Isqhbaaz – What If (Episode 2)

Episode 2

Hey guys, thank you for your encouragement. I’m just going to go with the flow and let the story take a life of its own…lets hope it doesn’t end up being disappointing !

A : (Cursing under her breathe as she goes looking for Dadi)…He will never change, I tell you, never… I’m glad I told him everything I wanted to….
She bumps into Daksh and he holds on to her shoulders looking into her eyes with worry..

D : Hey sweet, are you ok? Looking rather disturbed lately… can I help you out…you know that you can lean on my shoulders if you needed to ? (He says with a flirty smile still holding on to her).

Shivaay and Om come that way as they were looking for Rudra. Om looks on rather shocked to learn that Daksh is interested in Anika, he turns to Shivaay and realises that his brother has his fist bunched up till his knuckles have turned white with an expression of disgust and anger on his face.

O : (Ok, now I understand what is happening here)…Hmmm Bhai, you ok ? Careful or you gonna break your fist.

S : Huh…what are talking about (and he looks at his fists curled up in absolute anger) !

O : Everything ok ? (he asks with a smirk), shall we continue our search for Rudra.

S: Yeah, yeah… go ahead, get him, get the driver and wait for me, I’m coming with her…

O : What do you mean “her”? Who are you talking about?

S: Anika !! who else, she wants me to sort this problem out, I’ll do it, but she is going to come with us so I can prove her wrong !! I know that Tia isn’t living a double life, I need to prove it to her. Go Om, I’ll join you in a sec.

O : (Muttering to himself leaves the corridor to follow his brothers’ instructions)…don’t know when he will just wake up, smell the coffee and realise that Anika is the girl for him…

S: (Strides over to Daksh and Anika putting himself in between the two of them with a rather angry expression). So, I thought you were leaving, what are you still doing here and that too with Daksh.

A: This is a free world and I can do whatever the hell I want. I was about to leave but I will have a chat with Dadi on why I’m leaving before I do so, if you don’t mind Mr.SSO ! (She says fuming…hurt once again by his insinuations)

S : (He just pulls her to him in front of Daksh inches away from his face and says to her with intensity in his eyes). Don’t. Talk. To. Me. In. That. Tone. Of. Voice. !! You will come with me now and we will sort the problem that you have created out together, Om and Rudra are waiting for us in the car.

A: (She felt his breathe on her face and felt the electricity between them, and cursed herself for feeling so helpless and attracted to him, he was the only one who could intimidate her as much as he did, and yet, she felt so much anger towards him…) I. Will. Talk. To. You. How. I. See. Fit. !! And I didn’t create any problems, I was merely trying to solve them for you…. God knows why I wanted to by the way…
He didn’t wait for her to finish, put his hand in hers and just pulled her along. She was resisting looking back at Daksh helplessly…Daksh was fuming seeing their chemistry first hand and seeing the liberty that Shivaay was taking with Anika.

D: (I promise myself to separate them, she belongs to me and always will. You always managed to take the girls away from me Shivaay…but I won’t let this one go. You will see….) He ran instinctively after the Jodi and stopped Shivaay.

D: Hey Shivaay, let go of her, she obviously doesn’t want to come with you.
Shivaay just ignored his friend and continued his strides until they reached the car, then he turned to Anika with a neutral expression, showed her their inter-twined hands and asked her : Is this really a problem ? You don’t want to come along and kill your curiosity of if you were right about your accusations earlier ? At Anika’s hesitation, he said to

Daksh : I know her more than you do, so just back off. We have important business to attend to. See you later. And he opened the door for her and nudged a shocked Anika into the car.

Anika bumped into Rudra and was welcomed by his warm and devious smile, then she turned in front to notice Om smiling at her as well… then noticed SSO who was looking at her intensely by the rear-view mirror. She just huffed and gave up (Oh what ever…. Lets just do this).
It was a silent ride, and then Rudra spoke up…

R : I knew something was a miss with Lady Baba…. I’ve always known Anika Di, I’m sure that you’re right. I think you were probably Sherlock H in your last birth !! You just have the right intuition about things…

S : Whatever Rudra, you will always be her damn Watson ! We are just going over to my security guys to prove your precious Anika Di wrong !!! (He said fuming).

O : Yeah, I’m sure your scene with Daksh was just about that and nothing else Shivaay (he said giggling).

