Iss Ishq Ko nibhana (Episode 16)


Hey I am back again with interesting episode. Please at least comment guys I know some of you may be busy but at least one word. So let’s start
The episode starts with

In morning
Arjun wakes up. He then goes to fresh up. He comes back to room.
Arjun looks at sanjana. She was sleeping peacefully
Arjun (in her mind): when sanjana will wake up her head must be paining so I should go and make hangover for her.
He then goes in kitchen. Ishana was in kitchen preparing breakfast.
Arjun goes and makes hangover for sanjana. He was about to leave. He stops and tells Ishana to bring sanjana and his breakfast in room that they will eat in room. He then leaves Ishana smiles.
Arjun goes in room sees sanjana. Sanjana wakes up and she puts her hand on her forehead due to pain.
Sanjana: ouch why it’s paining so much in my head.
Arjun goes near sanjana and sits beside her.
Arjun: when you will drink so much then definitely your head will pain.
Sanjana: what did I drink………

Before she completes Arjun interrupts
Arjun: take this hangover then your pain will be fine.
Sanjana takes hangover and looks at hangover
Sanjana: this must be bitter I don’t want to drink Arjun
Arjun takes the hangover from Sanjana’s hand and goes near sanjana. They were so close.
Arjun (in angry tone): Drink this or I will make you drink this hangover and you know that how I will make you drink this.
Sanjana: I don’t want to drink Arjun jii please this is bitter
Arjun: if you will not drink then how you will get fine.
Sanjana then drinks. Arjun was about to leave.
Sanjana: but what happened yesterday Arjun jii
Arjun: you don’t remember
Sanjana: no

Arjun: it’s good that you don’t remember.
Sanjana stands from bed to leave she was about to fall Arjun goes and holds her.
Arjun: I will not be always there to hold you one day you have to go from here.
Sanjana: what you mean Arjun jii
Arjun makes her stand well
Arjun: I mean that I will give divorce to you so you will leave from there its better that you should not get addict to me.
Sanjana: why you will give divorce to me Arjun jii
Arjun was to say but Meera comes and interrupts
Meera: off course Arjun baby will marry me then
Sanjana looks at Arjun. Arjun goes from there
Sanjana: I will not go from this house and I will make you leave this house.
Meera: don’t try to tell anything to anyone then
Sanjana: then what say

Meera shows the video of sanjana. Sanjana gets shock seeing her video. She feels ashamed what she did in party
Meera: now what happen sanjana don’t dear to tell anyone then I will publish this video on media? Then you know Arjun anger’s
Meera goes from there.
Everyone gathers in hall
Sanjana comes down. Nandani sees sanjana coming down.
Nandani (angrily): what you did yesterday sanjana
Sanjana goes to Nandani
Sanjana: Sasu Maa I am sorry for what I did but I don’t remember anything
Nandani: oh know you don’t remember anything.
She holds from Sanjana’s hand tightly
Arjun: Mom please don’t do this
Nandani: why should I not do this Arjun? What she did with me in party in front of all now what will people’s be saying what about our reputation Arjun if media comes to know this
Arjun goes near Nandani and makes leave Sanjana’s hand
Arjun: I don’t want fight in this house mom so it will better for all of us not to remember anything of yesterday
Rohit: bhai is right there is no fault of Bhabhi

Nandani: Arjun you are saying this to me you never talked in front of me like this know you are taking stand for this middle class girl.
Arjun (in high tone): she is no more middle class she is my wife SANJANA ARJUN MALHOTRA.
Rohit smiles looking at Nisha. They both smiles. Sanjana looks at Arjun with teary eyes
Meera: what baby you don’t love me. Is this was your love for some time.
Arjun leaves Sanjana’s hand. Goes near Meera
Arjun: I mean that for some time she is my wife in front of the world so I have to give respect to her and don’t worry I will marry only you and I love you
Meera hugs Arjun
Sanjana wipes her tears from eyes. Everyone then goes from there except Nandani
Nandani: see what you have done to Arjun he was not like this before he never tried to talk loudly in front of me sanjana
She goes from there angrily sanjana goes in room
She cries sitting down.
Sanjana (in her mind): what I have done I should have not done like this with Nandani. Don’t know what she will do with my family with Arjun jii. I don’t want to lose Arjun because I love him. Why I am thinking for Arjun he don’t love me he loves only Meera. After all he will give divorce to me and what I will do then what about Meera’s truth I should somehow tell to Arjun that she is betraying him. Why I fall in love with Arjun why?
She puts her hands on her head and cries.
Scene @ Rohit’s room.
Ishana comes in Rohit room

