Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 23)


In evening
Arjun comes from office and goes inside the house he sees Rohit Nisha and Ishana sitting in hall
Rohit sees him and stands from his place and goes near Arjun
Rohit: I want to tell you bhai that from tomorrow I will also work in our office as manager
Arjun (shock): you remember very quickly that you have to work in office right after so many years now you are saying that you want to work and you don’t know about business Rohit how you will work
Rohit: don’t worry about this my wife will help me in this business
Arjun (angrily): now she will help you
He goes near Ishana

Arjun: tell me how much money you need I will give you what you want just leave from this house and from my brother’s life
By hearing this Ishana gets hurt but Rohit gets angrily and goes near Arjun who was standing near Ishana
Zahrili Nandani Soniya and sanjana comes in hall hearing voice of Arjun
Nandani: what is happening here now?
Rohit angrily looks Nandani
Rohit: it’s none of your business Miss Nandani Malhotra.
Nisha goes near Arjun
Nisha: bhai please stop it now
Arjun: no today I will not be quite we have to make decision of this girl that how much money she need
Rohit: Arjun bhai you think that everyone like Meera.
Arjun (yells): stop saying her name oaky
Rohit: always truth is bitter and she never loved you she just needs money from you.
He then looks at sanjana

Rohit: and the one who loves you. You are always rude to them
Arjun looks sanjana
Arjun: okay she did I know then what about Ishana she just married you for money and for getting name and fame
Rohit gets more furious and was about to hold Arjun collar then Ishana holds Rohit hand
Everyone gets shock

Arjun (gets teary eyes): now you will beat your own brother just for this girl who came right now in your life Rohit
Zahrili and Nandani smirks looking there fight and smiles
Nandani goes near them
Nandani: Rohit know you will raise your hand on your brother for this girl
Nisha gets hurt seeing her own brother’s fighting and goes to Arjun
Nisha: bhai you must be tired please go and rest
Arjun: no Nisha see Rohit how he is talking to me
Rohit: and what about you the way you are talking is good with my wife
Nisha (in mind): when you will come please come fast
Arjun and Rohit starts fighting and suddenly and voice comes from door
Voice (shouts in high tone): Stop It you both
A lady is coming inside the house and she is wearing a beautiful sari the lady is none other than Mrinal Deshraj (she is in ishqbaaz as Jahnvi and in my ff her name will be same)
They all turned to see and Nisha gets happy and smiles seeing her Bua
Yes she is Bua of Nisha Arjun and Rohit
Nandani and Zahrili looks at her and gets a huge shock
Nisha runs and while saying Bua and hugs her
Nandani: how she came here
Zahrili: I don’t know and now she will make our life like hell Nandani
Nandani: you are right she will rule in this house like a queen
Then later IshRo and ArJana goes near her and takes blessing
Jahnvi looks at Ishana and sanjana and then Nandani who was standing away from her
She goes near her

Jahnvi: it seems like you are not happy Nandani
Nandani (with fake smile): no why I will not be happy it’s your own house Jahnvi
Jahnvi looks at IshRo
Jahnvi: I came to know that Rohit you married without telling anyone and without their will
Rohit: Bua it true that I didn’t tell anyone and I thought to marry first then I will tell everything about my wife
Jahnvi looks at Nandani
Jahnvi: did they got married with all rituals
Nandani: I don’t know
Jahnvi: why don’t you know Nandani you are like mother to them you should know about your children’s what they are doing in their life
Nandani gets angry but controls her anger Nisha smiles looking her
Jahnvi: but Rohit why you did like this without telling anyone
Rohit holds Ishana hands
Rohit: because we love each other and I know bhai and Nandani will not accept Ishana and as I said they even don’t want Ishana to live in this house
Jahnvi: Nandani do you have any problem with their marriage
Nandani: if not then why the world didn’t know about their marriage
Jahnvi then looks Arjun
Jahnvi: what about you Arjun
Arjun: Bua first he married without informing me and secondly he married with a middle class girl we even don’t now her family background
Rohit (angrily): this all is important for you but not for me
Jahnvi: don’t start again both of you okay
Nisha; Bua leave this all and what about your ladla beta where is he
Jahnvi: I said to him come here but he said that he will come later as you know that how he is
Arjun and Rohit smiles
Nisha: okay Bua leave this now you must be tired so let’s go and rest
Nisha and Jahnvi goes from there to their room
Everyone leave from there

