ISISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 21 (shruti specail)


Hellloooooooooooooooo……guys how R U all ??
Miss kiya mujhe ? Kehdo ki kiya bachi ka dil rakhna k liye ????
So thanks to all of u guys for ur comments n support love u all soo much ???
So Happy birthday to sidmin aka shruti ??

A very very happy wala bday to u sidmin ….
May God bless u always may u get everything what u want in life love u soo much ….
N yeah treat to banti hai boss what say guys ??
So yeah one more thing Eid Mubarak to u all too

Recap : twinj celebrating baby bday ??
The episode starts with twinj coming to their flat n sees a cute girl standing there struggling with the lock ….
T : hello is there any problem ….
K : yeah we can help u ?
G : oh actually this is my aunt flat I came here for few days but it’s not opening …
K : ok I’ll try u too stand beside me …
T : oh so first we will start with introduction I am twinkle n u ….
G : oh I am shruti nice to meet u ?
K : and I am kunj ??
They trio shakes hand n kunj tries to open the lock but fails ….
T : shruti do one thing come with us what say kunj
K : yeah u can come to our flat
S : ok n they get inside twinkle flat …..
Time passes twinj was talking with shruti n thy trio r having fun ….when someone knocks on the door ….

Twinkle opens the door n finds mahi there
Mahi meets twinj n then sees shruti n hugs her
M : shruti u here ?
S : yeah mahi …
K : u know her
M : yeah bhai she is my friend
K : okay ??
Twinkle gets a call from yuvraj n ask him to come to their flat while kunj gets jealous??
After some time yuvi also come there n they all say in hall twinj shruti n yuhi n having a chat when mahi calls twinkle inside …
T : what happen mahi ?
Mahi tells her something (muted) n they hi-fi n calls kunj too n tells their plan ….
At 12:00
Shruti (sidmin) was in twinkle room when she hears some noise coming from hall she sees blood outside n gets scared …..
She stands in the middle of the hall being scared when rose petals started falling on her n twinj along with yuhi comes outside n smiles
S: thank u soo much guys
M : hey shruti no thanks in no sorry in Friendship….
S : yeah right
Everyone hugs her n wishes happy bday n they cut the cake …..
T : abhi to party shuru hui hai let’s have dance
They all dance on abhi to party to shuru hui hai n have fun ????
Then all get tired n went to sleep …..
Next day :::::::
Twinj yuhi sidmin everyone get ready n sidmin bids bye to them n left from there n twinj went to college ….????

At college ….
Twinj comes to college n directly went to class n attain their lectures…..
While writing notes twinkle hand cut n kunj worriedly looks at her and applies bandage while twinkle eyes him lovingly …
Class ends n twinj comes out of the class
T : I am hungry let’s go to canteen kunj
K : now ????…
T : yeah plshh n makes a puppy face
K : ok let’s go ….
Twinj comes in canteen n sat on table ….
K : what u wanna eat twinkle ??
T : UMm sand wich…
Kunj orders sand wich n ask twinkle to eat but she was just looking at him
K : now eat ? Twinkle
Twinkle shows her hand which was cut sometime ago …
T : kunj plz make me eat by your hands …
K :what twinkle how can I ?
T : ok kunj plshh na??
K : ok n makes her eat sandwich while both R having eye locks (bas itni si tamanna plays in bg ……..)
Twinkle while eating bits kunj finger
K : ouch twinkle !!!!!
T : I am so sorry n holds her ear in a childish way
Kunj smiles at her it’s ok ….
They finish their lunch n again left to attain classes …..
Screens freezes

So guys how was the epi
Share ur views guys but don’t decrease comments
I am really very sorry I am not getting time to write plz forgive me
N yeah do comment u want confession on silver jubliee or before that ….
Ba byee love u all
Happy birthday shruti Hamari pyari sidmin
Keep smiling always enjoy ur bday ??
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned…

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  1. SidMin

    Thank you Sameera Love you and my birthday party was awesome in your ff Loved it and Thank you so much
    Loved the episode Kunj’s jealousy and the part when he gave first aid to Twinkle and then feeding her sandwich Loved it all
    Love you and Thank you so much Love you 🙂

    1. Aamu

      Happy bday sidmin. ??????????

