Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 10)


Hello guys how are you all. At last my exams are finished. So today I will not talk much and let’s start with the episode
The episode starts
The bell rings of door. Bua goes to open the door and sees Nisha
Bua: who are you?
Nisha: I am friend of Ishana (she remembers that she asked the driver of Ishana’s name)
Bua calls Ishana. Ishana goes towards door and sees Nisha. She gets shock.
Ishana: You???????
Nisha: yes I am
Bua: you now her Ishana
Ishana: Bua I now her.
Ishana holds Nisha hands and brings her to her bedroom. She closes the door so that Bua should not hear them talking.
Ishana: What are you doing here?
Nisha: I came here to talk to you about Rohit
Ishana: I don’t want to hear about him.
Nisha holds Ishana’s hand and makes her sit on the bed.
Nisha: You are misunderstanding my Bhai
Ishana (Shockingly): What bhai
Nisha: yeah he is my bhai
Ishana: what do you mean?
Nisha: Actually he is my step brother.
Ishana (Confused): But I don’t understand that why he was scolding you and why he said that I don’t accept this relation.
Nisha: Because Rohit bhai doesn’t accept me as his sister.
Ishana: But why there might be a reason.
Nisha (with teary eyes): I don’t know Ishana that why he is doing this with me since many years. He thinks that I and my mother are responsible of his mother’s death.
Ishana putting hand on her shoulder: don’t worry I will talk with Rohit.
Nisha: No need of it because he doesn’t want to talk about this topic. And I don’t want that he should again be in pain by remembering that accident of that night and other things.
Ishana: Don’t worry everything will be all right. I promise you that he will talk with you.
Nisha: But why?
Ishana (thinking): Because you helped me by solving my misunderstanding and I will help you by talking with Rohit so that he can talk with you.
Nisha hugs her.
Nisha: so when you will talk with bhai.
Ishana: tomorrow I will talk with Rohit.
Nisha: I want your promise that you will not tell bhai about me that I came here and talked with you.
Ishana: But how can I lie to Rohit.
Nisha: What do you mean Ishana?
Ishana (hesitantly): No……….Nothing. Because he is my friend that’s why I was saying
Nisha: Okay I have to go home.
Ishana: Okay.

Nisha goes from there then Bua comes in Ishana’s room
Bua: This girl was your friend.
Ishana while wrapping her clothes to put in cupboard
Ishana: Yeah she is my friend.
Bua: She looks from rich family.
Ishana: So what.
Bua: Don’t leave this girl we can get important things from her.
Ishana (angrily): Bua please stop it. Why you just think relations just for money.
Bua (yells): Now you will tell me about relations. Look at yourself that’s why your mother left you here because garbage looks good on road not in house. If you will say anything in front of me then see I will throw you out of this house.
Bua goes from their yelling at Ishana
Ishana falls down crying on floor.
Scene @ Raizaada house
Rohit in his room think that how Meera did came in Raizaada house because she was not in Delhi.
Mean while Rohit goes to guest room where Meera is present.
Rohit: Meera I want to talk to you.
Meera: Rohit not again about what you said in hall.
Rohit: No Meera I don’t want to talk about Arjun Bhai’s marriage I just want to ask you that you were not in Delhi then were where you and you came immediately in house what happened.
Meera: Actually Rohit I was in Mumbai when Sasu Maa called me and said that Arjun planned surprised for me so I came here but I found Arjun got married but you know that he gave gift to me.
Rohit: Okay I have some work. Later I will talk to you.
Rohit goes from Meera’s room and says in his mind that.
Rohit: I knew only Miss Nandani can do this. She is the one who is trying to ruin our lives. First I was not sure but now I will not try to ruin Bhabhi’s life.
Scene in Arjun’s room
Arjun comes in room and sees sanjana sitting on bed and thinking. Sanjana sees Arjun and goes to him.
Sanjana: Why you ruined my life.
Arjun (with attitude): I am not the one who ruined your life okay. It was your father who said and forced it to marry you.
Sanjana (shouts): So you should not listen to anyone and you just only think for family reputation.
Then Arjun holds her Hand and pined to the wall
Arjun (angrily raises her eyebrow): Who are you to shout at me. Firstly never try to talk loudly with me because you don’t know me very well. Secondly never try to touch my things in this room. Thirdly it is important for you to listen carefully is that never accept anything from me that I will do anything for you. Last but not the least and is that I will never accept you as my Wife because this marriage happened just for family reputation and you know that I just only love Meera so never try to come in between me and Meera.
While Sanjana tries to free herself from Arjun but couldn’t. She gets scared from Arjun and from his angriness.
Arjun leaves her and goes from their angrily to Meera’s room.
Sanjana cries badly that her cheeks became reddish. The songs play in background

