Ranveer and ishani started towards mumbai from haryana. Around 9 o clock they reached Rv mansion. Both have entered the house amba stood silent before she could say kailash interrupted and said beta tum do no jaakhe a aaram karlo.ishveer went to their room.ranveer asked mala to bring ishani clothes which was kept in old store room .ishani was sat on the bed worried about amba also her foot was paining like anything. Ranveer got ishani clothes from mala he came inside and sat next to ishani. He touched her shoulders and ask with a headshake as what she replied noded as nothing.

he smiled and ask her to change he got a call ishani moved towards wash room.after an hour they finished dinnerin room ishani was unable to walk she was in her red satin nighty as she was struggling ranveer took her in his arms moved towards the bed.he carefully laided her then he smiled nd laid next to her.ranveer switch of the light and turn towards ishani as she was up to say something he kissed her forehead and ask her to sleep.she moved close to ranveer rest her head in his chest he smiled and grabbed her shoulders.

After a week one fine morning ishani was getting ready in her red saree ranveer was sleeping in the bed it was around 7:30 he got a call it disturbed his sleep before ishani could reach the phone he lift the call

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    she continued herself making ready meanwhile it was puneet who remind ranveer about his meeting in delhi for two days he will br back on Friday after hung up the call ran veer turn and see ishani she was filling her forehead with sindoor he went and hugged her from behind.dis whole week he was busy with his work dey couldn’t spend time with each other.ishani was smiling and slowly turned his side and they have a cute eyelock.ranveer was about to say something amba knocked their door.ishani went and open the door amba gave a silent look to her and come forward to ranveer and said dhikra me and tum hare baba s goin to shridi will be back tomorrow morning. He said tike ma and amba left the room.ranveer went to washroom to get fresh ishani goes to kitchen after an hour dey all had breakfast amba and kailash left to shridi and ranveer was about to leave office he came to ishani and said will come home soon she smiled and nodded. Ishani was arranging cupboard and prepared dinner ranveer came home by 7:30.dey were left alone finished their dinner retired to their room by 9.
    Amba called ranveer to inform they will be startin by tomorrow early morning, ishani came and sat next to him he said ma ka phone tha wen she was about to get up he held her hand ishani luk at him without understanding ranveer was in his white kurta he came close to her.ishani in a low tone: let me change ranveer Ranveer: in a husky tone) no need yu look so cute in saree Ishani gave a shy smile.
    Ranveer slowly made her lay on the bed he even switch of the lights and came above her he kissed her forehead cheeks neck and face.ishani was holdin his hair tightly. Ishani: ranveer mujhe tumse kuch poochna hai? Ranveer: abhi…?
    Ishani : haan woh.. before she could completes ranveer interrupt bhi kuch kehna hai ishani: kya bolo Ranveer : i am leavin delhi tomorrow night will be back on friday two days.
    He kept his face so close to her.ishani got little upset she asked him in a cute tone : jaana zaroori hai Ranveer :haan ishani am sorry.he asked her acha tum batao kya poochna hai tume.ishani slowly took her face from his she felt so shy slowly hugged him ranveer was smiling at her he too hugged her so well Ishani: ranveer tume sach main yaad nahi hai whatever happened in haryana tat night yu came to see me disguised in servant look…

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