Isqhbaaz – What If (Episode 5)


Episode 5

Daksh found Anika’s room only to be disappointed as it was locked. He cursed his bad luck and hoped to be able to visit her as soon as possible. He needed to put his plan of attracting Anika into his web into action before its too late.

Meanwhile, Anika was busy in the kitchen…Sahil had got back from school and was so hyper excited that they would be staying in OM for awhile. He was badgering her to take him around the mansion as he was curious to explore his surroundings. She had obviously refused and she had decided to lock Sahil in the room with his homework as his grades were slacking again, and she wanted to make sure that he finished his work without any distraction. To make up for his punishment, she wanted to make him his favourite meal… and she wanted to help the maids prepare the Oberoi’s family dinner to thank them for their hospitality and generosity.

As she was preparing Sahil’s dish, Shivaay entered the kitchen. He had followed the exquisite smell of home made enchiladas wondering who other than himself could be preparing the dish. He was only half surprised to see Anika seriously completing her work on the kitchen work top.

S : Stop invading my personal space Anika. This kitchen is sacred to me. Do you even know how to properly prepare that dish ?

A : Are you kidding me? Its my profession and I know exactly what my brother likes, here taste this before you critic my cooking…she said forcing a spoon filled with a mouthful of enchiladas. He instinctively ate it and was more than pleasantly surprised…but he tried to disguise his pleasure and just nodded…yeah whatever, it resembles the original dish a little bit…. Mean while, Anika was uncomfortable again as she realised the liberty she had taken feeding him and him accepting her act so naturally. She was nervous in his presence again and was about to leave with the food when he pulled her hand and her bracelet broke into pieces…

A : Hey look what you did !! Its my favourite piece of jewellery and you broke It again… she said blushing a little as she remembered briefly the first time he had broken her moon charm which was then stuck in his watch…

S : I had no other choice, I needed to say something to you. And you have the rude middle class habit of walking away before we can finish our conversation. What can I do if your cheap jewellery falls apart every other minute ? He gathered the pieces and put it into his pocket saying I’ll get the family jeweller to fix it.

A : My jewellery is not cheap ! And I have warned you before to stop talking about my status, you do that one more time and I won’t stop civil with you anymore Mr. SSO. She was fuming yet again, and left the kitchen with her dish, forgetting her bracelet in her anger.
Shivaay obviously got hold of her bracelet to integrate the chips into it. It was the only way to track her down in case anything bad happened in the future. He rapidly passed Anika’s bracelet to his workers for them to get it fix with the chips hidden in it. They succeeded and within hours returned the bracelet in perfect condition with the integrated chip in it. Now, all he needed to do was to give her the bracelet. Knowing her, if it comes from me, she will find a way to get rid of it, I’ll need to find another way of getting this bracelet to her.

Just then he saw Sahil walking out of their room…he went over to Sahil and asked him if he had met everyone else in the family and offered to introduce him to them. Sahil was overjoyed looking forward to meeting OmRu and Soumya again. Shivaay passed the bracelet to Sahil saying that he had found it on the floor in the kitchen and that he was sure it belonged to Anika. Sahil took it and promised to give it back to Anika…

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Slumber party xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After dinner, the girls went over to Anika’s wing as promised and Daksh was on their heels after the family meal. He didn’t want to waste even a minute…he had to get Anika to agree to date him at the least.

D : So girls can I join you tonight for your movie night ?

A : Sorry Daksh, she said closing her room door, it’s a all girls night tonight !

D : But Sahil is allowed ? He asked his voice fading behind the door…

A : Oh well, Sahil is the only boy allowed, huh Sahil ?

Sahil : He was so happy and thankful to have such a loving sister. Although he was punished earlier, it was all forgotten as soon as he finished his home work like he promised. She even allowed him to sit next to his dear Soumya for the movie !! He was in 7th heaven right now.
After the movie, everyone was almost dosing off… when Anika noticed Soumya’s pyjama’s buttoned up all the way to her neck…she found that kinda strange and asked her about it.

Soumya : Yeah Di…I have too na, if I want to wear my mangalsutra, I need to hide it… she said sleepily. To her astonishment, she was woken up instantly by her statement and she sat right back up on the bed looking at Anika in shock and guilt.

A : I knew something was amiss with you lately me dear Soumya. Please enlighten me on what you just blurted out…

Soumya was forced to tell Anika everything that happened…in a way she was relieved to confide in someone as her wedding with Rudra was always on her mind…and deep down she knew that she liked him and wanted to respect their scared vows.

Anika was deep in thought as Soumya told her everything. So say that she was extremely shocked would be putting it lightly. But she knew that Rudra and Soumya needed
help. So she begun devising a plan and she shared it with Soumya, who was hesitant but she knew that Anika was right. So she agreed.

They then went to sleep…Anika disturbed and hoping her plan will make out without too much damage….and Soumya worried yet relieved in a way. Anika’s first night in OM was proving to be tiring as she was woken up in the middle of the night by Pinku’s nightmare….she was trashing and screaming for Om.

