Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 20)


Scene in Nisha room
Rohit goes to Nisha room and sees sanjana there
Rohit: Nisha and Bhabhi I need both of your help
Nisha and sanjana both: what it is Rohit?
Rohit (takes breathe): Bhabhi and Nisha I want to tell you both that I love Ishana
Nisha happily jumps and sanjana goes near Rohit
Sanjana: I know you love her then what are you waiting for Rohit just go and tell her right now
Nisha (in mind): it is good if bhai marries Ishana and she can be save with bhai then Soniya cannot do anything

To her.
Nisha: bhai go right know and propose her I am saying you go
They both push Rohit to go to Ishana who was in kitchen
Then suddenly Rohit stops
Rohit in tensed tone: but Nisha I don’t know she love me or not
Sanjana: array duffer if you will propose then she will also say that she loves you
Nisha: Bhabhi is right Rohit and wait she goes near him when you will propose Ishana so please hold her hands
Rohit (puzzled0: but why I will hold her hands Nisha
Sanjana: so that she cannot slap you Rohit
Sanjana and Nisha laughs
Rohit goes in kitchen and sees Ishana working

He goes near her
Rohit: I need to tell you something
Ishana looks Rohit and from behind she sees Soniya standing in door
Ishana (goes back): go away Rohit I don’t want to talk with you and see your face
Rohit: but Ishana listen to me please I want to tell you that I……….
Ishana interrupts
Ishana (shouts): I don’t want to listen anything Rohit go from here and don’t dear to come close to me.
Ishana looks on other side

Ishana (in mind) (with teary eyes): I know what you are about to say but please Rohit don’t say it Soniya is here and don’t know what she will do
Rohit goes near Ishana and holds her
Rohit (looks Ishana): today no one can stop me to say anything Ishana
Soniya gets angry and comes inside Rohit immediately leaves Ishana and steps back
Soniya: Rohit what are you doing here
Rohit: I came to drink water
Soniya; you have told the servants they can bring in room for you or I can bring
Rohit takes the glass of water and goes form there looking Ishana
Rohit goes back to Nisha room sadly remembering Ishana words
Sanjana: what she said Rohit?
Nisha: I know she have accepted the proposal right bhai

Rohit goes near Nisha and sits with her
Rohit: she even doesn’t want to talk to me Nisha and she said that don’t show your face.
Sanjana consoles Rohit
Nisha (in mind): I know why she is doing this bhai I have to talk to Ishana.
Rohit goes to his room and Nisha goes to talk to Ishana
Scene in kitchen
Soniya holds Ishana from hands and pulls her from her hairs. Nisha was coming down to talk to Ishana sees Soniya in kitchen torturing Ishana
Nisha: stop Soniya doing this
Soniya leaves Ishana and angrily give warning not to talk with Rohit.
Nisha: now I will not be quite seeing this Ishana I have to tell Rohit bhai
Soniya hears and goes tell to Zahrili that Nisha is going to tell Rohit
Nisha goes near Rohit room someone catches her from behind and puts hand over her mouth.
Rohit in room stands near window and remembers Ishana words with teary eyes. On other side Ishana is sitting and crying
Rohit (in mind): I am sorry Ishana
Ishana (in mind): I am sorry Rohit for behaving bad with you tell me what should I do know
They both cries for each other

At night

Everyone gathers for dinner
Arjun asks about Nisha none knows about Nisha
Arjun and Rohit get tensed not finding Nisha in house and gets upset.
Ishana (in mind): where is Nisha know
Nandani goes in Zahrili room where she finds Soniya also
Nandani: where is Nisha Zahrili?
Zahrili: why are you asking Nandani and know in your heart mother loves came for Nisha
Nandani looks Zahrili angrily.
Nandani: Zahrili it’s not like that what you are thinking I am saying that if Ishana comes to know that there is any hand in Nisha kidnapped of you two then she probably will not stop for telling everyone. I will not then help you both if you both kidnapped her then release her.
She goes form there

Zahrili: this is all because of you Soniya
Soniya: what because of me mom
Zahrili: everything was going according to our plan but what you did with Ishana in kitchen
Soniya: mom please stop it know and I want Rohit somehow do something
Zahrili: this is the problem that you want Rohit Soniya
Then Zahrili calls someone to release Nisha
It was late night then Nisha comes in home. She was having minor injury on her head
Everyone was in hall and looks at Nisha coming. Rohit and Arjun goes near Nisha and hug her.
Rohit: are you okay Nisha
Arjun sees Nisha in fear
Rohit also notices
Arjun: sanjana take Nisha to her room
Sanjana and Ishana goes and takes her to her room.
Arjun: I swear I will not leave those who did this with my sister
Rohit looks at Nandani
Rohit: I will also not leave them
They leave from there angrily
In room
Zahrili and Soniya were in room talking
Then suddenly Soniya sees Rohit passing by
Soniya: mom you know Ishana
Rohit stops listening Ishana name
Zahrili: yes what happen?
Soniya: she is friend of Nisha right
Zahrili: so what
Soniya: mom you know that I came to know that Ishana knew everything about Nisha’s kidnap and I don’t know why not she told us
Zahrili: yeah you are right then why is she doing all this
Soniya: mom you know this type of middle class girl she might be with the kidnapper
Rohit angrily goes from there. Soniya and Zahrili smiles

