Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 2)

Hello everyone how are you all I want to clear the doubts that the Jodi’s are
And sorry for any spelling mistake guys. Thanks to those who commented and gave me suggestion. I request to silent reader please give your suggestion and comment it. So let’s start with the new episode. Hope you guys will like it again

@ University
Sanjana enters hurriedly in university holding books in her hands. On the other side Nisha also comes there and she didn’t notice Sanjana and collides with her. Nisha sees this and bends down to gather Sanjana’s book. Sanjana also bends down to gather her books. Then Nisha sees this and says
Nisha: I am really sorry (while gathering books)
Sanjana: its okay (gathers book and she stands up)
Nisha: So I think you are new here right because I have never seen you here before.
Sanjana: yeah I am new here can you help me to find first batch class.
Nisha: oh I am also going there you can join me but what is your name.
Sanjana: my name is sanjana. (While walking she says) and what’s your name
Nisha: my name is Nisha
They walk towards their class before they get late more.

@Malhotra’s House
As Nandani was passing by Rohit’s room she notice that Rohit was about to go outside and says
Nandani: where are you going Rohit?
Rohit (rudely) says: Why are you after me can’t you leave me alone.
Nandani: Rohit look I am not always after you I was just questioning you as your mother. And why you always behave with me rudely.
Rohit yells and says: You are not my mother. And Miss Nandani Malhotra you know very well so stop asking questions to me.
Nandani with fake tears says: why are you blaming me for that night since 13 years.
Rohit ignores Nandani and walks out from house.

@Ishana’s House
Ishana was sitting on her bed and she sees her father picture on wall with garland on it.
She gets teary eyes and remembers how her father used to take care and loved her in childhood.
Ishana: I miss you papa why you leaved me here alone in this world. No one is here to take care of me.
Why always Bua torture’s me why. She cry’s badly.
Why she doesn’t value relations papa why. She then says Papa you used to read bed time stories for me and you used to say that one day a prince will come to your princess. Papa when will my prince come to take me from this hell.
She then gets up from bed and goes to washroom to wash her face. Later then she comes out from the washroom. Then she takes her keys from table and goes out to start her scooty. (To find job)

Rohit in Car
Rohit drives car and remembers how Nandani used to behave with her badly. He comes out from his thoughts on other side Ishana is driving her scooty and suddenly her scooty stops
Ishana: Oh Not Know! This Khatara scooty will not start Know what should I do know.
She sees Café there and says from morning I haven’t yet eaten anything I should go café and eat something but before this I should check money. Then she takes money out from her purse and sees there was not much money and I have to adjust with this money. Sadly she decides that she will only drink coffee. Then she goes inside café.
After some time Rohit also reaches there (same place where Ishana is present).He is still angry
He enters in café and orders something and goes to find place to sit. From other side Ishana is coming with coffee in her hand. She doesn’t notice Rohit in front of her and Rohit also doesn’t notice her because he was busy in talking on mobile.
Suddenly they collide and looks at each other. Ishana’s coffee falls on Rohit’s shirt.
Rohit angrily says and sees Ishana: OH SHIT? What have you done? Your coffee has fallen on my shirt.
Right now say Sorry to me.
Ishana surprisingly says: What??
Rohit with attitude says: haven’t you listened to me.
Ishana (rudely): Why should I apologize to you. You should apologize to me and it’s not my mistake it’s yours.
Rohit: Rohit Malhotra has never said sorry to anyone and will never say sorry.
Ishana starts arguing with Rohit. People were seeing their fight and talks about it.
Rohit notices this and he holds Ishana’s hand and drags her outside the café
Ishana in fury and says: Leave my hand
Rohit leaves her hands and was about to say something Ishana goes from there angrily.
Rohit was also about to go he sees Ishana bracelet fallen down he remembers when he dragged her. Ishana’s bracelet falls. He bends down and takes her bracelet. He sees her bracelet and stands up
Rohit says: Don’t know who she was. When I will return her bracelet. I think that I was ruder to her without any reason I fought with her like a kid. It was my mistake that I was in anger because of Nandani. Then he goes from there.

@ University
Sanjana and Nisha attended class and they were about to leave a Guy comes there and holds her hands
Guy: how are you s***
The guy is Vikram Thakkur and her father is a don in that city Vikram Thakkur is a flirter and he makes more girlfriends in a day. When he gets bore from one girl he then flirters with other girls.
Sanjana: Leave my hand
Then Nisha says to Vikram: leave my friends hand
Vikram laughs and says: OH! Am I dreaming or its reality. Loser doesn’t have friends like sanjana
Look at yourself loser and this beautiful girl. She is not your type of friend (looking at sanjana)
Sanjana gets angry on her and says: Leave my hand if not then I will……………………………..
Vikram interrupts and says then what you will do you will slap ok then this is my face (he forwards her face near to sanjana) then he leaves her hand
Sanjana looks at Nisha. Then Nisha nods no to her. And they were about to leave sanjana listens that Vikram was saying that boys were scared of me know girls are also scared of me.
Sanjana goes in front of Vikram and slaps on her face in front of whole university. Nisha and Vikram gets shock Then she says
Sanjana: Now say who is afraid of whom and who is not. Girls are not weak that they get scared from you types of guys.
Vikram angrily says: you didn’t do well with me sanjana. You will pay for this because you slapped Vikram Thakkur. Know sees what will I do with you. Wait and watch Miss Sanjana.
He then leaves from there angrily
Nisha: What have you done stupid?
Sanjana: what just slapped her because he misbehaved with you and me?
Nisha: they always tease me in university. It’s not a big deal for me
Sanjana: but it’s a big deal for me.
Nisha (sadly): you don’t know which trouble you have called for yourself. He is Thakkur Singh’s son.
Sanjana: so what?
Nisha: so what he is Don in this city? Now they will not let you live peacefully.
Sanjana: When my god is with me nothing will happen to me. And no one can harm me.
Nisha: Hope so .she sees watch and notices that she is getting late
Okay I am leaving know bye sanjana
They bids bye to each other and leave from there

Nandani scold Nisha……………….Ishana notices her bracelet is not on her hand and gets worried……..Nandani meets some……. IshRo once again meets….New challenge for sanjana
Why did Nandani scold Nisha?
Whom does Nandani goes to meet
Why Ishana got worried?
What will be reaction of Ishana when she sees Rohit?
What is new challenge for sanjana?

Sorry again for any spelling mistake hope you guys will like it

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