Anika woke Prinku up and offered to make her some tea to calm her nerves down…Prinku fell back into a deep slumber without another word. But Anika was wide awake and decided to go get herself some tea as her mind was reeling with different worries….

In the kitchen, she was surprised to see Daksh awake as well with his head stuck in the frigde.

A : Hey ! What are you up too.

D : WTF… you scared me Anika ! What are you doing awake at this hour.

A : Oh, I couldn’t sleep, so I wanted to make myself some tea, you want some.

D : He was mesmerised by her simple beauty and was left without words.

A : She waved her hands in front of his eyes and offered him tea again…to which he agreed happily.

D : He sat there on the table top, staring at her while she worked. He figured out that he was sincerely beginning to have feelings for this simple unassuming girl. In the
beginning, it was just the thrill of the chase, he wanted her cause she had rejected him and because she had a connection with Shivaay…but now, with time, all he could think about was her….her smile….her generosity….her wit….her bindass attitude that he admired !

A : Here you go… hope you like it, it’s a special recipe from someone special in my family….from my past…she said with nostalgia in her eyes.

D : Oh yeah….who ? Pray tell ! He said sipping the delicious tea she had made….hmmm, its really nice.

A : Nice na ! I’m glad that you like it….she said smiling.
Just then Shivaay entered the kitchen with his laptop completely preoccupied that he didn’t even notice D and A on the kitchen counter. He was startled to find them staring at him.

S :What are both of you doing here ? He asked…then noticed their mugs and their proximity. He was disturbed by their late night meeting in the kitchen….Some sort of party just between the two of you ? He asked sarcastically.

A : Don’t even start with your gutter mind SSO, Do you want some tea, I just made some as I couldn’t sleep and needed some. D happened to be here when I arrived a few minutes ago. Obviously no one sleeps in this house !!

S : No, I don’t want your tea Anika ! I’m here for a bottle of water…I’m preparing for my business call to Europe…..different times zones and all. And besides some of us have to earn a living !

A : What does that mean? That we’re just sitting around being useless ? Oh whatever, I’m off to bed, being in the same space with you just boils my blood up ! I need some peace. Good night Daksh… see you around….and she walked out.
Shivaay left as well in a huff and Daksh was left thinking of how he would seduce Anika to her his…


Anika woke up bright and early and took Soumya meet Dadi as per her plan. They were going to explain everything to Dadi ma and try to find a solution together.

D : Anika…Soumya… Puther….everything ok?
The two girls explained everything to Dadi, who was shocked to the core. She heard them out and become very worried….What has happened has happened. We have to honour fate and God’s decision no matter the consequences. These are life’s exams given to us to test our character and strength. Soumya, do you want to honour this marriage with Rudra….

S : With her head down, yes Dadi… in fact I like Cry baby Oberoi but I don’t think he feels the same way.

Dadi : Leave the rest to me… I will deal with it. Go and rest Soumya, we will keep you informed. Anika come with me…

A : Yes Dadi….

They adjourned to Dadi’s office area….

D: I can’t believe something so important has happened and neither of them didn’t want to talk about it. Thank God you found out in time Anika. Once again, you have saved the pride of our family Puther…

A : She just smiled…and with troubled eyes told Dadi : I know what secrets and hurt can do to a family Dadi. And I don’t wish my fate on any family.

D : What do you mean Anika… she could see that Anika wasn’t going to talk and she had some very heavy secrets to share…. Puther, you need to share your burden with someone, I promise you that I will keep your secrets safe. Tell me what haunts you… I have always noticed that you were carrying a burden on your shoulders.

And so Anika broke down in tears and in a moment of weakness told Dadi ma her secrets and worries… Dadi was shell shocked to hear Anika’s story….I don’t know what to say Anika. How can you bear everything that has happened to you ? This is not possible. It is very serious…what if they find you. What will happen then? You will be forced to go back to your old life Anika.

A : Dadi, you cannot tell anyone…you promised me…in no circumstance are you allowed to reveal my real identity. Please I beg you Dadi. Don’t worry, I will never go back…”they” can’t force me. I left it for a reason and I will never go back !!

D : Dadi didn’t know how to react and she reluctantly agreed to keeping Anika’s heavy secret safe.

A : Lets think of Rudra and Soumya Dadi….forget about me…please I beg you. I will handle my own problems.

D : Hmmm….whatever you wish Anika. Come on I need to talk to Rudra…

They found Rudra and exposed the problem to Rudra’s shock. Dadi forced him to accept the marriage with Soumya….especially since she could see love in his eyes for Soumya. After Rudra agreed, Dadi forced to tell his brothers and then announce it to their other family members. Dadi was going to talk to her friend (Soumya’s grand mother) to sort things out on her side. There will be another wedding in this house soon Anika before Shivaay’s ! and you’ll be the wedding planner.

Anika readily and happily agreed….

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