Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 15)


Hello how are you all. Sorry guys for not posting regularly. So let’s start
The episode starts
Arjun and Meera goes. Meera smiles looking sanjana.
Everyone gets ready and sanjana comes down wearing beautiful dress. Arjun sees her and keeps looking at her.
Nisha comes in house and sees lights switches off and she gets shock seeing everyone.
Everyone wishes Nisha HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She gets teary eyed and thinks that she was wrong no one forget her birthday. Arjun hugs Nisha. Nisha looks at Rohit then he comes to Nisha.
Rohit (holds her from cheeks): HAPPY BIRTHDAY NISHA
Everyone gets surprised Nisha hugs Rohit
Nisha: I hate you bhai know you are talking to me after so many years
Rohit: at least I talked to you. I am so sorry that I was thinking wrong about you and blaming you
Arjun (pats on shoulder): I know one day all misunderstanding will get cleared.
They all start talking.
Nandani (to Zahrili): how can Rohit talk to Nisha?
Zahrili: I don’t know how there misunderstanding got cleared
Nandani: I will not let this happen so many years hardworking will be in vain.
A woman comes to Nandani.
Woman: so this is your Bahu pointing at sanjana.
Nandani: yeah he is wife of Arjun.
Woman: so you will not let me meet your Bahu
Nandani: okay come.

Woman goes to meet sanjana with Nandani.
Nandani: this is sanjana
Sanjana takes her blessings
Woman: she is from middle class how Arjun can marry her.
Sanjana (looks at Nandani): madam I heard that your daughter married with middle class boy right and she ran with that boy also
Woman looks here and there: she is not my daughter.
Then Nisha says everyone to dance with their couples. Meera goes to Arjun and they start dancing. While dancing he looks at sanjana. Soniya also goes to Rohit for dance. They both also dance.
Ishana was giving juice to everyone and sees Soniya with Rohit.
Ishana: okay bachu I will see how you will dance with Rohit Soniya
She goes near them and splits juice glass on Soniya’s dress
Soniya: how dear you do this
Ishana: sorry madam
Soniya (to Rohit): I will go to change my dress okay Rohit
Ishana smiles looking Rohit
Arjun then sees sanjana standing alone he excuses Meera and goes to sanjana. Meera gets angry and goes to get drink.
Arjun: what are you doing here?
Sanjana: why you came here go to Meera.
Arjun: stop it
Sanjana: oaky Arjun I want to tell you something important.

On other side Meera mixes alcohol in juice and gives to waiter to give to sanjana
Meera: now I will see how you will tell about me when you will not be in your own senses.
Waiter gives to sanjana.
Sanjana: I don’t want.
Arjun: take it
Sanjana takes the juice and drinks she gets drunk and dance on song in front of everyone. Arjun gets shock looking at sanjana. Someone records her video
Darwaaze ko kundi maaro
Koi na bach ke jaane paaye
DJ ko samjha do,
music ghalti se bhi ruk na jaaye
thaka thaka jo feel kare wo dou RedBull gatak le
Aur jisko dance nahi karna
Wo jaake apni bhains charaye

Bas aaj ki raat hai
Kal se wohi siyaape hain
Jee bhar ke naach lo
Na ghar waale na maape hain
Sab pe apna raaj hai
Darne ki kya baat hai
Ye to bas shuruaat hai
Arey abhi to party shuru hui hai..
Ye to bas shuruaat hai..

