Ishani woke up and saw ranveer he was sleeping calmly she went to washroom fresh up herself and came down in a golden yellow saree started to help amba in kitchen prepared breakfast
Ranveer woke up and saw Ishani was not there he went to washroom make himself ready calm down by searching Ishani she was near by the dining table arranging dishes both smiled to each other all had breakfast and ranveer went to office throughout the day ishani was busy in kitchen and arranging her cupboard sometimes with Krish ranveer came late at night had dinner with Ishani and slept becoz of tired

Four days went like this ..amba get well bonded with Ishani
One evening ranveer came early amba was sitting in hall with lakshmi wonder kya hua beta you came home soon
Ranveer : no ma actually work got over so I came he searched Ishani climb the stairs
Ishani was folding saree which was given by Dadi keeping it in the cupboard ranveer smiled
and went hugged her she was about to scream he closed her mouth with his hands and turned her to him she smiled
Ishani:you really scared me ..came early today
Ranveer :hmm for my wife chalo get ready we are going out by putting his hands around her
Ishani :where??

Ranveer : ur choice five star hotel resort movie in multiplex or..
Ishani: marine drive where we used to go. ..
Ranveer looking at her cutely pinched her cheeks you are so lovely Ishani. .
He was about to come close to her.she held him we are going out let me get ready
Ranveer was in cream blazzare black t-shirt. Ishani in dark green transparent saree they both came down
Ishani:ma ranveer : we are going out will come for dinner
Both started in car reached marine drive started walking they had chai ranveer bought samosa Ishani feed him.he was enjoying both were talking and laughing they were walking next to the road it was a traffic on the road sharman who was leaving to home from office saw Ishani laughing though he is angry with ranveer he was happy for his sister he left the place
Manas came And took Krish from parul

It started drizzling thenIshani and ranveer came to the car started to home
The car stopped in signal Ishani saw outside movie banner
Ishani : ranveer. .tomorrow also will you come early
Ranveer :sure…Ishani
Ishani :we will go for movie I wanna come siddarth he luks so cute ..
Ranveer get possessive. .so you have asked me to come early to see siddarth. …not me.
Ishani :arrey what’s dis…which means you are not coming
Ranveer : arrey when I said like that see siddarth I will be seeing you….both smiled at each other
They went home had dinner

Ranveer :Ishani you sleep let me complete some work in study room and come
Ishani : who changed herself in red satin nighty making puppy face..nd said.come soon
He smiled and came to her kissed her forehead you sleep in wil come
Next day morning Ishani was about to get up here saw ranveer hands around her she smiled and kept it in the bed slowly went fresh up and came as usual ranveer left for office
Ishani was so happy that they will be going for movie
She wore beautiful red transparent saree got ready
Ritika was taking with the shadow man tat ranveer has spoiled my life I need to take revenge on him
Tat shadow man has revealed it was rishi even me becoz of him only my sister was in coma one time he got escaped from my bullet but not this time.
Meet Mr. Nirbhay he can’t win rv in his business he will be joining hands with us so let’s plot a perfect plan
Hmm sure.
Ishani was waiting for ranveer but he didn’t turn up from office when he called him he dint lift the call she called office number
They said he is busy with new client

PRECAP: Ishani was angry …ranveer came inside by closing the door.he was smiling at Ishani

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