Amba : Mala prepare breakfast for ranveer. ..and make some fresh juice
Mala: ji woh bhabi already prepared
Amba: okay you prepare juice and call him two days he was eating outside….
Kailash: amba plz listen take rest ishani hain na
Amba: c am okay now by saying this she got up from bed hope ranveer would have fresh up today I will serve him food
Kailash: if your son is next to you no one will be visible to you
Amba: what???
He nodded nothing.
She moved towards his room
Ranveer room:

Ranveer kept his trolley and removed his coat tie ishani thought he will go to fresh up himself by saying this she opened the cupboard took his towel ranveer hugged her from behind and smiled ishani was blushing and smiled by his sudden action he hugged her so tightly.
Ranveer : yu know how much I missed you sunny
Ishani : (in a low tone) hmm how much
Ranveer : let me show you how much ….he turned her towards him they had a eye lock slowly moved her towards his bed make her lay down. He came above her she was smiling at him she cupped his cheeks with her hands he slightly took her hand and kissed it.
She hugged him blushingly ranveer Nuzzling her neck and went near by her ears thnq for the letter I really loved it so much .luv you ishani missed you like anything. He kissed her cheeks
U know I got my life back.I am feeling like am the most blessed person in the world

Ishani got mesmerised by his words..she
replied luv you ranveer. …don’t ever leave me

Ranveer slowly came out of the hug and smilinget
in a cute low tone….I won my challenge. ..

Ishani: after realising Wat she said she was about to get up ranveer held her hands ishani turned her face other side…for that only you
were saying those words
Ranveer : arrey maine aisa kab kaha really luv you baby he was about to kiss her lips
Ishani: by keeping her index finger go and brush now
Ranveer :he kissed her finger let me kiss….he
came cloved to her lips
Amba knocked the door ranveer dhikra. ….
Ishani pushed ranveer both got up from bed she make herself okay with the sarea went to open the door
Ranveer with a disappointed face looks at her his hair was so messed up
Ishani opened the door
Amba slightly smiled. .ranveer still you dint fresh up
Ranveer : nahi maa wohh. ..actually am very tired.
Ma let me sleep for some take rest Ma y you are straining yourself.
Ishani: haan maa yu can take rest know
Amba : nahi beta main tike hu acha tum sojao ranveer
She walked away and turned ishani. …tum mere saath chalo beta woh janmashtami will be coming so we need to make arrangements for some sweets that we should not buy or should not prepared by outside people.
Ranveer got very much disappointed by hearing this ishani saw him with a funny smiling face left the room
Amba: yu sleep dhikra I will not allow any one to disturb yu
Ranveer : oki Ma by seeing dis he laid in the bed.
Lakshmi and parul started to Mumbai and they are in train
Evening 5:30
Baa mitesh chaitali with manas and disha moved towards their new rented house near bhuleshwar
Finally manas got a job in a textile as an accountant
Later baa was thinking about ishani.the way she scolded her.
Ranveer came down to hall punnet came to meet him for some sign in files dey were discussed and he was talking with kailasj
Around 8:30 ishani was serving them dinner all the three started having food
Amba said to ranveer : tomorrow parul and Lakshmi is coming home
Ranveer : with a happy face nice ma
Kal raksha bandhan hair
Ishani : remember about sharman but she managed she was quiet Amba asked her also had dinner she started having it.
Ishani went to servant quarters bring their cousins pic which was a small frame went to kitchen she fetched water started climbing their terrace
Amba: ranveer ….really ishani ‘s such a nice girl even I would have selected a girl we would have not get such a lovely daughter in law I was wrong .she really took care of me well
Ranveer was smiling and admiring ishani
Oki beta go and sleep
Ranveer went with amba to her room make her have the pills.he bid a good night to both of them
He was so happy about his family moved towards his room

PRECAP:Ranveer went to his room and he couldnt find ishani .she was standing and crying by seeing the pic of sharman in her room

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