Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 18)


The episode starts with
Rohit comes back to Malhotra’s house and he sees sanjana in hall. Sanjana looks Rohit tensed and goes after his room

In room
Sanjana: Rohit where is Ishana you came alone
Rohit (with tears): she doesn’t want to see my face Bhabhi and she will not come back in this house
Sanjana: what but Rohit how can she do this. You both where so good friends and know she doesn’t want to see your face.
Rohit: I told her to ask anything that will make fine she then said that she want me to be away from her.
Sanjana (surprisingly): how can you leave her alone if something happen to her then Rohit and what if Nandani comes to know her then
Rohit: that’s why she should be away from me and from this family at least she can be safe
Sanjana: she said that she doesn’t want to see your face and you agreed
Rohit: then Bhabhi what should I have done. For the first time she asked something from me
Sanjana goes near Rohit and holds from his arm
Sanjana: I have seen in your eyes that you love her and I cannot let this happen Rohit I will go and talk to Ishana
Rohit: but Bhabhi
Sanjana: no but I will go
She goes from Rohit room
Rohit sits on sofa and cries
Rohit: Ishana I don’t know why you did this but I will not let you see my face know
Doo gahri behla gai parchaiyaan
Phir wahi hum hain wahi tanhaiyaan
On other side Ishana was weeping badly in hospital
Jaha mile deewane do
Wahi kahi pe ishq bana
Sabse pahle ishq ka ohda
Sabse pahle ishq ka ohda
Rab ne kaha . . . .
Rab ne kaha Khud maine suna hai

Rubru tu….
hain lahu tu.. ho..
Rubru tu hain lahu tu
Tu hi ander bahta hain
Saanson me bhi tu zaruri
Tera haazi kahta hai
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda

Tu hi saaya, Akas bhi tu
Ruh me bhi rahta hai
Tu hi main hu, Main hi tu hain
Tera hazi kahta hai
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda.. Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda

Yaar mera eid-diwali
Yaar ke bina ye tan man khali tan-man khali..
Yaar mera kaaba kashi
Yaar se bhar jaaye ruh ki pyali ruh ki pyali
Yaar basa lu rom rom mein deewani ban jau
Or kaha rab dundu, Mere yaar me rab pau
Yaar basa lu rom rom mein deewani ban jau

Tu hi tab tha tu hi ab hain
Jag hai jab se tab se tu hain
meri hasti mera rutba
Meri daulat shohrat tu hai
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda.. Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda.. Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda.. Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..

Akas me rakh le tere..
Rahne ko dede teri dhadkan
Bin tere chahe beghar oh…
Dekh bai saanse ye jogan
Aas Talaash me jal jal teri
Rakh na ban jau
Akas me de geet mujhe
Mai geet sanwar jau.
Aas Talaash me jal jal teri
Rakh na ban jau

Tu karam hai, Tu dharam hain
Tu hi mera Kalma hai
Teri Khatir, Tere dham se
Raah ishq pe chalna hain

Ban sumndar tu hai dariya
Mein to tu hi bahta hai
Tu safi tu hi saahil
Tera hazi kahta hai
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Ek boond ishq pe hu zinda..
Nisha was passing by Nandani’s room. Suddenly she stops hearing from Nandani
Nandani (to her sister and Soniya): this secret should not come out it should be only in between us
Soniya: but I don’t understand which secret
Zahrili: which secret Soniya you don’t know

Nandani goes and stands near window
Soniya: no mom I don’t know
Nandani: Soniya this are the papers that proof’s that Nisha is not my daughter. She is from orphanage. When she was born so I got her from the orphanage house so that my plans should work.
Nisha was standing near door she listens and gets shattered. Soniya sees Nisha standing near room. She goes and holds from her hands and pulls inside room. Then she locks the door
Nisha goes to Nandani
Nisha: is that true that I am not your daughter and you brought me in this house for your evil intentions.
Nandani: yes this is true

She goes near Nisha
Nandani: you know there is your benefit also Nisha. You will get so many money and properties of this Malhotra’s house that you haven’t seen in your life
Nisha (angrily): I am not like you I will not let you ruin my brother’s life I am going to tell to Arjun and Rohit bhai right know
She was going from the room then Nandani looks at Soniya
Soniya then holds Nisha from her hairs. Nisha screams in pain
Soniya: what you think yourself that we will leave you easily the one who comes in our way we don’t let them live happily.
Nisha: what you mean you can’t keep me silent I will tell my brothers
Zahrili: when they will not be live then how you will tell them
Nisha (angrily): don’t dear to touch my brothers
Nandani: so shut your mouth okay

