Isqhbaaz – What If (Episode 1)

Hi Readers,

I have been a silent follower of various fanfiction and written updates of the series “Ishqbaaz” since October. Ever since the recent twists in the story line on Ishqbaaz, I’ve been forced to look out for alternatives as I find that the writers could have found other reasonable ways to continue the story. I just can’t seem to gather up the patience to wait for the story to unfold into something that makes more sense. Each and every one of us are emotionally attached to the characters for our own reasons, but we all want a just the right amount of suspense and emotions…they were doing a great job until the multiple and simultaneous misunderstanding between Shivaay and Anika. To top it all off, Anika is paying the price for everyone else’s nonsense. I read some really lovely fanfiction on this website and honestly would prefer these amateur writers to take over the series, it would less frustrating. Anyway, the upside to this ongoing tradegy on Ishqbaaz has motivated me to take a shot at writing a story. I am COMPLETELY new at writing, although I should say that I am a die hard reader of fanfiction on ( and reading in general (Jane Austen in particular) for a very long time now. So readers please forgive me for the mediocre quality of writing, I would like to believe that it will get better with time…

So my story of “Ishqbaaz…what if”, takes place right at the time that Shivaay was telling Om what Tia thought about Anika and Anika was unfortunately eavesdropping on that horrible conversation…
S : Shivaay, A : Anika, O : Omkara, R : Rudra, etc … you get the drift…

S : She is obsessed with me … and wants to trap me for my wealth…

A: Shocked and extremely hurt thought to herself “Some things will just never change. He will always have a skewed perception of who I am. I’ll just need to put things right yet again !!!” (She forced herself to barge into the room with an illusion of confidence to put things right once and for all). I’m sorry to interrupt your disgusting conversation about me in my absence…but I think I have the right to defend myself against the accusations you are directing my way, don’t you think Mr. SSO?

O : Anika, please calm down…you have clearly misunderstood the situation…
Shivaay just looks on completely shocked cause deep down inside, he sensed her coming to his room and pushed his intuition to the side.. “I should have been more careful…this is going to be ugly, I can just feel it”.

A: Om, I’m really sorry but I just can’t stand by and listen to his nonsense about me anymore…

Shivaay continues staring at Anika with a rather neutral expression on his face given the circumstances.

A : Mr.SSO, I have no idea why you or your family’s wellbeing is so important to me. I have asked myself this question a million times, but just can’t seem to find the appropriate answer. I realise that I shouldn’t care…its none of my business. If you want to get married to someone who is determined to cheat you, then honestly, go ahead and spoil your own life. No matter what you think of me, you could at least look into the information I’ve been trying to give you. It would take you hardly a minute to get your security guys to check things up on Tia, but you want to stay blind, then go ahead. For your information Shivaay, I will never…you listen, NEVER be interested in someone like you. You are the last person I would be with even if we were the last two people left on earth….

S : He was rather hurt and shocked to witness her outburst but was tongue tied and couldn’t say anything except admire her courage and feisty personality…”whats wrong with me…here she is giving me a piece of her mind…and all I can look at are her lovely eyes filled with a fire I have never seen in any other woman….get your mind back in the game Shivaay…whats wrong with you”….Anika, careful with your words ! Calm down, I was just telling Om about Tia’s perspective of the situation.

A: So ? That doesn’t change anything…I’m sure you agree with her ! You aren’t God’s given gift to women Shivaay. Please don’t falter yourself…you’ll be lucky if I was interested in you (she was out of breathe, tired and so very disturbed that she finally told him everything she had in her mind and heart). Here … (she threw the bill that she had found in her bag when Rudra and her made that trip to the SPA to check on Tia)…I’m sure you were with Tia for a couple’s massage that day at the Spa !!! Go figure everything out yourself. I’m leaving you and your life, I’ve had enough of your insults and lack of respect…(she stormed out of his room).

O : Shivaay aren’t you going to go after her ?

S : Why should I ? She won’t leave me…ahh,humm I meant she won’t dare leave Oberoi Mansion. She is just upset, she’s get over it, she always does… (He was deep in thought…And what will I do if she really leaves? Maybe this is a good thing. I’ll be able to get over my obsession of Anika if she leaves…)

O : Shivaay, let go of your pride and go after her…investigate Tia’s activities like she suggested, she’s probably right, her intuitions have always been right in the past. Here…hand me that bill, lets take a look…I’ll go get Rudra and we’ll solve this mystery together as brothers!

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  1. Priyali

    Wowowoowowow… awesome job… Anika’s outburst was really what shivaay deserved….. waiting for next …

  2. interesting i like the courage in anika plz continue

  3. Shivika

    Awwww just awesome this was gr8….anika’s outburst was superbbbb……post nxt one soon

  4. Mukta


  5. awesome
    continue soon

  6. Jayashree

    Sounds interesting… go ahead..looking forward for the future episodes..

  7. Sat_9492

    Awsm …… please continue…. Update ASAP….

  8. if this happen in real IB then I was happy. but it is In ur ff and it is mindblowing. plz update next. waiting for ur ff..

  9. Srd

    Hey guys,
    Thank you very much for your encouragement !!
    I’ll try my best to continue the plot that I have begun, although I should say that I have no idea where this could lead…I’m hoping that it will be bearable just until the real series makes more sense 🙂 But I’ll try my best, I might need some ideas from you guys….it could end up being a “collobaratively” written story 🙂
    Anyhow, I’m off to work now, hope you’ll have a great day ahead (for those in the European time zone that is 😉

  10. Dobhsh

    Thank you srd. Finally u r potraying anika the way I wanted to. Pls continue. Loved it.

  11. Akansha

    Its nyc.. N am excited… Its a cool initiative.. Waiting fr d next episode… Post it soon

  12. Srd

    Heya guys,

    Put my work aside to post another episode today, its getting reviewed and should posted up on the website shortly.

  13. Akshaya

    Srd you rocked in your first episode. Please do continue dear

  14. Ishqkum

    Super dr

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