Suni meri zindagani, na koi kahani, sunau tujhe
Aaya paas tu mere, mita ne andheri, banke sawere

Roye bina, hai aankhen numm
Ghum hai bohat, hai kushiyaan kum

Kitaboon me chupe hai sabi talkiyan
Baha do wo sub khagasi khashtiya
Kitne khawishen mur gayi
Ab toh saasen bhi tum gayi

Roye bine, hai aankhen numm
Ghum hai bohat, hai kushiyaan kum

Para hai wasta zindagi se mera
Na koi aarzu, na koi hai gila
Waqt ye guzar jaye ga
Kohn yaha rahe jaye ga

Roye bina, hai aankhen numm
Ghum hai bohat, hai kushiyaan kum

Soyi raat, adhoori, saat zaroori
Aaya paas tu meri, mita ne andheri, banke sawere

English Translation:

My life is quiet, not a story, that I can tell you
You came close to me, to erase the darkness, becoming the dawn

Without crying, the eyes are damp
There’s too much sadness, there’s little happiness

All the bitterness is hiding in the books
Flow away all this paper (fake) boats
How many desires died
Now the breathes have ceased

Without crying, the eyes are damp
There’s too much sadness, there’s little happiness

I’ve had a relationship with life
There’s no desire, nor is there a complaint
This time will pass
Who will remain here

Without crying, the eyes are damp
There’s too much sadness, there’s little happiness

Sleeping night, lonely, [a] companion needed
You came close to me, to erase the darkness, becoming the dawn.
Scene at Nandani’s room
Nandani while talking to the same lady.
Nandani (laughs): Congratulation our plan became successful. Now sanjana will not try to come close to Arjun. I know these types of lower girls very well.
Lady: This is our first success Hahaha.
Nandani: No the real success will be when Rohit and Arjun’s life gets ruined like his mother.
Lady: True then we will get happiness.
Nandani: Know tomorrow will be another exam for both Arjun and Sanjana.
Lady: Did you called the media or not yet.
Nandani: I Will call it don’t worry okay. This is you plan and I will make it successful tomorrow morning.
Lady (laughs): Lahri lahri meine har chaal chali islye mujhe kehty hai Zeehrili. My name is Zeehrili but now I will fill poison in their life because tomorrow I will enter in Raizaada house.
Zeehrili is Sister of Nandani. And she is with her sister to ruin Raizaada family.
Scene in Sanjana’s room
Sanjana was crying then the door knocks she sees there is Rohit standing near door.
Sanjana: Daivar ji you.
Rohit: Bhabhi can I come in.
Sanjana: why not this is your brother room.
Rohit: Not my brother room but your room also from now on.
Sanjana: what happen Rohit? While saying she stands up from bed.
Rohit: Bhabhi I want to say that know you came to know about Meera that she is girlfriend of bhai and bhai also loves her.
Sanjana: Yeah I came to know it now.
Rohit: now what you will do:
Sanjana: what can I do?
Rohit: this is your problem that you can’t do anything. If you will live in this house like this then no one will ask about you. In this house if you want to live then you have to be strong from mind and heart.
Sanjana: What you mean?
Rohit: Bhabhi I mean that you got married with bhai with all rituals in front of the family. But what about the world they will not know that you are wife of Arjun Raizaada.
Sanjana: I can live without knowing to the world if this world comes to know then doesn’t know what issue they will make for me and especially for Arjun jii.
Rohit: you are married to Arjun know so you have all rights on Arjun and on his life because Meera was past of Arjun and now you are present and his wife also. So I showed you the path it’s your choice to choose which one. Because you can’t hide from this world of your relation but how much time will you can hide it.
He goes from there to his room.
Sanjana gets thinking.

Media comes in Malhotra’s house they asks about Arjun and Sanjana’s marriage……………….Zeehrili enters in the house with her daughter………………….Ishana comes to meet Rohit in Malhotra’s house.

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  1. Amazingly superb……..?????❤???…….so, nandini and her sister is exposed but not completely……??…….episode was amazing but please try to add arjana and ishro scenes more…….????❤???…….rest of the episode was fantastic and post the next one soon…….

    1. Soha

      okay dear i will try to post scenes of ArJana and IshRo

  2. Shivu

    nice soha, but dis zeherili is a little creepy……but loved rohit nd sanju’s talk

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