Iss Chaahat mein (RagSan) OS by suma

Hello beautiful people happy valentine’s Day to all who are in relationship….actually iam Anti – valentine bcz I’m single ?????? and not ready to mingle now happy being single
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From now updates will be slow don’t mind guys as I will be busy and iam thinking to end or will end  Destiny made us together after 4 shots as it’s 16th 20?
And Iam thinking to stop my other stories also…stop means will end to part 10 i.e U R my MLA and Phir Bhi TumKo Chaahunga too , as they are now 3rd or 4th shots now going …so wanted to inform all


This story is dedicated to saromythi TevarAnisha

Thanks ani baby for this beautiful story plot , I don’t know I have reached your expectations or not hope u ppl will like this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Let’s get back to story sorry for d late

Scenes starts at a Railway track where a train is moving fast beside that train a boy is running and some boys also following him, one of boy in group is holding a hockey stick and running ,??? umm actually chasing one boy
“Sanskar don’t let him run…catch that bastard ” one of the boys shouted
Sanskar threw the hockey stick to boy legs and he fell down and they rounded him off and sanskar beat him blue and black
” Next time remember this injuries when you try to….No…even think to tease our gang girls ” sanskar warned him and all left to the their place.


” Sanskar today movie premiere show Bhai…I will get tickets you all get ready ” Rahul said

” I will be there !! ” Sanskar said while Ajay , shiv and Nikhil nodded in agreement

” What about you girls?? ” Nikhil asked Bindya and Lavanya

” No way !!! Our parents definitely not allow us for night shows , you people carry on ” Luv and Bindya said

” Ok, guys I will meet u later ” by saying this sanskar left


While sanskar entered his street he turned off the bike and slowly parked his bike opening the gate and sneaked into the house by window and directly went to his room.
” It’s already 7pm still he didn’t came to home.. nowadays he is not even coming home early…god knows where he went …after his graduation all his friends went to job…but this idiot still clearing his backlogs and roaming with his friends till late nights, you don’t say anything to him sujatha …you are the reason he is becoming this way ” Ram said

” He is still kid Ji…why you always taunt him..he said he went for doing some project which is very important for him…may be he is busy…” sujatha said to ram

” No papa, yesterday morning I saw him near my college he came to meet some girl papa and I saw him near theatre evening ” uttara said

” You shutup uttara ….I think you have seen someone and you may be mistaken ” sujatha said

” Oh common mumma you blindly believe whatever he says ” without completing her words Sanskar came to them wearing boxers

” Mumma why you didn’t wake me , see I slept in afternoon and wokeup now ” sanskar said innocently

” Sorry bachaa I forgot , your father and sister is accusing you unnecessarily I know about my son ” by saying this she took him to kitchen

Here father -daughter nodded their heads in disbelief

” Mumma, iam hungry give me something to eat ” he asked

” Wait beta, I’m still cooking wait for 20min “

” Mom…give me milk, i have urgent work to attend I will drink the milk and go “

” Sorry beta, milk tho katham hogaya… morning someone new came to beside house and a girl came to home morning and asked milk I gave it to her beta ”
” Girl?? “

” Haa…she looks like herione ” his mom said with excitement

Hmmm…if she looks like herione why will she look at me it’s waste to see her sanskar thought

” Ok mumma…I’m leaving to room…don’t disturb me till morning …I don’t need any food and all , I have to work to do ” he said and left to room while his mother nodded

Poor moms they believe their sons without any doubt ?? because I had one bro and  I knew it


At night 10pm

Sanskar slowly peeps out from the window and took the bike slowly without any noise and parked his bike out and came in to close the window while he jumping in one person came infront of him shouting “Chor Chor ”
Sanskar fell from the wall which he is jumping and ran to the person to close the mouth and he closed the person mouth and he turned the person towards him slowly all he can see is a beautiful eyes which expressing struggle and he get to know it’s a girl and slowly removed his hand and she started beating by making small fists and removed his other hand on her waist and she tried to shout again
” Don’t shout this is my house ” he said
But she didn’t believe him then they heard door unlocking sound and he soon came to the door side and stood infront of her

Whole family reached there and saw them
” Sanskar what are you doing out this time ??” Sujatha asked

” Mom…I….I….I..just….came for walk and yes…this girl was asking some address and iam explaining…iam helping her mumma ” he said

” Her house is beside us Bhai…why will she ask address ” uttara said

Sanskar is sweating now and said ” she asked about icecream parlour ”
And he signed her to say yes , all looked at her she said
” No aunty he is lying ”
All shocked and Sanskar Ka Mila dhamaka ????
” I asked where he was going because he took his bike out ” she showed his bike outside which parked there

Sanskar think think yeh toh chudail …tume phasa Diya .

