Ispreet love story

It starts with…
Ishan: remember’s how 10 months
Ago when his secret was reaveled but everyone stood by him and accepted him

Preset: preset thinks that her and Ishan
should consummate their marriage

Ishan: is in his room and Preet enters they have a coveratation


Bade mummy: serves breakfast and and also join’s in, the family have conversation.

Preet: comes down with Ishan and they greet the family

Trisha: says bhabhi we have a surprise fly you guys!!

Ishan:asks what is it?

Bade papa: say’s a ticket to Canada Preet and Ishan are surprised

Neeti:tells them to pack there bags because the flight is at night


Preet: packs her bags and Ishan packs his

Family: they all are ready to go to airport to drop Preet and Ishan

Preet and Ishan: say goodbye to them

Coming up:Preet and Ishan reach Canada
and have a look around

spoiler: The couple finally will consummate their marriage

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  1. Hi priya,there is this minor error in the consummate part.are u the same person who wrote the fan fiction ealier?if u did,remember preet is alr pregnant in the fan fiction?hoe can ythry consummate their marrige?

    1. Ananya no I am not that person

  2. Hey I like it it’s a lot different from the actual story I have a request please continue it, m so happy to see a ff on Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do after many days

  3. Awsome, this is far far better than the story of the show. I think the fans are only better story tellers. Keep it up

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