ISHVEER: a marriage/hatred/love story (prologue)


Hi guys sriya here sorry for not posting my 1st ff on ishveer will post soon but now guys I am going to give u a new ishveer it will start from there marriage it will be a type of from hatred to friendship then love and then romance and jealousy. I love ishveer so much and I want matsh season 2 missing ishveer badly. It will be their first marriage but it will be totally different from the serial and funny one.
So here is the prologue: –
We see there is ishveer first night.

Ishveer conversation
Ishaani: – see ranveer I married you because of my parents force I love someone else but because of u I am not able to marry him stay away from me warna mai tumhe.
Ranveer interrupts and says; warna kya kya kar logi ha ha mujhe pata chal gaya tum aapni dhai kilo ke haath sai kachambur bana dogi na lekin mai darne walon mai se nai hu mujhse pang le karke toh dekho kya kartu hu
Ishaani: you ranveer I will not leave u tumhari himaat kese hui mere haath ko dhai kilo kene ki maine tumhe maar dalungi.

Saying this she throws pillow on him ranveer also starts throwing pillow on her. They both have a pillow fight Ishaani throws pillow on ranveer he falls down and his head bangs with the floor Ishaani starts laughing seeing him ranveer says ah thoda khoon nikala raha hai mere sir se Ishaani says khoon sorry ranveer mujhe maaf kardo Ishaani was coming to him using this chance ranveer keeps a leg in between and Ishaani doesn’t see it and falls down with a thud ranveer starts laughing seeing her and says Ishaani mai maazak kar raha tha mere saar se toh khoon nahi nikala raha he.
Ishaani shouts ranveer you stupid idiot dumb headed brainless creature khadoos dhokebaaz dramebaaz chodungi nahi tumhe.
They both start fighting again after few hours Ishaani slept keeping her head on ranveer’ s lap they both doze off to sleep in that position only.

Precap: – ishveer funny and maybe romantic scenes too.
So guys how was the prologue. Love u guys bye take care will post first ff soon and this ff next part also. Don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box.

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  1. Hey sriya awesome dear i love it i want long epi

  2. Nandana

    nice episode siya i really liked it but from next episode plz translate hindi words into english . its a kind request 🙂

  3. Niz start dr.. But post in English… Update next soon..
    Keep smiling

  4. This is awesome dear plz plz continue and update longer episodes

  5. Hlw sis how r u??? Ur epi prologue is marvelous…. Waiting for next episode

  6. This is mind blowing but update more plz

  7. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    pls write in eng. ya

  8. Nice prologue waiting for the next

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