Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 11)


Hello guys how are you all .I want to tell you guys that spelling mistake of the name is Zahrili not Zeehrili okay so please don’t get confused now because I am going to use This spelling now
The episode starts
Rohit goes from Sanjana’s room to his room.
Sanjana gets thinking. What Rohit told

Arjun goes to his room and sees sanjana sitting on chair and brushing her hairs. He looks at sanjana continuously. Sanjana looks at Arjun and goes towards Arjun. Arjun ignores sanjana and walks towards the cupboard to choose her clothes.
Sanjana angrily looks at Arjun
Sanjana (angrily): Why are you looking your clothes in cupboard. Look at bed I have chosen your clothes.
Arjun looks on bed. There were his clothes, socks and wallet.
Arjun: who told you to choose my clothes? And see is this combination of your shirt and coat.
Sanjana: So want both colors are perfect okay.
Arjun: You should not do my work because I can do it.
Sanjana: I am your wife and I have right to do your work so don’t tell me what to do or not.
Arjun: you are not my wife.
Sanjana: Why are you lying to yourself? The truth cannot be changed we got married with all rituals.
Arjun: You talk too much from birth.
Sanjana: what do you mean?
Arjun: Nothing
Sanjana goes from there murmuring something about Arjun that he is so selfish.
She goes down and sees no one on breakfast table.

She then goes in kitchen and sees Nisha there.
Sanjana: Good morning Nisha.
Nisha: Good morning Bhabhi.
Sanjana: Why there is no one on breakfast table Nisha.
Nisha: Because now a day’s everyone are doing breakfast in their rooms.
Sanjana: But why
Nisha: I don’t know Bhabhi.
Sanjana: Then Call everyone on table so that they cannot have breakfast in their rooms.
Nisha goes and calls everyone.
All comes in dining table except Meera. They see Sanjana putting breakfast on table.
Rohit: Bhabhi what is this.
Nandani: Yeah what is this Sanjana?
Sanjana: actually Sasu Maa I decided that we should all eat together breakfast.
Nandani: You decided you should have asked me first doing this.
Arjun: Mom it does okay let’s sit and eat breakfast.
They then sit Rohit smiles seeing Arjun taking side of sanjana.
Then Meera comes.

Meera: Good Morning Sasu Maa
She was about to sit beside Arjun. Sanjana sees this and goes THERE AND SITS ON CHAIR BESIDE ARJUN.
Nandani sees this and gets angry. But she pretends smiling
Rohit (smiles): Meera come sit here. The chair is empty here.
Meera looks at Rohit and then Arjun
Arjun: okay sit there.
They started eating. The mobile rings of Arjun.
Arjun (angrily): What? Don’t let them come inside okay
He then gets up from chair and sanjana also gets up from chair.
Nandani: What happened Arjun you seemed to be upset?
Nisha: What happened bhai?
Arjun: Actually media is here Mom. I don’t know how they come to know about my marriage with sanjana.
Then media comes inside the house calling Arjun’s name.
Arjun goes to hall and sees media and reporters.
Reporter: Is it true that you got married Mr. Arjun Malhotra.
They all goes to hall hearing the voice of media. Nandani smile that her plan worked again. Rohit then sees Nandani smiling. He then comes to know that this is also the plan of Nandani.
Rohit (in her mind): Miss Nandani knows your plan will not work. Because know I now that Bhabhi will not be quite anymore

Then the reporter sees Meera and Sanjana there.
They go to them.
Reporter: is it true Meera kapoor that your boyfriend got married with Miss Sanjana Malhotra know.
Meera: Actually……………..
Sanjana interrupts and says
Sanjana: Actually this is true that we got married.
Reporters: but why then Miss Meera is here in this house Miss Arjun.
Sanjana: I should correct that Meera was girlfriend of Arjun but not know. She was past of Arjun and she is guest here for some days.

Arjun angrily looks at sanjana. Rohit smiles
Arjun calls the security guard and tells them to make media go from here.
Reporters were about to ask something but Arjun comes and says that’s over you all can go from here.
Security guard comes and takes the media out of the house.
Rohit sees Ishana coming inside the house then he goes towards the door and holds from Ishana’s hand. He takes Ishana in her room so that no one could see Ishana and him talking especially Nandani and Arjun
Arjun goes to near sanjana
Arjun (angrily): what was the need to say in front of media that Meera is my past.
Meera: baby because she has accepted you has her husband.
Sanjana: yes I have accepted Arjun as my husband because our marriage happened with all rituals.
Arjun (holds her shoulder): I told you that I will never accept you as my wife because I love Meera.
Sanjana: So what should I do that you love Meera. How many times you said this
Nandani (shouts): what is this sanjana. Why are you talking like this with Arjun he is your husband and you should not say anything in front of him.
Arjun: Mom this is the difference between Meera and Sanjana. That’s why I love Meera.
He goes from angrily.
Nisha: Mom you should not said this because this is the matter between husband and wife so we should not
Interfere between them.
Nandani (shouts): Nisha now you will tell me what to do or not.
Nisha goes from there and Nandani also goes from there afterward.
Meera: Sanjana you are coming between me and Arjun.
Sanjana: No Meera actually you are thinking wrong I am not coming between you and Arjun. Actually you are coming between me and my husband.
Meera: Shut up Sanjana. It will be better that you should be away from me and Arjun.
Sanjana: See Meera you are guest here for some days. And guests always stay for few days in house.
Meera: So you mean that you will kick me out of this house.
Sanjana: No, No Meera I will not but Arjun will kick you from this house. Its better that you go by yourself from here.
Meera: let’s see then who will stay in this house and who will not.
Sanjana: okay then time will tell us.
Meera goes from there angrily.

Scene @ Rohit room
Rohit: what are you doing here Ishana.
Ishana: I came to talk with you Rohit here.
Rohit: but Ishana what was the need to come here. If someone sees you here it will be problem for you then.
Ishana: But Rohit…………
They hear some voice from hall calling Rohit, Arjun and Nisha’s name.
Rohit: you stay here Ishana I will come after while okay don’t come out off this room.
Ishana: okay Rohit.
Rohit: close this door.
They come in hall and sees Zahrili and his daughter standing.
Nandani goes and hugs Zahrili. Nisha gets happy and takes blessing from Zahrili. Arjun also goes and hugs
Arjun: Phupoo how are you after long time I saw you.
Zahrili: I am fine .
Zahrili sees Rohit standing
Zahrili: what is this Rohit you don’t have manners
Rohit: no it’s not like this actually I am shock to see you after long time.
He also goes and takes blessing. Nandani smiles looking at Zahrili.

Rohit talks with Ishana………………………………..Soniya daughter of Zahrili loves Rohit………………….. Sanjana sees Rohit with Ishana.

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    So Sorry guys i wrote something wrong and that its not phupoo but bua because phupoo means that zahrili is sister of there father so its bua. I mentioned before that she is sister of nandani

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