Isqhbaaz – What If (Episode 3)


Episode 3

A : This is just not possible…you have to at some point agree with me that your “I have money, I am rich, high and mighty with a great blood line” crap go at some point. You’ve said it more than once that I’m below your status, why do you want to help me out? Why are you imposing your presence in my life? (She turns her face away from him as she feels so vulnerable in spite of the fact that she is fighting back…with tears in her eyes and a feeling of worry flooding her senses when she thinks of the person stalking her.)

S : (He turns her back to him and forces her to look at him in the eyes in spite of the fact that she resists him). You are right ! I still feel that you are from a different social status. Just like you, I don’t know why your well being means so much to me or why I care. But I will not let you put yourself in danger. You think that you don’t need me but YOU. DO ! And I need you to stick around so I can show you that you are wrong about Tia.

A : She pushes him away with incredible force and shouts at him. I don’t care a damn about your Tia ! Why do you want to humiliate me? Huh? Why do you want me to be wrong? Why is my opinion so important? You should be happy that I want to leave you and your wealth alone !!!!

S : I have had enough conversation with you. You will do what I say, or else …

A : Or else what Mr. SSO ? She said wiping her tears away roughly and looking at him with fire and defiance in her eyes.

S : (He walked slowly to her like a predator towards his prey until he was towering over her unconsciously making his territory and showing her that she will always be his….even if neither of them realised it yet) You will just never be able to find a job elsewhere Ms. Anika. I will ruin every job opportunity that you find, I will hunt you down and destroy your life. And you know that I am capable of anything when I put my mind to it !

A : She had to admit that in spite of her never-ending courage, she was very intimidated by him…she just gulped and muttered her remainder strength to put some distance between them…she walked over to the corner of the lift, looked up at him and said : Fine SSO !! I’ll accept your protection even if you have no idea what you are up against !! I’ll do it for my brother.
But I have two conditions:
First being you must marry Tia, since you refuse to believe me and control my life, I will control yours in return. You have to marry her ! And destroy your life in the process.
Secondly I will work with Dadi as her PA for her social service organisations and will not work with you anymore. I would like to keep away from you as much as possible !! You hear me ?!

S : He just smiled and said, it’s a deal Ms. Anika ! Shall we proceed now… She just nodded her head angrily and he stopped the alarm in the lift and opened the doors to find

Om and Ru completely shell shocked waiting for them.

R : Hey Bhai we should have brought pop corn again !! said Ru looking at Om with a smile.

O : He was still staring that the closed lift doors with the alarm blaring…he hit Ru’s head and said : calm down, I have no idea what is happening in there ! Aren’t you the least worried.

R : Actually not in the least !! No…I change my statement he said giggling. I am very scared for Shivaay Bhaiya ! Anika Di is gonna kill him with her bare hands. I have no idea why he likes to provoke her like this ! And he continued eating his apple.

O : What do you think they are doing in there? And then, the doors opened and out waltzed Shivika.

O and R : What in the world just happened? Everything ok?

R: Anika Di you ok ? asked Ru as he went over to her and offered her his half eaten apple… Anika didn’t respond except look angrily at Shivaay.

Om just stood there with a smirk on his face as he guessed that something electric had just happened between them. He sneaked over to Shivaay and whispered “so you finally tamed the shrew or was it the other way around”…

S: He just ignored Om informed his brothers that Anika and Shahil will move into Oberoi Mansion.

Obviously Om and Ru were shocked but the next instant, Om had a wide smile on his face and Ru hugged his Anika Di and said : Di, we are going to have so much fun with you in our home constantly na ? Anika just patted Ru’s head and said : I think Shahil will love you Ru. You’ll be good company for him.
Shivaay was looking at their closeness and just tried to hide his smile as deep down, he was happy that she had agreed to move in, and that she got along so well with his brothers. That made him think of Tia and how she never really got along with Om and Ru….which lead to him thinking about Anika’s conditions…he said to himself that he will find a way around her silly conditions. He won’t respect them until he finds the truth about Tia.

Xxxxxxxxxx BACK AT OBEROI MANSION xxxxxxxxxxx

S : We’ll need to inform the family about Anika and her brother moving in… he said to his brothers, go get everyone please.
Shortly after, everyone gathered in the living room, except his papa and badepapa as they were on a business trip. Shivaay explained the situation to everyone letting out the info on Tia and Anika’s conditions…Anika was rather disturbed by this but didn’t say much. All the ladies gathered around Anika to console her telling her that she took the right decision to move in with them. Dadi offered the guest wing to Anika and her brother and Anika hugged Dadi thanking her for her generosity…

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Anika in her wing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

S : He was leaning against the door frame looking her being busy in setting her room up… So, Dadi is generous and you thank her by hugging her and getting her blessing at her feet but you spit fire at my face when I offer to protect you, in which universe is that justified ?

A : She leaped in shock as she turned to see him watching her… You ! What are you doing here? Have you forgot our deal? I don’t want to see you…she said breathless from the fright.

S : Answer me Ms. Anika !

A : Cause Dadi is Dadi and You are YOU !!! Isn’t it clear enough. Go romance your Tia ! she said as she turned to continue her work.

S : He walked up behind her and pulled her to him and said heatly in her ears… I will do as I wish in my house and don’t speak to me that way !! I do not do romance like you middle class people… he was so contradictory as it was exactly what he was doing to her without his knowledge… he had an instinctive want to hug her, and when he realised this, he just let her go and left abruptly….

Anika was dumb struck…she felt the attraction between them, didn’t understand why his touch made her feel so helpless and all at the same time, she was so very angry with him and his insults… Arrggg, she just hated him and promised herself that she will keep away from him.

Shivaay was walking away from her wing with his hand messing with his hair as he was so disturbed by his behaviour, he just couldn’t keep away from her. He needed to be near her, know that he was well all the time. And he hated himself for it. Stop it Shivaay, just stop it !! You hate her remember…. He said this to himself and simultaneously his mind was flooded with images of her with him (when he pushed her in the pool and pulled her against him in anger….when they hit their heads together in the kitchen…when she was drunk…when she was scolding him in the lift…). He slapped himself to get his head back in the game. This girl was changing him and he had to stop it at all cost.
Om, Ru, Prinku and Soumya were on their way to visit Anika and they bumped into Shivaay who was muttering to himself and walking away angrily. They all stopped and screamed out to him… Hey Shivaay Bhaiya !! But he didn’t hear them cause he was in a world of his own. And they just smiled to themselves and continued their mission.

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