” Maa….wo….. I forgot to park bike in so iam going out to get it in…” He went out and parked in.

” Beta come in ” ram asked

” Haa Ragini come in ” sujatha asked

While sanskar looking at her with hate … He gave look to her because of you my plan got disturbed see how will take my revenge
She gave a response look like go to hell


” Sanskar I said na a girl came morning she is the one ” pointing to Ragini

” Mom …you said she looks like herione…but she doesn’t  ” He mocked at her and went to room

After sometime she left to her home

Some days later

When Ragini was going to college she saw sanskar on road sitting on his bike smoking cigarette and warning a boy and sanskar beating him and that boy was begging him to leave but sanskar and his gang rounded up and beating him…Ragini was so much irritated with his character like telling lies to his parents and making them fools and going out late nights and she started hating him for his behaviour with others like what she saw today. ” If there is god ,he will teach lesson for hurting innocent people ” she thought and left the place before giving a disgusting look to him like always he gave a whatever look back to her
But one day Ragini saw sanskar teasing a girl, thats enough to burst for Ragini…soon she went near Ragini …he get down from the bike and looked at her
Without any late she slapped hard to him ????????

” What do you think about yourself  Mr sanskar , whatever you do people see and leave …No…Not this time…next time you remember this slap when you try to ..No…even think to tease a girl ” she said and left the place .

” How dare she sanskar , she slapped you!!!
What do she think about herself … have to teach her a lesson sanky ” Nikhil started pouring fuel in his brain about Ragini
While sanskar fisted this hand and started his bike and came to Gym and punching the bag remembering the slap and her words and Nikhil words …Till he lost his strength in his palm he did punching the bag. After that he determined to seek revenge on her.

He started to enquire  everything about Ragini and came to know that she is going to get engaged to Karan(played by Karan virbohra) He cooked a plan in his brain and went to Nikhil and said something and he agreed.

One day Karan got some messages that Ragini is in relationship with Sanskar and she is cheating on you. Karan believes it and tried to ask Ragini about that , but he came to know about Ragsan hatred towards eachother so he brushed his thoughts and got engaged to Ragini.

Sanskar was too frustrated that his plan was backfired and Ragini got engaged and he was so desperate to destroy this alliance and he tried many ways but he failed.

Somedays later sanskar was coming to home in his bike and his bike got punctured and he started walking and he heard some girl screaming and he ran towards the source of sound and got shocked to see Ragini and Nikhil , Nikhil is forcing himself on her and Ragini is crying….soon Sanskar grabbed Nikhil collar and beat him blue and black and left him because he didn’t saw anyplace which is not bleeding. Soon he came to Ragini and hugged her tight and soothed her that she is safe but she soon fainted due to stress and sanskar lifted her in his arms and started walking to home and reached Ragini home and there Karan saw Ragini in sanskar arms and shocked as previous words of unknown numbers and message all rewinded and his parents who came to meet Ragini saw her in sanky arms got startled and taunted her character without listening to what happened or in what situation she faced before that. Listening to their taunts Sanskar got hell angry and shouted at them ..

” Don’t….don’t let a word from your blo*dy mouths against her , Without knowing her situation how could you judge her character and you (pointing to Karan ) You are marrying her right…don’t you have trust on her…by his shoutings Ragini wokeup and saw him but he continued his words…she is a gem…how can you still listen when your parents are taunting her… aren’t you ready to know what actually happened there?? ” Sanskar said

Ragini step mother came forward and slapped sanskar
” Who are you to shout against them and she …she came with you…and don’t know what she did …first get out of my house ” she shouted on Sanskar and moved to Ragini and slapped her

” You character less girl, you went with him and you…. ” she raised her hand to slap again but she felt pain in her cheeks and she turned to saw why she was feeling pain and came to know that sanskar slapped her hard, she was shocked and without listening to her response he again slapped her

” Dare you touch her woman , I don’t know what I will do to you if you hurt her again ” sanskar said in full rage
” Who are you to say this ??” Ragini mother shouted.

