Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 19)


Hello how are you all guys I want to tell you all that I will be posting the episodes everyday because I am having holidays and hope so you all are liking my ff.

The episode starts with
Ishana goes to call Nandani for launch in her room.
Ishana goes and sees none and the door was open.
Ishana (in mind): I can get any clue from here so that I can tell to sanjana and Rohit. That can help to expose Nandani.
She then searches everywhere and doesn’t find anything. She then starts searching in wardrobe then she sees something in wardrobe. There were some papers wrapped in saree. She then opens to see.
She gets shock seeing the papers. She then hides the paper in her saree. She was about to leave then Zahrili was standing in middle of door and looking after that Nandani and Soniya comes inside the room. They close the door
Ishana in fear goes back
Soniya: you are so shame less Ishana after all what we did with you and you came back again. What you think we will not know what you are about to
Zahrili then holds Ishana and takes the papers out of her saree .She falls down badly.
Nandani holds Ishana from hair badly
Nandani: you think I will not know about you how dear you came in my room.
Ishana: is Nisha orphan
Soniya: leave Ishana I know how to handle her.
Soniya then goes near Ishana holds her from her mouth
Soniya: I said stay away from my Rohit why are you trying to snatch him from me.
Ishana: I am not snatching Rohit form you Soniya
Zahrili: Soniya stop talking about Rohit know
Nandani: Ishana if you will not be quite then I will send Rohit back to mental hospital forever
Ishana gets shock and looks at Nandani
Nisha comes back to her house and was again passing from Nandani room. She hears the voice of Nandani. She then goes inside and gets shock looking Ishana In clutches of Soniya. She goes near Ishana.
Nisha: leave her Soniya
Nandani: Nisha how can I leave Ishana this time she is going to tell to everyone that you are orphan
Ishana: you know Nisha this all
Nisha: I know everything Ishana please don’t tell everyone.
She looks Nandani. Soniya leave Ishana. Nisha and Ishana where about to go then Zahrili stops
Zahrili: you know Nisha is you both will not be quite then what we will do and what can we do.
They both silently leave from Nandani room. Nisha holds Ishana hand and takes her to her room
Nisha: why you came back Ishana
Ishana: I want to expose them that’s why
Nisha: please go back to your home Ishana because I can’t risk your life
Ishana: don’t worry Rohit and sanjana also knows everything about Nandani.
Nisha: I was only one who don’t know the real face of them Ishana
Ishana: don’t worry everything will get fine
Nisha: I wish so

At night
Meera was going silently from the house outside. Then sanjana sees Meera going outside. She then chases Meera and goes to the house where Meera entered
She sees Meera with a man. She was hugging him.
Sanjana (in mind): how cheap she is now I will not make any mistake to expose her. Meera know you will get exposed soon
She hears them talking and Meera was calling the name of boy as robin.
After few hours Meera goes from there
Sanjana goes inside the house and meets robin
She then tells everything about Meera that how she is fooling him and Arjun. He gets shock and promises to help sanjana
Sanjana: please robin come with me right know to my house to expose her
Robin: okay sanjana I can’t believe that she can do anything for money
Then they both leave to expose Meera
In Malhotra house
Meera, Zahrili and Nandani were in hall sitting and talking
Then sanjana comes she shouts Meera
Everyone gathers in hall
Arjun: why are you shouting sanjana on Meera?
Sanjana: I told you Arjun she is betraying you know I have proofs against her
Arjun (angrily): not again sanjana stop your drama right know
Rohit: bhai please at least listen to Bhabhi what she is saying
Nisha goes near Arjun
Nisha: bhai please listen to Bhabhi
Meera gets tensed
Meera: Babies see again she is doing her drama
Arjun: okay sanjana what it is
Sanjana then calls robin inside the house
Meera gets shock
Meera: robin
Arjun: how do you know him Meera?
Meera was to say then sanjana interrupts
Sanjana: I will not say anything Arjun he will you everything
Sanjana looks at robin. He goes near Meera
Robin: I don’t believe Meera you will be so shameless
Meera: who are you I don’t know you
Robin: wow know you don’t know me
He goes to Arjun and tells everything about Meera and him what they relation has and shows pictures of them together
Meera: Arjun baby he is lying believe me
Arjun: stop Meera know I can’t believe you are after money
Meera was to say Arjun shouts
Arjun: just leave from here right know Meera
Meera leaves from there and everyone thanks sanjana and robin. Robin also leaves from there
Nisha: bhai you should also thank Bhabhi
Sanjana: its okay Nisha he can’t say thank you try to understand and even I don’t need his thank for what he have done for me

Sanjana leaves from there with teary eyes. Arjun goes after sanjana to her room. Everyone leaves except Nisha Rohit and Ishana
Nisha smiles looking Rohit
Nisha: bhai at last she is out from our Bhai’s life I am so happy
Rohit: I am also happy for ArJana
Nisha: what ArJana
Rohit (he looks at Ishana): you don’t know Nisha when couples get married by combining their name they get there couple name.
Nisha: like bhai IshRo means you and Ishana
She smile
Rohit looks at Ishana. Ishana ignores Rohit and goes from there.
In Arjun room
Sanjana was sitting on bed and crying. Arjun comes I n room and looks at sanjana. Sanjana sees Arjun and wipes her tears
Sanjana was about to leave Arjun holds her from her waist and comes closer to her.
Sanjana: what are you doing Arjun leave me if some sees then what they will say
Arjun (he removes her hair from face): at least sanjana I am in my sense doing this not like you in drunken state
Sanjana then remembers about the night with Arjun
Sanjana: Arjun please leave me I don’t want to talk to you after all what you did with me.
She tries hard to free herself but couldn’t.
Arjun: okay I AM SORRY sanjana
Sanjana gets shock and looks at Arjun
Sanjana (laughs): oh seriously Mr. ARJUN MALHOTRA is saying sorry to a middle class girl. Who married him for money right you said like this
Arjun again makes sanjana closer to him.
Arjun: when Arjun Malhotra gets serious no one can stop him doing anything
Sanjana: I will not forgive you Arjun for what you have done with me.
Arjun: okay don’t forgive me we can be friends let’s start from beginning. What you want me to do just tell me.
After getting no answer from sanjana he was about to leave.
Arjun was about to go and she stops him.
Sanjana: Arjun wait
Sanjana goes to Arjun
Sanjana: tell me Arjun what a wife needs from her husband
Arjun: what you mean
Sanjana: does a wife asks his own husband to give divorce
Arjun: okay you mean that I should not give divorce to you right
Sanjana: no you can but wife doesn’t need to tell everything to her husband’s they should now it.
Sanjana goes from room and Arjun looks at her.

Rohit goes to propose Ishana……….. Soniya tortures Ishana…………… Nisha gets kidnapped…………..Arjun and Rohit gets tensed not finding Nisha

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  1. Good story Me.Soha I like the track of your story ishqbaaz should be like this type of romantic not too typical what do you think about it. I will continue reading this. Good going. Keep it up. OK

    1. Soha

      Thanks Nafisa for commenting dear and i think that ishqbaaz will also become romantic after tia’s truth relevation because shivika love’s each other and keep reading thanks

  2. Anah


    1. Soha

      Thank you anah for commenting dear

  3. It’s getting interesting……really loved it…… Arjana room scene was ? and precap is scary…… Poor nisha….. Besides, the episode was really really amazing

    1. Soha

      Thanks maleeha and yeah poor nisha she is getting involed in dirty tricks of soniya and zahrili

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