Soniya holds Nisha from her mouth
Soniya: you know your brother Rohit loves Ishana and I love him so much he can’t see my love. He can’t see my pain but not Ishana in pain so you know what I did with Ishana. I killed Ishana but don’t know how see got safe from me.
Nisha: don’t dear do anything
Zahrili: okay we will not do anything but you don’t tell them anything if you try to tell them then maybe we will do anything like we did with Ishana.
Nandani: got it or not
Nisha goes from there crying
Zahrili: keep an eye on Nisha and Ishana they both can do anything you know
Soniya: don’t worry mom I will keep any eye on Ishana
Nandani: and what about Nisha Zahrili you should keep an eye on her.

Scene in hospital
Sanjana goes to Ishana’s ward
Ishana sees sanjana. She sits straight
Sanjana: how are you Ishana? How you are feeling know
Ishana: I am fine
Sanjana: okay if you are fine then come back to our house.
Ishana: no sanjana I cannot come back
Sanjana: why I know what Rohit did was not good but you have to come. How can you leave all this in middle Ishana?
Ishana: but sanjana I cannot come back to your house
Sanjana (angrily): this is final you are coming okay I don’t want to listen anything from you
She then asks the doctor about Ishana’s discharge. Doctor say that she recovered soon and she can go to her house. Then sanjana takes Ishana back to Malhotra house. Ishana goes unwillingly to Malhotra house
Scene to Nisha
Nisha calls Ayaan to talk to him. He agrees to meet in sometime. Nisha goes outside the house to meet Ayaan.
They both meets

Ayaan comes and sees Nisha sitting and crying. He sits beside Nisha
Ayaan: what happen why are you crying?
Nisha wanted to tell everything about Soniya Zahrili and Nandani but stops remembering there threaten.
Nisha hugs Ayaan tightly
Ayaan: tell me Nisha what happen. Know I am getting tensed
Nisha releases the hugs and looks at Ayaan
Nisha: actually I am crying because of you Ayaan
Ayaan (surprisingly): what because of me Nisha tell me what I did that made you cried
Nisha wipe her tears
Nisha: because you are not talking to sanjana Bhabhi
Ayaan: because of this you are crying like baby Nisha. I don’t believe seriously. I thought you are brave but you are coward
Nisha (she stands): I am not coward okay Ayaan

Ayaan: you are Nisha
Nisha (point’s finger): I am not how many times I should tell you to make you believe
Then both of them start fighting. Suddenly Nisha falls on Ayaan
They have an eye lock.
Scene back to Malhotra house
Everyone was in hall. Then sanjana comes. Rohit looks sanjana alone he thinks that Ishana didn’t come then Ishana from behind comes wearing veil on her face. He gets happy and smiles. Soniya understands that why Rohit is happy she angrily looks Ishana
Arjun looks sanjana
Arjun: where were you?
Sanjana: actually I have to go to take this maid because she got accident yesterday
Nandani: then what’s the need to take her back to house
Arjun: mom is right

Sanjana goes near Arjun
Sanjana: please Arjun let her do my works in house please
Soniya (yells): but we have so many servants in house. So they can do your work sanjana
Arjun: Soniya is right what the need of her in this house
Rohit: but bhai if Bhabhi wants her then you should agree
Rohit looks at Ishana. Ishana also looks Rohit
At last they agreed to let Ishana in the house. Then everyone leaves the hall to their rooms.
Ishana was going to kitchen then suddenly she was about to fall but Rohit in nick of time holds her.
Soniya was looking standing angrily
Soniya (in mind): she is so cheap after all this she came back in this house. Okay as you wish Ishana I will not let you live in this house more time.
Ishana looks at Soniya and makes leave Rohit her. Rohit then goes form there smiling.
Ishana then goes back to kitchen.

Ishana comes to know Nisha is orphan…………………… Soniya Zahrili and Nandani threatens Ishana and Nisha………………… Meera is exposed in front of Arjun

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  1. These sisters and soniya are so wicked….hate them….. Well, the precap gave a good vibe…..that meera is leaving…..and arjuna Will come closer…… As always, It’s fantastic…..

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