Rohit looks at Ishana
Rohit: now you are free to talk to me Ishu
Ishana goes near Rohit
Ishana: it’s not like this Rohit actually I was busy
Rohit: I am just kidding Ishu and I know you are doing all this for me and my family.
Ishana: okay leave this all and I need to talk to you something important.
Rohit: what it is did you get any hint.
Ishana: Rohit actually I got to know some weak point of Nandani and Zahrili
Rohit: who is that person?
Ishana: she is Soniya and she is weakness of you
Rohit: what you mean Ishana
Ishana: I mean that you can use Soniya to take out the truth of Nandani and she also loves you.
Rohit (angry): what I didn’t know that you will think like this Ishana. I will not trap Soniya in my love I will not use her emotions for my benefit.
Ishana: you will not do this for your family Rohit
Rohit: no and for kindly for your information she is also my family
Ishana gets surprised and holds Rohit hand

Ishana: Rohit she is the one who is helping Nandani in all this to get you can’t you see.
Rohit (angrily leaves Ishana’s hand): she will never do this I know Soniya better then you I know her from childhood. Why she will do this if she loves me then she have told me Ishana
Ishana: NO Rohit believe me she is with Nandani. And can’t you see I am doing this all for your family
Rohit (angrily holds his hands): so please don’t help me and my family by taking the innocent name it will be better for you to not help me Ishana.
Ishana: it means I should leave from your life.
Rohit (looks other side angrily): it will be good for you to leave me and my family alone then I will alone expose Nandani somehow.
Ishana (with tears in her eyes): Okay then I wish that you will never see my face in your whole life Rohit.
Ishana goes from Malhotra’s house crying

At night
Ishana is walking on the road remembering Rohit’s words. She cries
Ishana (in her mind) (she cries): why don’t you understand Rohit Soniya loves you and she can go in any extend to get you? She can do anything I have seen madness in her eyes for you. I was all doing this for you because I trusted you and I love you but what you did with me Rohit.
She stands in middle of the road crying and thinking about Rohit’s words. The car comes from other side and hits her she falls down bleeding.
@ Malhotra’s house

In Rohit room
Rohit was sleeping and suddenly he wakes up. He feels restless and thinks about Ishana.
Rohit: what I have done with Ishu where she will go where she will live. Why I am feeling something happened wrong. I think I should call Ishana
He calls Ishana and no one picks the call
Mobile phone was ringing and Ishana was lying on the side of road with full of blood bleeding
Rohit: Ishu where are you please pick up the mobile phone
He gets more restless and decides to find Ishana

He goes out of the house. In the way he sees some one lying down. He feels like there is Ishana
He goes and sees Ishana lying down
He falls down with shock and goes near Ishana holds from her head and makes her lay on her lap
Rohit (cries): Ishana please wake up don’t leave me. I am sorry for what I have done with you. I love you please don’t leave me. You are the only one I am living I will die if I lose you.
He then takes Ishana to hospital immediately. Rohit’s shirt was full of Ishana’s blood.

Sanjana tells truth of Meera to Arjun…………….Meera covers her truth…………Arjun gets angry on sanjana…………. Rohit tells about Ishana’s accident to sanjana………… Ishana is out of danger

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  1. plz make Meera out of the asap. I don’t want the same story which is going in ib. and episode is nice..

    1. Soha

      Meera will be out i 2-3 episodes dear and thanks for commenting

  2. Amazing and awesome dear…..sorry for late commenting but actually I was busy…..?
    The episode was superb….loved it how arjun took side of his wife in front of his mother….. Rest the episode was amazing

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