    2. Romaisha

      Heyy sidmin dii ?? happy birthday!!!

      Sorry sameera di for barging in here ?

    3. Sameera

      Happy birthday sidmin ???

    4. Shatakshi

      All very Happy Birthday Mili
      Love u loads❤❤

    5. SidMin

      Thank you Aamu Romaisha and Sameera 🙂

    6. SidMin

      Thank you Shatakshi 🙂

      1. Meeta

        Happy Birthday to you love.
        I guess SidMin was Mili, no?

      2. Twinjfan.tamanna

        WISH U A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDMIN…may this year bring u double happiness..

    7. SidMin

      Thank you Tamanna

    8. SidMin

      Thank you Meeta and My real name is Shruti and pet one is Mili 🙂

  2. nice epi…Sam
    . ..I want to all share news of twinkle (jasmimbhasin)….her upcoming serial sangarsh on colours… these serial take from movie chorichori chuke chuke ..she paly role of preetizinta…..toh ab dekhte hai we like role of our jasmin? …

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi…..loved it…..loved kunj’s jealousy……

  4. Ayu

    Really nice sameera?

  5. Baby

    ohhhh god sameera di dil rkhne ke liye nhi khe rhi thik hai….
    sch mein miss kia mene aapko……..haha
    di luvd d episode 2 d kya khun kya khun 2 d hmmmm moon n back
    n luv u 2 di happy bday shruti dear i posted m9 bt abhi tak aaya hi nhi pta nhi kun………
    luv u di u r amazing very cute dis jealous kunj ufffffff……..hhahahaaa
    post nxt asap di cnt w8 cute mnmnts of kunj d care n love wowowww…….

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Babay 🙂 Love you 🙂

  6. Ranabulbul

    Koi plz pakdo mujhe
    Itna aacha likha ke bol re hain ki
    Miss ni kiya
    Yr itna jyada miss kiya maine
    Or ye Jo do treats thi one for Shruti and second one the bond of love b/w twinj is so nice and cute and confession plz 25 epi ke bad
    This is the first time I am asking someone to do confession after some time becoz I really love to see their cute talks

  7. Aamu

    ???????? an me kya kahu….??
    Did was just amazing…jealousy??..bday party ??
    Do cont

  8. Romaisha

    Hello diii
    Awesome and super cute episode!!! ??
    It was too good
    Please post next epi ASAP
    Will be waiting 🙂

  9. Superb epi sam… Happy birthday shruti (sidmin)… Nd eid mubarak…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sidhanshi 🙂


    amazing sameera awsome

  11. Shatakshi

    Omg Sam
    Episode was shoo sweet
    It was Awesome
    Loved it

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was really an amazing epi yaar..plZ do cont asap…

  13. Thanmy

    Amazing Sam diii as alaways such a cutuuuuu sa episode I just loved it awesomeeeee

  14. Sayeeda

    Oyeeeeee hoyeeee kya solid bday treat thi yrrr ….Mili aka Sidmin kinna blush kr rhi hogi padhne ke baad ….????….

    Sam ja main tera dil rakh liya …jao main keh hi deti hoo Maine tumhe bahut miss kiya ???….

    OK on a serious note yes yrrr I missed u so much in these few days ….u nd ur ff also ….today I thought to read ffs nd comment too as I’m quite free today nd when I found ur ff updated I was like ke accha hua ke aaj padh liya wrna itna cute episode miss hojata …

    Episode was soooooo amazing…awesome…. loved it to the core…..

    Chal main chali ab.
    Byeeeeee …..
    love u ….???????????

  15. Awesome sameera…
    Cute twinj moments…..:*:*:*:*:*

  16. Kruti

    Amazing epi sam….sorry for d late comment…..nd Eid mubarak

  17. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera episode was fab….loves it….awesome….

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