecture okay let me go
She was about to go but Ishana stops her
Ishana: please Soniya think about this Rohit will get hurt when he comes to know about you and the relationship between you and Rohit is so strong that you don’t need to become his wife. You are like his childhood friend not friend but best friend so please
Soniya goes from there. Ishana goes from thereafter while

Scene in Soniya room
Soniya gets tensed and sits on bed thinking what Ishana sad
Soniya(in mind): what I have done Ishana said right if I get Rohit after all making them separate but I will never get Rohit’s love because he loves only Ishana. I should go to Ishana and ask for forgiveness for what I have done.
She cries and lays on bed

Scene in IshRo room
Ishana goes in room and sees Rohit sitting on sofa doing work on laptop
Suddenly her mobile phone rings and she goes to pick from bed.
Ishana picks the call was from none other than Vikram
Ishana: Hello
Vikram: I don’t have time for your hello and I will straightly tell you that you are trying to expose Nandani and I have proof against her
Ishana (surprised): what are you sure but who are you
Rohit looks at her and goes to near her and Ishana keeps mobile phone on speaker.
Vikram: I don’t think that to tell let’s talk about money
Ishana: what money
Vikram: don’t be innocent you want CD then give me money
Ishana: how much you need then
Vikram: 10 laces
Rohit signs her to say okay
Ishana: okay then which time and when
Vikram: why should we get late for this good work after while I will send you the location but come alone okay
Then he cuts the call

Rohit: it’s good that we can get proof against Nandani
Ishana: yeah but Rohit how can we manage this money right now
Rohit: don’t worry I will somehow manage it
He was about to leave Ishana holds his hand
Ishana: but Rohit do you have money right know
He keeps hand on Ishana face
Rohit: Ishu I said don’t worry I will handle this all okay
Ishana: I am your wife Rohit and I will be with you somehow you cant get money its 10 laces
Then Nisha and sanjana enters the room
Nisha: don’t worry when Nisha is here why need to worry

Sanjana looks at Nisha
Nisha: oh oh I mean when we both are here
Sanjana smiles looking Nisha
Sanjana: Rohit I have some money okay you both don’t worry
Nisha: I am also here bhai
Rohit goes near Nisha and sanjana
Rohit: when I have a family and wife like you all then I will never be in any problem
Nisha: bhai don’t make us santi okay no let’s go to get proof okay
Ishana: but he said I should come alone
Rohit: don’t worry I will go with you okay and I will stand far okay
Then they both leave on which Vikram send the location to get proof. They reach on a place
Ishana goes alone then Vikram calls
Vikram: put the bag down
Ishana: but first give me CD
Vikram: don’t worry about the CD I will give you okay

Then Ishana keeps the bag down
Vikram: now go back
Ishana: what about the CD then
Vikram: go home and relax because I have put the CD in your own room
Ishana: how can I trust you?
Vikram: you have to because you don’t have any option
Ishana then goes from there to Rohit
Rohit: did you got the CD Ishana
Ishana (sad): No Rohit
Rohit: what about the money then
Ishana: he said that the CD is in our room and he took the money
Rohit: how can we trust him if it will be not there then
Ishana: I think we should call Nisha and sanjana to look in our room until we get in home
Rohit: okay
They tell Nisha and sanjana and they searches in every corner of their room and gets the CD in the Cupboard

On Call
Nisha: bhai I got the CD just come fast I can’t wait more to expose that Nandani
Rohit: okay we are coming but first gather everyone in hall especially Arjun bhai
Nisha: don’t worry about this okay
After while Rohit and Ishana reaches in Malhotra house and there where everyone gathered in hall
Arjun: what is this all Rohit?
Jahnvi: why you said to gather us all
Rohit: just wait Bua and Arjun bhai
He tells Nisha to play the video
He plays and they comes to know about Nandani’s truth

In video it shows that Nandani mixed the poison in glass and gave to her husband (means Rohit and Arjun father). Everyone gets shock and surprised
Nandani: it’s not true Arjun you think that I will kill my own husband
Rohit goes near Nandani
Rohit: stop acting your truth is out Nandani
Jahnvi goes to Nandani and give a tight slap
Jahnvi: how dear you killed my brother
Nandani get trapped and she was not having any option to save her
Nandani: yes I killed him

Arjun goes near her and gets angry
Arjun: why you killed my father I trusted you more than my brother but what you did with me
Nandani: because your father wanted to name the whole Malhotra property only on you both but he never thought of me
Ishana: you are such a chepry women.
Nandani was about to slap Ishana but Rohit holds her hand
Rohit (angry): don’t dear to do this again because I was quite in all this years because I was not having any proof against you
Nisha: bhai don’t worry know I will call the police right now
Zahrili gets happy looking there fight
Nandani: Nisha you will call police the one who raised you I am your mother
Nisha gets teary eyed
Nisha: the one who tries to harm my brothers and this family they are nothing to me

Police comes and arrest Nandani
Nandani: Arjun and Rohit one thing I should tell you before going is that
Ishana interrupts because she know what was she going to tell
Rohit: what it is tell because today is you last day in this house you will be no more here
Nandani smile looking at Ishana
Nandani: the truth is that Nisha is your not sister she is an orphan
Rohit gets angry
Rohit: just shut your mouth I don’t care if she is orphan or not but she is my sister did you got it
Nandani: but Arjun care for this
Arjun angrily
Arjun: I don’t care this all she is my sister and that’s it.
Jahnvi: take this lady right know from our eyes
Nisha gets teary eyes and looks at Arjun
Arjun goes near Nisha
Arjun: I don’t care okay you are my sister and that’s it
Nisha: I am not even your sister and you both are doing so much for me bhai
Rohit goes near Nisha
Rohit: be quite okay don’t say it again
Nisha hugs both of them and sees Ishana and sanjana standing alone and smiling
Nisha: know I have to call you both for a hug
Ishana: you are saying about me
Nisha: no I am saying to ghost okay know come my both sweet bhabhi’s
Arjun and Rohit smiles then Nisha goes to them and pulls them to Arjun and Rohit
Soniya looks at them
Nisha: don’t hug me okay hug your husbands
Ishana gets shy
Sanjana: Nisha you think that I will hug him no way see this in dreams
Nisha looks at Arjun
Arjun: I have to do some work okay

He goes from there smiling
Nisha: what about you both now Bhabhi you will say like this?
Ishana: no actually Nisha
Nisha looks at Rohit
Nisha: haan haan leave it Bhabhi you both romance alone no problem we all will leave you both alone in your room okay
Ishana smiles and she looks at Rohit
Rohit: leave it Nisha don’t try to tease her okay she
Everyone leaves form hall Ishana was about to leave then Soniya comes
Soniya: everything got fine know you are happy
Ishana: yes I am happy
Soniya goes near Ishana and holds her hands
Soniya: I am so sorry Ishana you said right please forgive me
Ishana: don’t say sorry to me Soniya you are like my sister
Ishana hugs Soniya and she goes form there

AnSha moments……………………IshRo moments………………….Rajveer entry in Malhotra house…………………. Fun moments in Malhotra House………ArJana moments

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    Again Vikram. Nice episode dear. Soniya is positive? loved it yaar. Yippee shaleen in the next

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      Thanks Anna and offcourse there is a love story of nisha and ayaan as (AnSha)

  5. Super amazing……. Lovely…..finally nandini is out…..soniya changed….happy for these new happenings….. But on the other side sad as well…..vikram is back…..zahrili…..she’s so mean….just for the sake of money…she trapped her sister……
    Well, loved the whole episode…..Marvellous

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      Thank you Maleeha and hope so next episode you will also like it

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