Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 12)


Hello how are you all. Thanks to you all guys for commenting and reading my ff. So let’s start
The episode starts
Rohit also goes and takes blessing. Nandani smiles looking at Zahrili.
Ishana gets bored sitting in room. So she goes out of the room and escapes behind the wall trying to listen what is going on.
Soniya looks at Rohit
Soniya: Rohit do you remember we used to play together when we were small.
Rohit (smiles): yeah I remember everything Soniya.
Nisha: yeah you just remembered about Rohit not about me, I think you forget me.
Soniya: I remember you Nisha. How could I forget you?

Nandani: Come Soniya I will show your room and your mother.
Soniya: No Aunty I want to live with Nisha.
Zahrili: okay then. Your luggage will be shifted in Nisha’s room.
Arjun: Aunty how you came you should have told me I would have come to pick you from airport.
Zahrili: no it’s okay actually I saw news of your and Sanjana’s marriage so I decided to come to meet you both. But you were going to marry Meera. Then what happen that you married sanjana.
Meera: Aunty Arjun got married and I don’t think that he will marry me now.
Arjun: don’t think like this Meera I will marry you soon okay.
Zahrili: Arjun how could you will do this. See your wife love’s you.
Arjun: she knows everything so I don’t think that she will be in any dream that I will not marry Meera
Meera looks at sanjana and smiles.

Nandani: okay leave this all. Di come I will show your room.
Nandani and Zahrili were going. Zahrili sees Soniya looking and smiling at Rohit. She calls Soniya then she goes with her mother.
Ishana goes from there and gets jealous seeing Soniya the way she was looking Rohit.
Rohit goes to his room to talk with Ishana. Sanjana goes to kitchen to prepare tea for guests. Arjun goes to his office for some meeting. While Nisha goes for university and Meera goes to her room.
Scene at Rohit room.
Rohit enters room and looks at Ishana.
Ishana was sitting on bed. She sees Rohit
Ishana: Soniya is your cousin.
Rohit: How you know
Ishana: actually I came down and saw
Rohit (gets angry): why you came I told you not to come down Ishana. If Miss Nandani saw you then it would be problem for you and for me.
Ishana: she is your step mother right then why you always talk with her rudely even with your sister Rohit
Rohit: Ishana first of all they are not my relatives and I don’t have any relation with them.

Ishana: but why Rohit
Rohit: I don’t think to tell you everything.
Ishana (holds from Rohit shoulder): it means that I am nothing for you that’s why you are not telling me. You don’t trust me.
Rohit (holds her hands): it’s not like this Ishana. You are my best friend.
Ishana: Then why are you bearing the pain alone in your heart.
Rohit: Because I don’t want others to be in pain because of me then
Ishana: you are going to tell me or not.
Rohit: okay before I tell you. Sit on sofa
Rohit starts telling about the past.

Rohit (teary eyes): When I was 10 years old we were living happily with our mother. I and my brother were living in this house. But some days later my father and mother used to fight for some one. It was none other than Nandani. My father married my mother just for business Deal. Then later Nandani and his daughter (means Nisha) came in this house. At that time Nisha was 8 years old. Nandani used to be good with my mother. I don’t know how my father died. Later Nandani started to show her true color. She used to behave with my mother badly and treated my mother as servant. My mother became tired of this all and she decided to talk with Nandani. They both fought on the topic of property. Later at night I was sleeping and I hear voice of my mother. I went to the terrace and saw Nandani and other lady fighting with my mother then she pointed gun at Mom and shoot I was so helpless that I can’t saved my mother.
Ishana: then why did you not tell everyone about Nandani’s truth.
Rohit: it was not so easy Ishana you know I tried to tell everyone but it was no need no one trusted me even my brother he think that mom did suicide. Then Nandani planned to send me in mental hospital and he got also successful sending me in mental hospital from 10 years I was in mental hospital. Before some years I came back to house.
Ishana: what? But Rohit do you remember that with Nandani who was the lady.
Rohit: No I did not remember the lady because she was covering her face.
Ishana (puts hand on his shoulder): okay Rohit I understand that what Nandani did it was wrong and what she is doing is not right but what is the mistake of Nisha.
Rohit: I don’t know Ishana
Ishana: then why you are doing this with her. You don’t know when you talk with her rudely what she feels.
Rohit: I will try to be good with her okay

Ishana (happily): I know you will agree.
Rohit talks with Ishana
Scene at Nandani room
Soniya: Mom has you noticed that Rohit became so cute before.
Zahrili: will you just stop thinking of Rohit
Soniya: how can I mom you know that I love Rohit since I was teenager
Nandani: okay does Rohit love you
Soniya: I know he will also begin to love me.

Zahrili: he will begin. But not yet Soniya.
Soniya (angrily): Mom please stops it
She goes from there
Zahrili: have you seen Soniya how madly she loves Rohit.
Nandani: yeah but you know that he is our enemy.
Zahrili: I know
Sanjana comes out of the kitchen to give tea to Nandani. She goes towards Nandani’s room
Nandani: before Rohit again begins to open her mouth of that night. We have to be careful.
Sanjana comes and she was about to knock the door she listens that.
Zahrili: Rohit will not do this.

Nandani: but he knows that I killed his mother at that night.
Sanjana gets shock. She doesn’t believe that Nandani killed Arjun and Rohit’s mother. She goes from there and tells the maid to serve the tea to Nandani
Sanjana (in her mind): I have to talk about this to Rohit. She goes towards Rohit room
She opens the door and sees Rohit with Ishana.
Rohit: Bhabhi you are here.
Sanjana closes the door immediately
Sanjana: Rohit if someone sees you with this girl then you don’t know how much problem you will be in.

Rohit: please Bhabhi don’t tell to anyone.
Sanjana: okay Rohit but I have to talk to you about Nandani
Rohit: what it is Bhabhi?
Sanjana: did she kill your mother.
Rohit and Ishana looks at each other that how she knows this.

Rohit, Ishana and sanjana plans to expose Nandani…………………………… Ishana changes her identity to enter in Malhotra’s house with the help of Rohit and Sanjana ………………… Its Nisha’s birthday.

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