In Nisha room

Sanjana goes to bring bandage from her room. Ishana looks Nisha
Nisha: I will not be quite Ishana know I will tell everything to my brothers knows
Ishana: no Nisha don’t tell them when we will get proof’s against the then you can tell please
Ishana sits near Nisha
Suddenly Rohit comes in room angrily. Rohit goes near Ishana and holds her from her arms tightly.
Ishana: leave me Rohit
Rohit (angrily): what you think of yourself Ishana
Nisha goes to Rohit
Nisha: bhai what are you doing leave her
Rohit looks Nisha angrily
Rohit: Nisha you go to bed and rest
Ishana: leave me Rohit
Rohit: know you will come to know about me you have seen my love know see hatred of ROHIT MALHOTRA
He pulls Ishana from her arms and takes her outside the house
Ishana (shouts): leave me Rohit
He tries to make sit Ishana sit in car
Rohit: sit in car right know

Ishana: first tell me why you are angry Rohit
Rohit (angrily shouts): sit in car
He makes Ishana sit in car and drives the car
Ishana: what are you up to Rohit I will not go with you anywhere
Ishana tries to open the door of car but Rohit holds her hand and drives
Rohit: don’t try to go from here Ishana
Ishana: leave my hand Rohit
Then Rohit stops the car in front of temple
Ishana goes outside of the car and sees the temple
Ishana: why you brought me here Rohit
Rohit: you will come to know right know Ishana come
Ishana: I will not go with you inside

Rohit pulls Ishana from hand and then they both goes inside
Ishana sees the pandit and havan
Rohit: everything is ready pandit
Pandit: everything is ready Mr. Rohit just get ready
Pundit gives the bridal dress to Rohit and he takes and goes near Ishana
Ishana looks Rohit and understands everything
Ishana was about to run the security guards catches her
Rohit: take this dress and get read y for Marriage Ishana
Ishana (cries): I will not marry you Rohit why are you doing this
He angrily holds from her hand and brings Ishana in changing room.
Rohit pins Ishana near to wall and holds her
Rohit: Ishana wear this right know or I will make you wear this dress
Ishana in shock looks Rohit
Ishana: you cannot do this Rohit
Rohit: I can do anything Ishana you don’t know me better
Ishana (cries): I made a mistake to understand you but you are also like your brother
Rohit (raises his eye brow): it’s good that you came to know me know so it’s better that you wear this

He gives dress to Ishana
Ishana: do what you want to do Rohit but I will not wear this dress and I will not marry you.
Rohit angrily holds Ishana from hands
Rohit: I can make wear you this dress if you don’t want to wear it by yourself Ishana if you will not wear then you will not imagine in your life what I can do
Ishana: what do you mean Rohit?
Rohit: look your Bua
He shows video of her Bua

She gets shock
Ishana(turns and goes form there): I don’t care do what you want
Rohit calls her security guard and says to kill her Bua
Ishana gets more surprised and thinks
Ishana (thinks in mid): How can I be mean he is going to kill my own Bua and I am saying that I don’t care
She did upbringing of me when why own mother left me. No! I will not let this happen.
Ishana stops Rohit and goes near him

Ishana: I am ready to marry you
Rohit: good know get ready fast don’t waste time see its going to be morning as he says he points finger on window.
And he then goes from there. Ishana falls down and cries
Ishana (in mind): how can Rohit do this I never thought that he will marry me with so much hatred. Why Rohit you are doing this why.


IshRo marriage…………….. Rohit takes Ishana to Malhotra’s house…………….. Everyone gets shock seeing Rohit and Ishana got married

Author’s Note:
okay that’s it for today and i want to ask that guys tell me should i change soniya in to positive or she should be negative
or should i make pair of soniya with Shaleen Malhotra and yeah clebrity as soniya is Neha Bagga so tell me should i pair them or no if yes then there love story will also be started soon. Now suggest me okay guys
thank you all guys for reading and take care
have a nice day

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    1. Soha

      what happen dear you didn’t like it

  1. Akshaya

    You nailed it soha. Change soniya to positive dear and pair her with shaleen malhotra

    1. Soha

      Thanks akshaya and i will change soniya to positive and she will be paired with shaleen and he will enter after 4 or 5 episodes so you have to wait sorry for that

  2. Pair up soniya with the shaleen malhotra…… Episode was really superb…..Loved it….. It was thrilling….. Ishro wedding..??

    1. Soha

      thank you maleeha sure i will make pair of them :$

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