Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 21)


Then Ishana goes to Rohit for marriage and there they got married.
Everyone gathers for breakfast Nisha comes down and she gets tensed seeing that there is not Rohit and Ishana present so she goes and sits
Arjun: how are you feeling Nisha?
Nisha: I am fine know bhai
Arjun: where is Rohit he is not here why?
Sanjana looks at Nisha and says
Sanjana: Nisha I didn’t saw Rohit in his room
Then suddenly Soniya comes running
Everyone sees Soniya and gets up
Nandani: what happened Soniya why are you looking so upset?
Zahrili goes near Soniya
Zahrili: what happen Soniya say something?
Everyone asks her to say something
Soniya (cries): mom you all go and see on door what it is I just cannot say it
Everyone goes and gets shock seeing Rohit in marriage dress

Arjun goes near Rohit
Arjun: what is this all Rohit?
Nandani: how can you marry Rohit?
Nisha goes near Rohit and says where Ishana is
Rohit then calls Ishana and she comes from Rohit’s behind
Sanjana and Nisha get happy looking that they got married but not Soniya and Arjun
Arjun (angrily): who is she
Rohit holds Ishana’s hand and says that she is his wife now and she will live in this house
Arjun: how can you marry Rohit I never accepted this from you and we don’t know this girl even
Rohit: but I know her bhai
Soniya goes near Rohit and holds his collar
Soniya: how can you betray me Rohit?
Rohit makes her leave his collar
Rohit: what you mean that I betray you I don’t think that I did this
Arjun: she is right Rohit you know from childhood she loves you and how could you marry someone else
Rohit: it’s my life bhai and I can do what I want so I never know she loves me and I just love Ishana
Ishana looks at Rohit with teary eyes

Soniya goes from there crying
Zahrili (in mind): it is good that he married someone else know my plan will get successful
Nandani: you didn’t do good Rohit and don’t try to enter this house
Arjun: mom is right you can live but this girl will not live in this house
Sanjana and Nisha goes near Arjun
Nisha: bhai please leave it now we cannot do anything know Ishana is wife of Rohit now so they both will leave in this house
Sanjana: Nisha is right Arjun
Rohit looks Arjun
Rohit: okay bhai as you say then I and my wife will not live in this house I will go right know from here
Nandani (in mind): it is good then if he leaves this house right.
Rohit turns and holds Ishana hand to go from the Malhotra house and Nisha and sanjana were try to persuade Arjun
Arjun: stop Rohit
Rohit turns and sees Arjun
Arjun: you can live in this house with this girl but we will not accept her as Bahu of this house
Everyone goes from there except Nisha and sanjana

In Soniya room
Soniya cries
Soniya (in mind angrily): Rohit you didn’t do well with me I will see know how you both will come close today I will ruin your life and I will make their both life like hell
Then she goes to Rohit room and breaks the bed.

In hall
Nisha: bhai you have told me that you were going to marry Ishana
Sanjana: yeah you should have told us then we should have done some preparations especially in your room
They both start teasing IshRo. Rohit was about to go in room then Nisha stops him and stands in front of Rohit
Nisha: bhai you will not go in room right now.
Rohit: why that is my room Nisha and you are not allowing me to go why
Sanjana: you don’t know Rohit first we will take Ishana to your room and you will come in your room at night but not know.
Rohit: but Bhabhi
Nisha interrupts
Nisha: Hahaha Bhabhi see Rohit bhai
Sanjana (laughs): I know Nisha
They take Ishana to Rohit room and
Nisha: Ishana now you are my Bhabhi also
Sanjana: and now on I am you jethani
Ishana looks at them and thinks to tell them how Rohit made her to marry but stops looking at them happy
Nisha: Ishana Bhabhi know you can rest because bhai will not come okay
Sanjana goes from there then Nisha was to leave Ishana stops her
Ishana goes near Nisha
Nisha: what happen?
Ishana: please don’t tell anything to anyone about your kidnapped because we don’t have any proof against them
Nisha puts hand on her shoulder
Nisha: Bhabhi don’t worry I will not
Then she goes from there

