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Hey guys! I am new here…..being a silent reader,i understood that these days people are being a bit tilted towards aryan-sanyu pair! I am sandhir fan but cant really oppose aryukta becauz of aryan..sanyu bond! Aryan is way caring and understanding than randhir…i accept but randhir has faced alot in life…..that made him way he is now! He loves sanyu alot but never can he find better ways to expresses! His love is conditionless….yeah,he is rude and mean…..he is in pain rightnow…pain of losing his mom,his love! Love is not just being in happiness,its sharing both joy and sorrow! Aryan is good and is a cool guy….whom everygal deserves to be her frnd!

But randhir is the one….sanyu need to accept this! Randhir never respected her and her dreams but wenever he saw her in tears….he helped her his best to make her smile and set her manythingd right in season1….so hope writers make season2 a journey towards her aim….regaining her lostlove! Slight variations are required need in randhirs character…..he need to find out her sacrifices and pains! Need to change from mean…rude loverboy to understanding supporting loverboy! He needs to understand that everyone has their ownproblems…and strong need to face them with a smile! But none is perfect,no story is without complications… SANDHIR which i support afta all these! Sanyu shouldnt leave him…..she knew him from the start….she loves him….she knows his love….everyone has got own complications…,hope sandhir story starts soon! Hope aryukta remains forever for their true frndship…..

So….yeah,i am trying to develop a sandhir ff…..thinking about the storyline…..guys,being new here….can i please be welcomed to join ur saddahaq family? Thanks! Do comment…ur suggestions for a better storyline…or ur opinion on this! Idounderstand aryukta fans….this is jst my personal opinion,no offence!?

Credit to: anya

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  1. Hi! I am new here too.. Anya I really do support you. Aryan is a lot caring and understanding, but no one can match the love Randhir has for Sanyukta. He has many a times hurt Sanyukta, but he still loves her. Do continue with your ff…

  2. Welcome to SH family…pls do keep writing the ff and i totally agree with what u said.

  3. obviously Aryukta is in love…

  4. Agreed with u.ur words r matured nd loved the opinion.. except for sandhirs reunion????
    don’t mind

  5. GOOD THOUGHT…keep writing what rd just need is to understand sanyu’s unconditional love 4 him and her selfless,caring nature…..I like aryan but as a friend of sanyu,nothing more than tht….sandhir are just perfect 4 ecah other…you just pointed the theme of sadda haq season 2 properly…I also hope tht in the end of season we just get to sandhir.

  6. Yes u r right..its always about sandhir n i wish it l be sandhir always…

  7. Agreed with you……
    W you can’t say only rd faces many things in life…. I know he lost his mom his love…..
    But what about aryan,,,,
    He illegal child…
    How he spend his childhood…. remember the scene???? Where aryan woke up in mid night with a jerk because of his dream about his childhood? ???
    And even we don’t know what made aryan to become dark shadow ……
    If you remember dark shadow only help girls….. what was the reason behind it????? No one knows
    One more thing,,,,
    You said aryan is calm and cool….. but the fact is aryan try to be cool…. when he is in tension he plays with his fingers….. he taps them on table and all…… his face show calmness but his fingers show the trouble in his mind or heart…..

  8. For storyline i’ld suggest you to read manmarziyan ff at least for once

  9. Thankyou guys for your support.
    I will start my ff on Monday….:)

  10. Hey anya.. I completely agree with u..
    Pls start ur ff ..eagerly waiting..
    Keep smiling..

  11. Hey anya!! I totally agree with u…
    N even i’m a sandhirian…all the best for ur ff dear 🙂

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