Baad mein na kehna kuch bhi
Pehle hi de doon warning
Party chalegi till six in the morning
Jee bhar ke naach le baby
Naach naach ke tod de sandal
Aunty police bula legi to ( she points at Nandani)
Yaar tera kar lega handle ( sanjana goes near Arjun and dances)

Soochna janhit mein jaari
Jisko apni jaan pyaari
Chupchaap wo floor pe aaye
Floor pe aake naache gaaye
Nakhre vakhre na dikhaaye
Sharm ko kar de bye bye
Michael Jackson wale
Do teen action karke dikhaye
Party karni hai, hum party karenge
Kisi ke bhi papa se nahi darenge
Hum hain baby hum, baaki saare paani kam
Humein rok ke dikhaaye jiski bum me hai dum( she goes near Nandani and makes her fall with her bum everyone cups there mouth with their hands)

Masti hai mahaul mein
Chhaayi ek khumaari hai
Saare thak ke baith gaye
Par apni party jaari hai
Arey panga to koi shuru kare
Apni bhi garaari hai
Jimmy Choo ki noke pe rakhi duniya saari hai

Arey abhi toh party shuru hui hai..
Aur jis ko dance nahi karna
Woh jaa ke apni bhains charaaye

Nandani gets angry and goes to Arjun
Nandani: take your wife to her room how much she will make me embarrass in front of everyone
Arjun goes to sanjana and takes her to room.
In room
Sanjana: Arjun jii why in that song was Kisi ke bhi papa se nahi darenge. There should be Kisi ke bhi sasu maa se nahi darenge. Because I have sasu maa
Arjun (surprisingly): what I think you drink more so take rest
Sanjana: what I drank so much I never drink okay
She feels dizzy and was about fall Arjun holds sanjana from her waist.
They have an eyelock.
Sanjana: I am fine Arjun jii okay tell me that when you see me what comes in your mind looking at me.
Arjun: nothing
Sanjana; seriously nothing see how beautiful I am
Arjun: you and beautiful. Have you seen the maid in our house who is working she is more beautiful then you.
Sanjana gets shock and goes near Arjun
Sanjana: you just think of everyone but not about me why Arjun jii
Arjun: why should I think of yourself who are you
Sanjana: I am your wife
Sanjana goes near Arjun and hugs him
Arjun: what are you doing sanjana if someone comes here then what they will think?
Sanjana: what will they think that how good husband and wife we are?
Arjun holds her from shoulder sanjana looks at Arjun and they were about to kiss then suddenly Meera comes
Meera: Arjun everyone is down and you should also come down.
Arjun leaves sanjana and goes to Meera
Arjun: how can I leave sanjana in this state?
Meera: and you can leave me alone.
Arjun: it’s not like this Meera I will make her sleep then I will come down okay.
Sanjana looks at Meera and goes to her.
Sanjana (in drank tone): So cheap you are Meera. How dear you came in my room
Arjun looks at sanjana
Meera: Arjun why are you not saying anything
Arjun: what should I say she is drunk?
Meera angrily goes from there
Arjun: come know sleep on bed
Sanjana: no I don’t want to sleep
Arjun gets angry on sanjana. Then sanjana goes and sits on bed.
Sanjana (in tears): you are also scolding me like my brother. He scolded me and thrown me out of the house.
Arjun gets shock: what but why he did like this with you.
Sanjana: everyone thinks because of me my father died.
She cries then Arjun goes near her and sits beside sanjana;.
Arjun: don’t cry everything will be fine.
Sanjana hugs Arjun and cries
Arjun: don’t cry sanjana. I want to ask something from you.
Sanjana: say it
Arjun: I am always rude with you. You know that I just love Meera and after all this why are you living with me and my family.
There was a silent in room Arjun doesn’t get his answer. He sees sanjana sleeping on his shoulder. He makes her sleep on bed.
Arjun (in her mind): why am I getting so close and attracting to you sanjana I don’t know what is happening with me. (He cares her face) sanjana you are so innocent you don’t know about this world. I should be away from you because I just love Meera. Am I not truthful to Meera why should I think always about you when I see you I just keep looking at you why? I should stop this because I am Arjun Malhotra and everything is in my hands my heart my brain.
He stands and goes from there

Arjun makes hangover for sanjana……………………Nandani scolds sanjana…………Arjun takes side of sanjana……………………. IshRo fight……………………….. Ishana’s aciddent.

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  3. Soha,
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