At night

In Arjun room
Sanjana sees Arjun tensed
Sanjana(loudly): I don’t understand why people’s become so mean they don’t see happiness of others just they want others to do what they want may god bless those people and should give some more brain to think
Arjun looks at sanjana and goes near her. But sanjana moves back and was about to go then Arjun holds her hand.
Arjun: what about those people who don’t listen to elder one and there husband
Sanjana goes near Arjun
Sanjana: they should think with heart not with mind and you are right they should listen to elders but elders also should try to understand younger ones
Arjun: I am Arjun Malhotra and I think from mind not from heart because sometimes our heart gives us so much pain that we cannot are able to bear it
Sanjana: you Arjun this is your problem that you think from mind not from heart
She puts her hand on Arjun chest and says
Sanjana: just listen to your heart and see how your life will become beautiful and colorful
Sanjana was going from there to sleep then Arjun says
Arjun: And in life sometimes we also need a life partner to understand us to make our life beautiful and how my fate is so bad that I got you as my wife
Sanjana angrily goes to Arjun who was standing near bed
Sanjana: actually my fate is so bad that I got you saru, pagal as my husband who even don’t know how to talk
They both start fighting and Arjun goes closer to sanjana
Then sanjana falls on bed and Arjun also falls on her because sanjana was falling so she holds Arjun hand and he also falls. They have a romantic eye lock
Then sanjana pushes Arjun back and stands. Sanjana sleeps on bed and Arjun on sofa
He keeps looking sanjana. Sanjana sees Arjun and looks on other side angrily

In Rohit room
Rohit goes inside the room and sees Ishana on bed sitting with veil on her face
He goes near Ishana and her with nervous looks at him
Then suddenly the bed breaks and Rohit looks at Ishana. He gives her hand forward to make her stand
But she angrily stands by herself on the floor
Ishana (angrily): (jaise yeh hai waise iska bed hai kabhie in doonon ka kuch nhi pata chalta) he and his bed are same we can’t know about them
Rohit (goes closer): what you said
Ishana (making face): nothing
Rohit: bed is now broken and we have to sleep on floor then today
Ishana: who said I will sleep on floor
Rohit: oh I forget you will go and sleep on road right
Ishana: Hahaha so funny I will sleep on this sofa and I don’t care where you sleep

Ishana goes to take blanket from wardrobe but she doesn’t find it
Rohit: this is my room and I know where the thinks are kept
Ishana: then from tomorrow you will not know
Rohit goes and takes the blanket out
Rohit: what you mean
Ishana: didn’t you listen I think you should tell your brother to take you to the doctor
Rohit: I don’t need to go to the doctor you should go
Ishana: I don’t need it because you need to go to doctor for your mental disorder checkup
Rohit: oh then I am mental
He goes near Ishana and holds her closer
Rohit: then you don’t know what a mental person can do so be away from me.
Ishana (with tear eyes): today I came to know that a mental person can also go so low
Ishana pushes Rohit back and goes to sleep. Rohit also sleeps on floor looking Ishana

As he looks Ishana
Rohit (in mind): I am sorry Ishana for what I have done with you and what I will be doing with you but trust me I am doing all this for your safety Ishu and I don’t believe that Soniya can fall so low and she can kidnap my sister.
Actually Rohit saw Nandani in Zahrili room talking about Nisha kidnap. He then comes to know true face of Soniya and Zahrili also
He then goes near Ishana and holds her hand
Rohit: I love you Ishu I have to do this all today to save you from them but know I think that you will hate me because the way I married you any girl doesn’t want this in their life
Rohit then kisses Ishana on forehead and goes to sleep

ArJana fight………IshRo nok jhok……………….Nandani scolds Ishana………Arjun and Rohit fight

Author’s Note:
okay guys thank you all for commenting surely i will make shaleen pair with soniya but what should i name shaleen in my ff i was thinking and only one name came in my mind and that’s Rajveer so you all suggest me name then i will see which name should we keep as i said that i think of his name as rajveer but wait when we join there names together as couple it becomes RajNiya and i dont think it will be good name as there couple so suggest me because he will make an entry in episode 22 or 23
thank you all guys
keep reading and don’t forget to comment

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  1. Akshaya

    Ishro rocked today. Malhotra brothers were simply romantic dude. Awesome episode dear . Waiting for the next

    1. Soha

      Thank you akshaya for commenting dear

  2. Ahhhh……it was superb…..and a bit funny too…..with a pinch of romance…. Loved it…..
    Rajveer is a nice name….and it cam be raniya or soveer…..if u want the couple name….

    1. Soha

      Thank you maleeha for commenting and for your suggestion

  3. Anah

    wow wonderful episode dr romance on the air..
    i think rajya its perfect for them other wise ur wish

    1. Soha

      Thank you anah for your suggetion of couple name thank you so much dear ?

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