Ishveer’s aashiqui (episode 2)


Ishani and ranveer return home. Ranveer says to Ishani politely what things she excepts from his side for a marriage life? Ishani says ur support and trust. Ranveer says I promise you that I will never leave you alone and Ishani says what do u expect from me. He replies ur honesty and I m literally impressed by ur selflessness but u should do ur own work they laugh.
Ranveer says after some days I’m going to Canada and then USA for my work. She gets sad and asks for how many days? He says sorry but it will take a month or 2. She says fine and smiles. Ranveer says than who will entertain you. Ishani says i will miss u a lot. He asks why? Ishani gets confused and says there will be no one who will take me for a bike ride and no one will do my work and shikhar….. Ranveer says don’t worry I know how to tackle people like him. Ishani says without you I feel so insecure. Ran says don’t worry this is the last time I’m going. I will earn a good amount and from my savings I will establish a travel agency. Ishani says ranveer don’t feel guilty I understand and I will support you. Ranveer says thank you. Ishani says no need. They go to sleep Ranveer sleeps on the floor and was feeling uncomfortable. Ishani saw him and says come on bed Ranveer. Ranveer says too early! Ishani asks him to shut up and not take it wrong. She says coz ur back will ache again. He says if ur insisting so much than I will sleep here. Afterwards they fall fast asleep. Ishani hugs Ranveer tightly and than Ranveer climbs on Ishani . At morning the alarm rings. Ishani wakes up and finds herself in that position. She seperates herself without disturbing his sleep and caress his forehead and kisses him. She comes to her senses and says what I did. She feels embarrassed and goes away from there and have a shower. Later she comes out with saree in her hand and sees Ranveer sleeping. She thinks not to disturb him and wears the saree alone suddenly her legs slip and she falls on Ranveer and her saree comes out.
Ranveer wakes and gets up and says what happened. They share a eyelock. Ranveer imagines: they share a lip lock and they get intimate. He comes to his senses and seperates her. He helps to wear her the saree
Precap:- Ranveer realize his love for Ishani and she too realize that see feels for her

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Oh so cute story. Pls update fast
    By the way y always same no of episode

  2. Reena

    Amazing episode dear!!

  3. OoOoo very sweet epi sis……update next….by the way how r u???

  4. So cute episode Vaidehi plz update the next soon

  5. So sweet dear loved it so much

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    Fantastic episode.. Loved it dear!!! *-*

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