In Jahnvi room
Nisha: how is your room Bua
Jahnvi: it is good I like it
She goes and sits on bed then Nisha goes and keeps her head on her lap
Nisha: Bua I missed you a lot
Jahnvi: I missed you all Nisha
Nisha: Bua please do something you saw Arjun bhai and Rohit fighting
Jahnvi cares Nisha hair
Jahnvi: don’t worry Nisha I am back so I will not let them fight again and I will make everything fine okay
She sits and gets happy
Nisha: that why Bua I call you and asked you to come here than you so much that you came
Nisha was so happy that she forgets all her pain and talks
Then Ishana enters with holding some fruits and fresh juice
Ishana: Bua this is for you and you must be tired after long travel
Jahnvi takes and puts on table the she makes her sit with her. She feels some connection with Ishana
Then sanjana enters her room
Nisha looks sanjana
Nisha: see Bua how my bhabhi’s are taking care of you they never did like this with me and never served me
(Making puppy face)
Sanjana goes near Nisha
Sanjana: it’s not like this
Then they all talk together for few hours

In Zahrili room
In Zahrili room only Soniya was present there
Zahrili: first it was Nandani who was ruling this house and now this Jahnvi came
Soniya: so what mom
Zahrili: you don’t know we don’t have any value in this house
Soniya: I don’t think so mom see Nandani she is helping you in your plans
Zahrili: no she is using us for her benefits now see what I will do Soniya I will make Nandani out of my way
Soniya (shock): but mom why she never did bad with you
Zahrili: she did Soniya you don’t know do what I say know okay
Soniya: okay mom

In ArJana room
Sanjana to Arjun
Sanjana: Arjun you never told about your Bua
Arjun: because before my father died she used to come here and I don’t know what happen after that she never came in this house
Sanjana: but why
Arjun: I don’t know sanjana
Sanjana was about to leave he holds her
Arjun: did you forgive me sanjana or not
Sanjana (in mind): after Meera is gone now how is he after me see I will not easily forgive you Arjun until unless you will not tell what is in your heart about me.
Sanjana: why what I am Arjun that you are asking me to forgive you I am nothing for you just a middle class girl
Arjun wanted to tell what he feels for her but stops
Arjun (in mind): why I am saying her for sorry I should be away from her so that she will come to know about my value in her life until she will not tell then I will also not say anything.
Arjun leaves sanjana
Arjun: okay I don’t care you forgive or not because you are not a Devi that again again I am telling you to forgive me
Sanjana: what okay fine then don’t talk to me
Arjun: okay fine then
The both looks opposite side and doesn’t looks at each other

Zahrili calls someone……………… Ishana talks with Soniya………….Ishana gets proof against Nandani…..Nandani gets exposed

Author’s Note:
Hello guys thank you so much for commenting and reading. Sanchi dear Arjun will be changed after knowing about Nandani then he will start caring about his wife and brother. Don’t worry he will not be no more irritating person. And sorry guys because I am keeping you all wait for shaleen Malhotra’s entry but don’t worry he will enter after 1 more episode
Thank you all

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  1. Akshaya

    Omg finally nandani will be exposed. Nice episode dear. Arjana was cute. Waiting for rajveer

    1. Soha

      Thank you Akshaya dont worry rajveer is going to enter soon 🙂

  2. Anah

    wonderful ,new hope after janvi entry for bromance…
    waiting for next one dr

    1. Soha

      thank you Anah

  3. Sanchi

    Thank you Soha dear.. you gave the best present to me on Christmas??
    Merry Christmas dear

    1. Soha

      Sanchi are you happy now that arjun will be changed and thank you dear for commenting happy christmas to you too ?

      1. Sanchi

        I am more than happy, thanks to you

  4. Superb episode……as always i loved it…..And super excited for the precap….

    1. Soha

      Maleeha thank you and you should be excited because At last Nandani is going to exposed ??

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