Anika didn’t understand all the messages in between the lines and chose to ignore them and just not respond. The truth was that her mind was reeling with SSO’s possessiveness awhile ago and she just didn’t understand why she liked it so much. She was angry with herself…He behaved like freaking cave man and I’m liking it…I think I’ve spent way too much time in their company and I’m losing it, it’s the only explanation !!!
As soon as they arrived in the 10 story building, she was ushered into the building by Rudra and Om with Shivaay storming in rapidly before them. They got into the lift and there is was again….that weird silence of anticipation between the four of them. Rudra always being the one to break the silence and the ice !

R : Hey Bhaiya, if Di is right, what then ? Will you apologise to her ?
Om smiled that this statement and looked at Shivaay, who was seriously looking ahead at the mirror lift doors lost in thought. Om didn’t understand what Shivaay was looking at until he realised that his brother was indirectly staring at Anika who was hidden behind Rudra looking down meddling her phone, her face covered by her hair. Om smiled to himself shaking his head thinking (all this intense attraction between the two of them is going to lead to a very big explosion one of these days)
They got out to the 10th floor, Shivaay’s penthouse office… Anika was still busy with her phone and Shivaay just snatched her phone from her hands and looked at it trying to read who she was messaging. Anika snatched her phone back and gave a glare that could kill and walked past him. Her heart was beating a million beats cause she just closed her personal journal application that she had opened to write about SSO to avoid looking at him in the lift. She had felt his eyes on her and she wanted to avoid his gaze at all costs and found some peace in writing about her feelings on her application.

A : So, get this over with as fast as possible. I have a life too, and I need to be some where else.

S : (He was so disturbed by what she just said… what the hell that does that mean. Who the hell does she need to go see !!!… ok calm down Shivaay, its none of your business, whats wrong with you. Get a grip !) He looked at his private investigator (PI) and his security head (SH) : So what have you guys managed to find to prove Miss Anika here wrong ?

PI : Sir, you need to take a seat as you might be shaken by the infos we have found…
Anika smiled to herself in satisfaction, and said to SSO : Yeah take a seat Mr. SSO, you might be disappointed that I’m always right !!
All four of them took a seat and Rudra grabbed an apple in the fruit basket while he listened to the investigators.

PI : 1. Robin is not Tia’s brother…we can’t find any link between him and Tia, or her family. He is however always seen with Tia, they go everywhere together, in fact, Sir, I’m sure you noticed him at the SPA the other day as well. I saw the four of you there and suspected that you must have met him.

Shivaay was shell shocked and didn’t respond.

O : But she said that she was there by herself.

R : Anika Di and me just knew she was there with someone else, so Anika Di, we were right. He gives Anika a high five and they smile at each other…and when they look at the others’ serious expression, they force themselves to become more serious.
SH : Also Sir, after loads of research, we finally found footage from a camera that was hidden in a weird angle of the house…. of someone dressed in a black cape accompanying Tia Madame in her car the other day. Tia madame went out and spoke briefly to this person before leaving with him in her car.

PI : Also Sir, I have found evidence that the Kapoor Family is not far from going bankrupt and that they are trying their best to hide it from other business rivals. Huh sir, I have some information on Anika Madame as well…and he is hesitant to continue ….

S : What is it, come out with it ! Demands Shivaay… while everyone else is shocked especially Anika.

PI : She is being stalked Sir, someone is following her everyday everywhere but I can’t seem to identify the person.
Anika is so very shocked and worried listening to this, all she can think of is Sahil and her past …. But she doesn’t say anything and she wants to keep her private life to herself.

S : Continue your investigation and look into Robin’s real identity… and get a hold of the person who is following Anika. He looks to Anika with intense eyes once again and says : You. Will. Not. Leave. My. Presence. From. This. Day. Forth worth !! He screams in the phone at his driver to send another drive and security guard to fetch Sahil from school and bring him over to Oberoi Mansion. And orders other workers to transfer Anika and Sahil’s belongings to OM as well. And gets up in a rush to leave.
Anika is just dumbfounded and screams at him running after him : Hey SSO wait a minute, I don’t want to live in your house. I am fine by myself and I know how to take care of myself and my brother. I don’t need your help. Don’t you remember I said that I quit your job. I am no longer your responsibility! You finally found out that Tia is hiding something and I know I am right. That is more than enough for me. I am leaving. Goodbye Rudra, Om, see you around. And she tries to leave in the lift. As the doors close,

Shivaay cramps himself into the lift and closes the down and put the alarm on jamming the lift.

A : Are you out of your rich arrogant mind ? Leave me alone. I don’t need your help.

S : He brings her to him and looks down her in anger. You will listen to me and do as I say.

A : Go to hell SSO, you aren’t the boss of me.

S: Maybe, buy I have money and I can buy anything, even your peace !!!

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