Ranveer reached airport and he was received by
Sameer he took him to 5 star hotel showed his room. He was discussing with Ranveer regarding tomorrow meeting.
Amba and kailash reached Rv mansion ishani was arranging dinner kailash and Amba both went to their room Amba was so dull she got high fever kailash called Mala were asking for hot water ishani heard his voice so she went and took hot water went and stood near the entrance and she called baba ….Mala aaj jaldi nikalgayi tat time kailash was n a hurry he got the glass from ishani and locked the door went inside. Ishani with a confused face moved towards her room.Amba asked kailash what happen he dint told her it was ishani he just gave a pill for her slight fever. Ask her to take rest.

Ishani went to her room was thinking about the way kailash has behaved she felt some thing wrong. Then she saw the time it was 9:35 she went to wash room fresh up herself and changed in to a red satin nightie and sat in the bed. Ranveer finished his talk with sameer once he left he saw the time it was 10 he remembered ishani came and sat in the bed just removed his blazzare and tie he unbuttoned his first 3 button’s of shirt took his laptop and started calling ishani. She was sitting in the bed by keeping her mobile and apple ipad. Was thinking about Amba and kailash. Suddenly she saw the tab Ranveer”s call she got a bright smile and attend the call he was half lying in the bed with pillows ishani was keeping the ipad and sitting n a slanting position.
Ranveer : sunny
Ishani : Ranveer did you call ma and baba
Ranveer : nahi ishani I was stuck with some work just now I got free kyun kya hua sab teek toh hain na
Ishani : (since he was far away from them) nahi dey just reached home tumne call tak nahi kina
Ranveer : sorry sunny
Ishani : tike had dinner
Ranveer : nope I had in flight nt feeling hungry
Ishani : tumne change tak nahi kia
Ranveer : hmm am feeling very tired
Ishani : in a funny tone tike tum sojao gud nit she laughed
Ranveer : he turned his lap to his side ishani badi hasi aa rahe hai tume
Ishani : she was still smiling
Ranveer look at her she was so beautiful to his eyes Lookin so cute in red nightie in a instant tone wen ever we are away from each other you are looking so beautiful and am missing you a lot
Ishani : really tabhi toh tumne itna call kiya
Ranveer :ishani. … you
Ishani :hmm
Ranveer : yu won’t say
Ishani: she just nodded her head as No
Ranveer : kyun itna taras rahe Hu
Ishani : kyun taras aa rahe Hu she s smiling acha batao kya chahiye
Ranveer : hmm tat i will say you once i came back to home ….kash tum yahan hote….
Ishani:hmm miss you Ranveer when will you be starting
Ranveer:miss you too baby day after tomorrow early morning …ishani aaj kuch zyaadha ache lag rahe Hu
Ishani : aisa hai kya?
Ranveer :if I would have been there. …don’t know what all I have do

Ishani was blushing and in a cute tone she replied. But now you can’t do anythingMr. Rv
Ranveer : just a day ishani after that…before he could complete he got a call in mobile it was kailash Ranveer lift and spoke to him he just told dey reached home ishani was curiously watching but kailash dint info about Amba health. He hung up the call .
Ranveer said baba ka phone that. Ishani nodded as yes
Ishani : Ranveer. s still angry on me every thing will fine know
Ranveer : haan ishani arreye my sunny s super strong knoway
She smiled and ask him have a milk also to sleep soon since he had meeting tomorrow at 8
Ranveer was not in a mood to listen finally she ended the call by saying love yu he too replied luv you ishani.
Ranveer shutdown and kept his laptop he took his trolley and fresh up Changed himself in grey tshirt and white Pant he was about to take his mobile charger he find that greeting letter which was kept by ishani

It has a picture of seashore two couple hugging shadow n blacKish brown and white with the wordings Good nite kisses
Miss you baby come back to me soon
I just wanted to be next to you always
Dis two days are like 200 years for me
Love you Ranveer it has another page in tat their pic d one dey took it on their valentines day dinner.
By your’s ishani with lots and lots of love.
Ranveer was smiling like anything he was searching his mobile in the mean while ishani was in kitchen fetching water he called her twice but she dint lift so he thought she slept and textd her miss you too darling luv you the core.
Am always yours with ???? .once again luv yu? thnq for the gift from my cute wife
Ishani came to her room locked the room came to bed saw her mobile missed calls and she
was about to call she got the text
By seeing the text she was blushing smiling.

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