Ishveer’s aashiqui (episode 1)

This will be the story of arrange marriage of none other than ishveer? from cultured family characters remain the same and both families will be rich and FRIENDLY
Next day after their marriage,
Ranveer back aches as he slept on the couch. Ishani was sleeping on the bed

Ishani was a sweet hearted girl n dramebaaz while Ranveer was a typical boy fond of video games and bikes n sports car.
In their family there will be Ranveer elder brother and sister in law n his granny too

In their room
Ishani wakes up and says mumma where’s my brush. Ranveer peeps around and says where’s ur mom. Ishani was in sleep and then comes in her senses and she says can u plz pass me my phone. Ranveer says tu toh badi kaam chor nikli apna brush phone sab mom se hi karvati hai na. Ishani smiles. She calls her mom n says mumma I’m missing u, I said na find a ghar jamai for me but Ull didn’t and she cuts the phone and weeps. Ranveer was amused by her behavior and offers her handkerchief and Ishani says thanks and sorry. Ranveer says y sorry. She says u must have felt bad na for ghar jamai wala thing? Ranveer says no but u know what u r very cute. Ishani says and ur super cool.
Ishani and ranveer come for breakfast where she has worn a pretty suit. His granny taunts her n says that till 1 month of wedding is over u should wear saree. Ishani says okay. Ranveer looks at amba in disgusted looks and she says even I can’t help wd it. After breakfast Ishani went to her room to wear saree. She tried it a lot but was unable to do it. Later she asks Ranveer’s help. Ranveer wd the help of YouTube made Ishani wear a saree. Ishani smiles and hugs Ranveer(as a friend) and says now everyday u will help me to wear saree and she leaves. Ranveer thinks says she is so cute but now I became JORO KA GULAM

Later Ranveer asked Ishani to pay the debt of his help. Ishani says by? Ranveer replies playing video games wd me plz. Ishani says yes but Idk how to play. Ranveer says fine I will teach you, dad I interrupts them by saying if u will have kids then u can play wd them u. Ranveer says dadi. Ishani smiles. He says it’s day 1 of marriage n plz. Dadi says okay n she leaves. Ranveer teaches Ishani how to play it he holds her hands for the sake of teaching the games and then they start car race. They were playing it in their room and then he challenges to win the game. She climbs on the couch and she covers Ranveer’s eyes. Ranveer lies in her lap pressing the remote and then they share romantic moments.

Precaps:- Ranveer’s father insults him for not joining the family business and doing other nonsense stuff. Ishani comes in between and makes Kailash realize his mistake n Ranveer starts feeling for her

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  14. splendid start to d story….loved it so much…keep rockinggg:)

  15. splendid start ….loved it so so much dr…keep rockinggg:)

  16. hi guys
    I was been a scielent reader and i am great fan of shakti and barun sobti
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