Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 17)


Hey how are you all. So let’s start thanks to those who comment on my ff and are reading.
The episode starts with

Rohit then takes Ishana to hospital immediately. Rohit’s shirt was full of Ishana’s blood. He was crying so badly in his eyes were the fear to lose Ishana. Then doctor takes Ishana to the operation room.
Rohit: doctor please do anything but nothing should happen to Ishana please doctor
Doctor: don’t worry Mr. Rohit we will try our best to save her
Rohit angrily shouts: don’t try doctor nothing should happen to her.
Doctor consoles Rohit and goes from there to Operation Theater
Rohit (cries): I am sorry Ishana this all happened because of me I shouldn’t have scolded you. If something happens to you then I will never forgive myself. I loved my mother and she left me know I love you but I don’t want to lose you. Please god save Ishana. He then remembers what Ishana said
Then nurse comes to take sign on papers of operation. He signs and the nurse says to Rohit to pay the money.

He puts hand on his pocket to take money. He remembers that he forgot her wallet in room due to hurry. He then calls sanjana
Rohit: Bhabhi
Sanjana: what happened Rohit are you fine you seem tensed.
Rohit: Bhabhi please come in hospital.
Sanjana (in shock): are you okay Rohit
Rohit (cries0: this is the problem that why nothing happened to me instead of Ishana
Sanjana: don’t say like this Rohit what happen to Ishana
Rohit: she met with an accident Bhabhi please come in hospital and from my room also bring my wallet
Sanjana: okay I am coming right know.
Then sanjana comes in hospital
Sanjana sees Rohit and goes toward him
Sanjana: how is she Rohit?
Rohit: I don’t know Bhabhi
Sanjana: but how the accident happened
Rohit: it’s my entire fault Bhabhi.
He then tells the whole story.
Sanjana (angrily): how could you do this Rohit with Ishana
Rohit: I know Bhabhi it’s all because of me
Sanjana: I never expected this from you Rohit
Then doctor comes out of the theater.

Rohit: what happen doctor is she fine
Doctor: we need blood right know she need blood its important
Rohit: doctor please take my blood
Doctor: okay come we will check the blood group of you
Sanjana: Rohit wait I will go okay
Rohit: no Bhabhi this happened all because of me and I will give blood to Ishana
He then goes from there. After while Rohit’s blood matches with Ishana and he gives his blood
Doctor does the operation and it was successful operation. He comes outside and tells the good news to Rohit and sanjana.
Rohit: doctor can I go inside to see Ishana
Doctor: sure why not
Rohit and sanjana goes inside the ward. Ishana was in deep sleep and she was not conscious
Rohit sits beside Ishana’s bed and cares her face. He then holds her hand
Rohit: I am sorry Ishana know I will take you back to our house
Sanjana: what did you said Rohit our ahm
Sanjana laughs
Rohit: Bhabhi it’s nothing
Sanjana: okay who was crying for her and know even you are holding her hand
Rohit: Bhabhi

Sanjana: okay you are tired you go home I will be with Ishana and it’s going to be morning
Rohit: no Bhabhi you go home because if Nandani will not see you in home then don’t know what she will do
Sanjana: okay Rohit as you say
Sanjana goes form hospital to Malhotra’s house
Rohit was still holding Ishana’s hand and goes near Ishana
Rohit: I don’t believe that I will be in love with you Ishana. Now I will never let you go away from me Ishana. I will be always with you. I will not leave those who will try to give pain to you.
He then kisses Ishana on her cheeks
In morning
Sanjana sees Arjun in room and give tea to him
Sanjana (in mind): today I will tell truth of Meera to Arjun somehow I have to
Sanjana: Arjun I need to tell you something
Arjun: what it is
Sanjana: first call Meera in our room then
Arjun: okay

Later then Meera comes in Arjun room
Meera: what it is Arjun baby why you called me?
Sanjana: Arjun didn’t call you I called to you.
Meera: but why
Sanjana: Arjun I told you right know that I need to tell you something important and that is about Meera’s truth
Arjun: what about Meera and truth about her
Sanjana: yes
Meera looks at sanjana angrily
Sanjana: some days before I saw Meera with her boyfriend. And she is betraying you Arjun
Arjun (looks Meera): what she is betraying me.
Sanjana: yes you can ask from her
Meera: baby I don’t believe that you will listen this girl actually baby I was with my friend and it does not means that he was my boyfriend. You can talk even you can meet with him right know
Arjun Angrily looks sanjana
Sanjana: she is lying Arjun
Meera: baby I don’t believe it why she is doing all this to trap me. I never accepted this from you sanjana.