All this time Ragini was just looking at him and crying. Soon sanskar grabbed her hand and took near the god idol and took some pinch of vermilion and filled her hairline and said ” Now she is my wife , you people don’t have any right to hurt my wife by saying this he walked out holding ragini hand to  his home
” Never bring that girl here ” her mom shouted

” Why will she come to this home when she have her home beside ” sanskar replied and left


Sanskar rang the calling bell of his home

Uttara opened door and shocked to see sanskar holding ragini hand and she seeing them from top to bottom and scratching her head and looked ragini hairline which is red and ran inside shouting “mumma papa ”
Soon sanskar parents both came and saw Ragsan and shocked but soon they composed and looked at sanskar and Sujatha noticed vermilion and ran inside and came with aarthi thaal and done aarthi and welcome both but both Ragsan are facing different feelings like hurt , pain , helplessness.

Sanskar took ragini to his room
” Sorry Ragini , My room will be some messy…sorry not some more messy and I will clean it in 2min you sit on couch” sanskar made her sit on couch. All while Ragini is with expression less face.
Sujatha came and asked Ragini to come with her and she served food for her and sanskar.
” Hey hey sanskar beta you bought my ragini as my bahu iam so happy …but iam sad that I couldn’t see my only sons marriage ” ???????

” Mumma…pls…stop now…we will talk later , he kissed sujatha forehead that she accepted what he has done is not wrong and went to their room


Ragsan room

” Ragini , iam sorry that I didn’t asked your permission for doing that ” sanskar sat near her knees while ragini sat on bed

” Sanskar , why you married me…you hated me and I hated you all the way…but you saved me from that Nikhil and saved me from that Karan and from my …” Ragini asked

” Listen Ragini….I never hated you…yes I disliked you a lot…really a lot…but hate ….No….and listen iam not that bad that you hated me…I know how to behave with girls and iam not teasing her that day , she made her boyfriend to tease my friend Bindya so I made her feel like how she felt it and I was saying not to repeat it again….I have a sister and mother Ragini…I respect women …yes iam a spoilt brat…loafer type guy…but seriously iam not that bad the way you think  about me …and I married you because that Karan don’t deserve you and I promise to give you a better life and I realised today that I love you ….if not now…it will be never…so I wanna say you
” I Love You ” ❤️❤️ and good night sleep well don’t think about anything and feel free and I will sleep on couch , he was about to move but she holded his hand and said
” Thank you…and you can sleep here on bed ” she said

He changed his clothes to boxers and removed his shirt  and Both adjusted on the bed while Ragini sleeps thinking about the turn which had in her life.

Morning sun rays fell on Ragsan and Ragini noticed sanskar cuddling her , while rays fell on Sanskar he hides his face moving to her neck nuzzling her she felt weak on her knees and she brushed his hair and rubbed his cheek and slowly moved towards window and closed it and closed blanket on him and left to washroom.

After sometime she went to kitchen and helping sujatha but ram wasn’t talking to her and she felt bad for that. She gave coffee to ram and he received it and he smiled at her and said
” Sorry beta, my son idiot but he is good at heart  don’t think that he did wrong by marrying you….you are like my daughter too….feel comfortable here??? ” Ram said

Sujatha and sanskar smirked
” Always he will scold you, but see how much he loves you ” sujatha said

” Yes mumma…I came to know now ” he chuckled


Ragini brought coffee to sanskar and he acts like sleeping
” Sanskar getup….sanskar….”

” Ummm….Ragini “

” Coffee ” he saw her with coffee and gotup and sip it and said yuckkkkkkk ….
” Who say this is coffee ” he said
She is scared and saw him keeping the cup aside..
” Sorry sanskar I will make another one and get you ” she said
” Look at your face Ragini….dhar gayi na…????? He laughed holding his stomach

” Youuuu….” she started chasing him and both were running the whole room and she started throwing things to make him stop.

