Ishveer’s aashiqui (episode 2)


Ishani had worn a mesmerizing one piece and Ranveer praised him that she is looking pretty. Then they leave. Ranveer says I have invited our friends too. She says nice and makes faces. Ranveer says what happened she says nothing. She thinks boys are so dumb I mean first marriage date pe friends!

They reach the restaurant. Ranveer’s friends didn’t come coz they went somewhere out. Ranveer orders some boring food Ishani says I’m not on diet and cancels the order and order something else. Ranveer says if u where on then u won’t be like this! She says u mean I’m fat. Ranveer says yes I mean no. She ignores. Then ranveer attends a call n goes outside. The ordered food had come but Ranveer didn’t come yet. After 20 minutes he come. Ishani gets angry and says where were u to whom u were talking from so long. Ranveer says I went on a world tour that’s why I came late. Ishani says to whom u were talking. Ranveer says to my second wife. Ishani says Plz answer what I’m asking. Ranveer says it’s my life I can go anywhere talk to anyone what’s ur problem. Ishani says I was asking genuinely but why ur making big issue of that. He says I’m making issue okay but next time better stay out of it. Ishani gets hurt n leaves. Ranveer pays and n he too leaves. Ishani cries and says my life is ruined by marrying such a rude emotionless guy. She walks alone along the road nobody was there. Suddenly a man covers her from behind.
Sorry guys I’m not going according to precap of the last ff

A man covers her from Behind and it was her ex boyfriend she says what ur doing here. Her ex boyfriend was shikhar. But he is like evil chirag. He says I said don’t marry him. U will not get anything other than tears. I saw what happened in restaurant and I know he is like that but u didn’t listen to me. He is a careless person u can leave to alone. He doesn’t care where are you in which condition ur. See being ur ex than also I’m caring for you but he went to the club to party. Ishani feels that he is saying true.

Ranveer on his way to club think how will Ishani go home she will be alone and its late night.
Shikhar says see he is not bothered to call u. Ranveer’s call comes. She cuts the call and says to shikhar better get lost from here or else no one will be worse than me. He says I care for u baby but Ranveer don’t Ishani ignores and leaves where shikhar holds her hands and says come baby leave Ranveer and lets marry and we will lead a wonderful life. Ishani says are u done I won’t leave Ranveer at any cost and I know he is short tempered but he is not bad at heart he cares for me and I trust him not like u he is honest and innocent and not like u cheat and characterless.
Ranveer overheard their conversation but they didn’t see him. Shikhar tries to abduct her. Ishani slaps her and tries to run but he holds her. Ranveer comes there and beat him badly and asks Ishani to get in the car. Ishani cries and hugs him and says what u must be thinking is not true Ranveer. Ranveer says I trust u. He changes the topic and I didn’t know that I’m so cool that Ishani madam too starting praising me. Ishani laughs. He says while smiling you look good. She seperates the hug and says come lets go home.

Precap:- Ishani sees Ranveer sleeping on the floor struggling. She says u can sleep on the bed later unwillingly Ranveer sleeps on the bed at midnight in sleep he hugs Ishani and Ishani climbs on him. Ranveer wakes up but was unable to do any movement the whole night they slept in this position

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Credit to: Vaidehi

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