Meera goes form there covering her truth and making rift between them
Arjun angrily goes near sanjana and holds from her shoulder tightly
Arjun: sanjana I hat those who lie to me. I don’t believe that you will say this before knowing anything
Sanjana (with feared): Arjun leave my shoulder it’s hurting
Arjun: this is nothing sanjana when I will give you more pains then you will not be able to bear the pains
Sanjana: don’t think that I am weak Arjun because I bear pains everyday and it is normal for me this is nothing
She makes leave her shoulders from Arjun.
Arjun: I think that I was so foolish to understand you mom was right middle class of girls are so cheap like you they can go in any extend to get something
Sanjana: what you mean Rohit
Arjun doesn’t says anything and goes form there angrily

Then Meera comes inside the room laughing
Meera: you think that you are intelligent
She tells that she filled venom in Arjun mind against sanjana
In flashback it shows that before sanjana comes in room. She goes inside the room of Arjun and tells him that sanjana will say that she was with some guy or boyfriend
Arjun: but why will she do this Meera I know sanjana she is not like this
Meera: baby you are so innocent you don’t know this type of middle class girls they are after money and do anything for money.
Arjun gets angry flashback ends
Sanjana: how dear you Meera
Meera: don’t dear me because I can do anything. Arjun was taking side of you in front of Nandani right know I will see he will be with you.
She goes from there

In hospital
Ishana comes in senses and sees Rohit holding her hands
Rohit smiles seeing Ishana conscious
Rohit: Ishana
Ishana angrily leaves her hands from Rohit and looks on other side
Rohit: please Ishana talk with me oaky it was my entire fault I am sorry for that
Ishana doesn’t looks at Rohit. Rohit gets tensed
Ishana looks Rohit tensed then she sits straight.
Ishana: Rohit

Rohit gets happy and goes near Ishana
Ishana (cries): you are so bad Rohit
She beats Rohit with her hands on her chest
Ishana: you made me cry so much I hate you I hate you
Rohit (puts hand on her cheeks): I am sorry Ishana.
Ishana: by saying sorry everything will get fine Rohit
Rohit: okay what you want just tell me I will give you that will make everything fine
Ishana (shouts): I just don’t want to see your face again will you do these for me just go away from me Rohit. Just go away from me.
Rohit goes from there with tear eyes
Ishana (in mind): sorry Rohit I have to do this for your safety and for your family safety because I love you and I don’t want you to get in any trouble because of me

Flash back shows
When Ishana’s accident happened someone comes out of the car it was none other than Soniya
Soniya holds Ishana from her hairs
Soniya: you didn’t do good Ishana. What you think that I will not come to know about you I saw you with Rohit talking it is good that he didn’t believed you and throw you out of the house.
Ishana: why are you doing this Soniya?
Soniya: because I love Rohit and can do anything for him.
Ishana: I will tell this all to Rohit he will not leave you
Then Zahrili comes out of the car. She goes near Ishana
Zahrili: okay if you will tell to Rohit then I will not leave Rohit because if someone comes in my way then what will happen with them you know what I did with Rohit mother.
Ishana: what you did with Rohit’s mother tell me
Zahrili: I killed her you know if you tell this to Rohit then I will kill him and his all family members
Then Zahrili and Soniya goes form there leaving Ishana. Then Ishana was not able to see something and felt unconscious.
Flash back ends

Nisha comes to know something big secret………….she gets shattered………… Ishana back in Malhotra’s house because of sanjana

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