He holded her waist with one hand and another hand with his other when she is about to threw that.
She is breathing heavily and sanskar kissed her shoulder and slowly giving wet kisses on neck making her weak and he turned her towards him and kissed her forehead and nose and looked at her eyes for permission and she closed her eyes as yes and he captured her lips and kissing her slowly and turned into passionate kiss while kissing her, his hand is  playing on her waist. After 15min both apart Ragini hugged him tightly to hide her blush, and sanskar reciprocated to the hug and said
” I Love you “

After a week
“Ragini & sanskar we fixed the date and time for your marriage tomorrow” sujatha said

” Mumma from the past week you making me sleep with Papa and dono what drama you  people are playing , now what this marriage drama because iam already married ” sanskar said in frustration

” Sanskar we wanted to see your marriage beta…so please don’t say anything ” sujatha asked shedding crocodile tears

” Mumma stop being dramatic and stop watching those daily soaps, because of those you behaving like this “

Ram and uttara huffed to their talks

Next morning

Pandit is chanting mantras while Sanskar & ragini took pehras and filled hairline with vermilion and tied Mangalsutra on her neck and kissed her forehead.Ragsan are officially married infront of their parents and took elders blessings.

I  entered room and saw ragini sitting on bed
And moved towards her and slowly removed the jewelry one by one making her feel lost in his touch and kissed her forehead.
I slowly moved towards lips and kissed her and quickly removed her saree and diverting her in kiss and removed her blouse and she felt cool breeze and saw  in shock and asked ” sanskar when did you?? ”
” I’m bad boy Ragini ” hehehe I laughed and soon  undressed myself and kissing her neck and again went to lips kissing her. The kiss  stopped any more talking , the kiss was hot ,hungry and deep. The feeling of our naked bodies touching was the most over whelming sensation I ever felt. Moved to her cleavage and kissing her and moved lower and lower to kiss her ,her moans were filled allover the room which driving me more crazy . I wanted to make love to her slowly and erotically till my sensual caress moved her closer and closer to a place she had never been before. I could certainly feel her fingers restlessly plucking my flesh.
” S..sanskar ” she moaning my name over and over for some important reason which she couldn’t understand. I understood though.

Her body had gone boneless and restless, her breathing was uneven, I moved to her stomach, the curve of her ribs, and I moved back to her lips and kissing her hardly and my hips are pressing her thighs and then she experienced the true meaning of intimacy between man and woman with my bold erection sliding into her.
” My god” she breathed
Tears making their way because of pain, which noticed by me and i came back and soothed her and holded her hands and kissing her lips…soon I felt her bit relived.she looked at him and  said ” I’m ok sanskar ”  again started making love after 15min of their love…one of her creamy legs lay between mine and I holded her through waist.
She murmured ” I love you ” and slowly dozed off.

After somedays

” Sanskar getup today you have exam ” Ragini said

” Ummmm….let it be…”

” Get up ….please…write and clear it …your dabba friends also cleared backlogs “

” I will also clear this time, give me my lucky morning kiss “

” Sanskar this is 21st one you are taking till morning “

” You counting ?? “

“Please get up….you have exam “

” Ok give me my 21st kiss or I will not leave you for 1hour ”
Soon she captured his lips.


” Mummaaaaaa ” sanskar was crying badly

” Please beta you will comeback at 5pm ” sujatha said
While uttara and ram smirked and chuckled ???
Ragini brought tiffen box and gave it to sanskar
” Bye sanskar” she said with smile
” You don’t even look sad while iam leaving!!”
” You are going for job not for any war ” she said
He went crying to office.????????

When Ragini was working in kitchen soon Sanskar came from back and hugged her and kissed her nape.
” Sanskar leave me, I have work ”
” Oh…always work…work…have some time for this pathetic pathidev…..from how long iam waiting for you in bedroom and you still in kitchen”
” I have work sanskar”
” If you will not be in room within 5min …I will make kitchen as bedroom and iam not responsible for that ” by saying this he left and soon she ran behind him leaving the work behind.


Both Ragsan hugging eachother after making love
” I love you Ragini ”
” I love you too sanskar ”
” Thanks for coming into my life sanskar and made it colourful she kissed his chest and dozed off in that position.


Finally longest one shot in my life woooooooooh
Thanks a lot Anisha for this storyline
I don’t know if you people like this or not…but I tried my level best to reach your expectations and some readers who asked for Romantic os on RagSan for you people this is dedicated.

Mention through comments how you felt

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