Ishani was waiting for ran veer reply. Amba and Kailash reached the place they have decided to see Darshan by tomorrow morning. And amba was not feeling well she felt so fragile though she dint tell kailash anything she fall asleep.


Ranveer after thinking a while with a light smile slowly made ishani come out of hug and seeing her haan ishani even I thought of asking you k kya hua tha us din tell me what happen on tat day. As ranveer is leaving to Delhi ishani wants to play with him she said hmm even I don’t remember by saying it ishanI was about to turn ranveer held her and make her turn to him .so you will not say ishani smiled and ask wat I have to say ranveer playfully hit her forehead with her and said nothing even I don’t wish to talk now he started kissing ishani cheeks nuzzling with her neck they both cuddled each other and slept around mid night ishani felt so thirsty was about to get up ranveer was holding her hand hugging her so tightly without disturbing his sleep ishu drink the water from jug which was kept near the lamp she turned and saw ranveer his cute face with calmness she was admiring him like anything .she kissed his forehead and rest her head in his chest .was thinking hope everything should be fine but amba kaki still she s not r talking with her properly again she slept.Next morning amba and kailash went for darshan by six of clock they prayed for ranveer and family amba sat in the mandir since she wasn’t feeling well kailash took care of amba.

Mumbai :

Around 7 o clock sun rays hit the windows of ishveer room ranveer was disturbed and slowly opened his eyes his hands were searching in bed he couldn’t find ishani next to him. He gave a glance to the room ishani was n pink with peach orange combo sarea. She was arranging some thing in the cupboard she looks so fresh like a snow drop on green grass ranveer slowly went and hugged her from behind she smiled and said good morning and he replied I LOVE YOU SUNNY

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