Isqhbaaz – What If (Episode 6)


Episode 6

Rudra and Soumya were feeling rather uncomfortable with each other after the confrontation with Dadi. They have agreed to announce their accidental marriage to their family members and have accepted to honour their rishtah. And they now knew that they had indirectly admitted to having feelings for each other…

After Dadi and Anika left, they were by themselves….each of them not moving an inch but trying to avoid eye contact….Rudra broke the silence…

R : Hey Aloo paratha, you will have to stop eating as much huh? Cause I’ll go bankrupt feeding you my entire life…

Soumya : Hey Duffer, you better be careful, watch your words with me !! she said wagging her finger in his face.

R : He caught hold of her finger and said … what I really wanted to say is that I am prepared to spend the rest of my life by your side… my love angel….what about you ? He said softly looking into her eyes.

Soumya : She was blushing and pulled her finger from his hands and kept her eyes cast downwards. Then she abruptly looked up at him and said “I’m prepared to put up with your protein shakes for the rest of my life Romeo Singh Oberoi”… she stuck her tongue out at him and ran out of the room.

Rudra just smiled to himself and congratulated himself on his new found life with a very sweet girl that he both respected and loved… he ran his fingers through his hair smiling at how he felt about her.

R : Now I have to announce this news to my brothers….I hope they don’t eat me alive ! he said to himself nervously as he went looking for them.

He found them in Shivaay’s room…he threw himself on Shivaay’s bed looking at the ceiling…and announced to his brothers that there will only be one room they can use from now on freely which will be Om’s room. Cause the two other rooms will be for two married couples..

O : What are you going on about Duffer….

R : Well, Shivaay is getting married to lady baba…..and I’ll be married to Aloo Paratha soon, so that leaves you Om…keep your bed ready for us married men to visit…he said seriously.

Om and Shivaay just gapped at him in shock and then started firing a million questions at him. Rudra told them every detail down to how Anika had solved the problem with

Dadi….and how the wedding is being organised by his Anika Di right this moment.

To say that Shivaay was confused, angry, puzzled, happy, and surprised all at once would be putting it lightly. S and O congratulated R with a Oberoi hug and S was disappointed that R didn’t confide in him and Om….he made his brothers promise him that there would be no more secrets between them…that they need to be able to count on each other…obviously Om was very feeling very guilty but he couldn’t reveal his secret just yet….especially since R was so happy and something good was going to happen in the family.

Next up, the boys announced R’s accidental marriage and current wedding plans to their parents….Dadi helped them appease the others and make Tej and Jhanvi accept R’s wedding. After all this drama, Shivaay retired to his room but not before making a trip to the guest wing…

A : Sahil, finish your homework with Daksh and you can help me out with the wedding arrangements ok ? I promise….here look…pinky promise !

Shivaay enters their room to find Daksh with them and gets very disturbed. He ignores this and asks if he can talk to Anika alone. Anika refuses saying she is busy and will come see him later in the day. Shivaay is left shocked at her behaviour.

She walks past him busy with her note pad. He follows her and pulls her to him while they are alone in the corridor….so close that their noses touch…Anika tries to push him away while he tightens his grip on her waist… and said to her heatly : Don’t walk away from me like that ! I said I need to talk to you…

She pushed away and raised her voice saying : Fine ! What do you have to say? Why do you need to talk to me? I thought we decided to keep away from each other. I am keeping my end of the bargain… while you keep haunting my life.

Shivaay was so confused… he knew that she was right but he hated the fact that he couldn’t keep away from her. He looked at her angrily and said : Nothing, I have nothing to say to you and walked away. They went different directions. Anika went looking for Dadi, Rudra and Soumya…busy with the wedding preparations.

Before he knew it, he was yet again in front of her room…that’s when he noticed Daksh touching Anika’s things…he was looking into her drawers, etc. and he pocketed some of her things without Sahil’s knowledge. Shivaay hid in the corner and watched Daksh’s suspicious behaviour….

After awhile, D left to go to his room and seemed to be checking if anyone was in the vicinity…Shivaay followed him to his room from afar…and that’s when he saw Daksh looking at Anika’s pictures on a video projector. He was also looking at Anika’s house and Anika’s room….Shivaay understood that Daksh had planted hidden cameras all over the place to obsessively watch Anika.

He realised that his friend was obsessed psychopathically to Anika and that Anika might be in danger. Shivaay decided to inform his brothers and his security personal of this matter. R and Om were obviously very shocked.

R : I always thought that they was something a miss with Daksh bhaiya… How did you even become friends with such a psycho Shivaay bhaiya ?

S : It’s a long story but Daksh has a habit of wanting what it mine…and this time he is focusing on Anika.

R / Om smiled at each other : Hmm…Hmm… Billuji…so Anika Di is yours ?

S : He was flustered by their observation of his lapsus…that’s not what I meant. I can never be with…

R/Om : a girl that doesn’t have the right family, status, bloodline….yes yes we know Shivaay…they said with a smile.

Om : I’m keeping a secret, a secret from you and this little secret is that I’m falling for you..

S : Please stop with your love poems…lets get down to work, how are we going to tell Anika about this. If I tell her, she will just refuse to hear me out. Meanwhile they heard someone scream and rushed out of Shivaay’s room to check it out.

D : Anika, tell me that you will marry me, I love you, I can’t live without you. If you don’t say it, I will jump… he threatened her standing on the first floor… I can’t take it anymore. I promise to be the best husband. Please accept me.

She was looking at him from below completed panicked at his display of affection and didn’t have any choice but to accept without thinking….Ok Daksh, I promise you, I will accept your proposal.

Shivaay, Rudra and Om were just dumbfounded by this declaration and were left without any words.

Daksh ran down the stairs pushing the boys to the side and offered her the ring he bought for her. He wanted to get married to her in the same mandap as Rudra and Soumya.

Anika was very uncomfortable but didn’t know how to react. Daksh gave her a kiss on her hand and left happily to prepare for their engagement. She looked to the boys for help…Shivaay was fuming and just stared daggers at her ! and then he just walked away very angrily.

R and Om approached Anika who was standing still shell shocked from what just happened. They asked her what happened and Anika explained that she was preparing the mandap when D proposed again and she refused, he was so angry and disappointed that he threathened to commit suicide and she had just laughed it off…the next minute, he was standing on the first floor railing wanting to truly end his life. She said that she had no choice but to agree.

R/Om : Do you really like him Anika ?

A : No, of course not, I don’t know what to do now? I can’t get married…its very complicated. Please help me…she said very worried.

R/Om : Don’t worry, just continue the wedding preparations, we’ll figure something out to help you out.

A : SSO…he is cross with me, could you please explain the situation to him on my behalf…

R : Why Di …. I thought his opinion doesn’t matter any way… Why do you want us to inform him?

A : Just do it Rudra… my life is complicated enough right now, don’t ask me confusing questions ! She said and walked away. She went straight to dadi to confide in her. Dadi
was worried for Anika.

D : Don’t worry Puther, we will find a solution to this problem. Just continue your preparation for R and Soumy’s wedding ceremony. It will be held in 2 days…only amidst family members.

Anika was heavy hearted but left to continue her work.

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