Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 22)


In morning
Scene in ArJana room
Arjun gets ready for office and then sanjana enter room with tea. Arjun smile and looks at sanjana
Sanjana: you know Arjun today is first day of Ishana in our house and I think she will make something
Arjun: sanjana stop talking about that girl
Sanjana: what that girl means she is Rohit wife okay
She smile and continues
Sanjana: and they look so cute with each other and how cannot they look cute with each other Rohit loves Ishana so much he also proposed Ishana before marriage
Arjun (in shock): what she proposed her and you know about that
Sanjana: so what if he proposed and yeah I knew about their relationship
Arjun (angrily): you knew sanjana

He then goes near her and holds from arms
Arjun: how could you can do this stupidity sanjana if you know this all then why did you not told me I would have stop Rohit for marrying that middle class girl and we don’t know her
Sanjana: why should I tell you Arjun? And don’t forget that I am also a middle class girl then that means you will also throw me out of this house then
Arjun (puts hand on her cheeks): it’s not like what you are thinking I know you very well sanjana and I cannot think everyone as you. You are different from other middle class girl
Sanjana (pushes him back): why I am different from others do I have horns on my head
While saying she puts her two finger on her head
Arjun: okay think whatever you think and I don’t care
He goes form there angrily

Scene in IshRo room
Rohit wakeup and sees Ishana sleeping on sofa. He then goes to close window. Rohit was about to go he sees Ishana. On her face the hairs were
He goes closer to her and removes hairs from her face and gets mesmerized seeing her sleeping like a kid
He goes closer more to kiss her and suddenly Ishana wakes up and see Rohit near her
Ishana pushes Rohit and stands angrily
Ishana: how could you come closer to me?
Rohit: actually Ishana……..
He was about to complete his talk but Ishana stops her. She was full in anger
Ishana: oh I come to know right know you were trying to take my advantage because I was sleeping
Rohit gets angry listening this from Ishana

Rohit angrily tightly holds her
Rohit: If I have to do this then I have done this yesterday night
Ishana: you will not do anything like this Rohit
Rohit: you don’t know me Ishana
Ishana (makes him leave her): that’s why I trusted you blindly see then what have you done with me
Rohit: did you complete your speech know I have to go for bath
He was about to go in toilet Ishana comes in his way and stands in front of him
Ishana: I will go first okay
Rohit: why will you go I woke early and I will go first okay
He removes Ishana from way but Ishana was not ready to listen
Ishana: and I don’t care because you wasted your time and if you will not let me go then I will tell everything in house
Rohit gets angry

Rohit: Ishana you will not tell anything okay and what is happening between us will not be out of this room we married in what way and in what condition so keep your mouth shut okay
Ishana: you keep your mouth shut it will be better because I am not going to be afraid from you
She was about to go in toilet but Rohit holds her from her hand and he turns her to him closer. They share an eye lock. They were looking in to their eyes. But all goes in vain because of Nisha she comes and sees them
Nisha laughs and they both look at Nisha who was still laughing
Nisha: carry your romance bhai okay I will come later enjoy okay
Ishana looks Rohit angrily and goes near Nisha
Ishana: what happen Nisha?
Nisha: actually everyone is waiting for you both for breakfast okay come fast
She then goes from there

Seeing Ishana Rohit was about to go but Ishana again comes in his way
Rohit: Ishana let me go or I will…..
Ishana: ok then I will slap you on your face
Rohit holds her from waist and was about to kiss then Ishana suddenly shouts
Ishana: Sasu Maa what are you doing here
Rohit leaves Ishana and turns to see but no one was there
Ishana laughs and goes in toilet showing her tongue to Rohit. Rohit smiles seeing Ishana and goes to take his clothes from wardrobe

Scene in hall
Everyone was there for breakfast then Rohit and Ishana comes for breakfast
Rohit sits and Ishana was about to sit with him but Soniya comes and sit beside Rohit. Rohit looks Soniya
Soniya: good morning Rohit how was your night all good or not
Rohit: I can’t tell you Soniya I am so happy to get a wife like Ishana
Ishana smile looking Soniya. Soniya gets angry but controls her anger
Ishana to sanjana
Ishana: and Jethani jii I wish that Soniya will also have a good husband like we have right
Soniya looks at Ishana angrily
Nandani: what you can cook Ishana

Ishana (looking Nandani): Sasu Maa anything you say
Rohit stands from chair and goes to Ishana who was still standing. She was about to go for cooking but Rohit holds her hand in front of everyone
Rohit (to Ishana): you are not going to cook anything okay
Ishana: but Rohit
Nandani: why will she not cook is she a queen
Rohit (he holds Ishana hand): for me she is a princess
Everyone looks at Rohit Nisha and sanjana smile but Soniya was getting more anger.
But Rohit did not completed her sentence and continues
Rohit: we have so many servants tell them to cook but not to my wife because she is my wife Ishana Malhotra not a servant of you or of anyone so she will not cook

Arjun stands from chair
Arjun: so what she is a princess of you but not for us and she will cook because sanjana also cooks for everyone and works in house whole day so if she wants to live in this house then work work and work
Rohit gets angry and was about to move forward to Arjun but Ishana holds Rohit hand and nods in no
Rohit: you didn’t accept Bhabhi as your wife that’s why you are treating her as servant in this house
Arjun looks sanjana
Zahrili and Nandani stands
Zahrili: Rohit what did your wife do in one night that you are speaking like this with your own brother. You are not same Rohit as before
Nandani: it’s true that peoples changes with time
Soniya: I don’t believe Rohit I think we should not talk with you
Zahrili Nandani and Soniya leaves form there
Arjun was about to leave but sanjana stops him
Sanjana: at least eat breakfast
Arjun: I will eat in my office
Sanjana: please Arjun

Arjun looks sanjana. He then sits for breakfast
5 of them started eating while eating Nisha looks at them and says
Nisha: listen you know Arjun bhai you didn’t go to your honeymoon but Rohit bhai will go because I want to be Phupoo soon
She smiles saying after listening to Nisha sanjana looks at Arjun and Rohit when listened about her and Ishana honeymoon he splits tea from mouth everyone looks at him
He then looks at Ishana. Everyone leaves from there except Nisha
Nisha (in mind): I will not let Soniya Nandani and Zahrili to ruin my brother’s life
She then picks her mobile phone and calls someone and gets happy
Nisha (in mind): now I will see Nandani what can you do to break my brothers bond and their marriage because I will not let this happen. She is coming in this house know and Nandani always become tigresses know see you will become cat. You will remember with whom you mess.She smiles and drinks tea

Arjun and Rohit fights again…………………..Nandani and Zahrili gets a big shock seeing someone in their house but Nisha gets happy

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  1. Akshaya

    Arjana and ishro were awesome. Horns???. Rohit played cool today. Awesome episode dear. Waiting for the new entry buddy

    1. Soha

      Thanks Akshaya dear so its a suprise for you guys of the entry 😀

  2. Super duper amazing….. Loved it….. Ishro fights, arjana nok jhok…. And how rohit took ishana side and make arjun realise about sanjana….. Nisha comments…… Everything was superb and awesome…..

    1. Soha

      Thanks Maleeha 🙂

  3. Anah

    amazing dr

    1. Soha

      Thank you Anah 🙂

  4. Sanchi

    Atleast someone is sensible enough to take a stand for their better half.
    This character of Arjun is irritating me.
    No offense dear

    1. Soha

      Thank you sanchi for commenting and reading my ff and dont worry arjun character will not be irritating because he will trun in to caring and loving husband an brother 🙂 keep reading and commenting dear :-$

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