ISHVEER made for each other (Intro)

Hi guys I am new here and I am a fan of ishveer. Inspired by you all I am also starting ff. Pls support me. It’s entirely different from the real story. Here is the list of characters.

Ishani Parekh: A strong, smart and beautiful, brave girl. She is an orphan. Hates boys for a reason. Very poor dosent have a place to live. Finding for a job.

Ranveer Vaghela: A big business man , handsome, smart, hates always flirts with girls.

Amba Vaghela: Ranveer’s mother

Kailash Vaghela: Ranveer’s father
Ranveer’s parents are very kind, help everyone, trying to convince Ranveer for marriage. Like Ritika and wants Ranveer and Ritika to marry but not forcing them to marry.

Ritika Zaveri: Ranveer’s best friend, loves Ranveer
But she knows that he does not love her. Also from a rich family.

Guys I will add more characters as and when needed. Pls support me, if you like it then pls comment otherwise I will stop it.

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  1. Maria one request pls remove amba and kailash from this ff pls then all will stop reading u r ff pls it is a request….. Ishaani father,mother??

      1. Ishani’s father mother died

      2. becoz many hate them…Pls check my ff matsh(ishveer forever) in that amba and kailash was beaten by ishaani see the comments many scold them badly pls it is my request other than that i like ur intro

      3. OK I will remove them

      4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Thnx yaar for accepting my reviews

  2. nce dr continue but dont want are ranvi to separate

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Very nice.l like it.pls continue.

  4. Maria don’t put ishaani poor

  5. Nice I like it……

  6. Nice mariya but dr u already write one ffna

    1. Yes I write an for but not of matsh it is of ikrs

    2. Sathya di I am not same as this maria dr & this is not my ff . I think it was writing by other girl.

  7. Nice thought dear…. waiting for 1st epi

  8. Nice starting maria . but I am also Mariya & I also wrote my ff ( ishveer love like never before) . is this your real name? Pls ans me.

  9. Sathya di I am not same as that maria.
    I am Mariya . & this is not my ff di.
    & maria pls your real name or other name that you like you give to this ff . because avoiding of so much confusion dear pls its my request dear.

    1. Yaa it’s my real name OK I will change it

  10. Thanks dear pls change it pls its my request.

  11. nice….. but y ritika is needed aaaaaa

  12. ranjani chetty

    It’s nice maria I am waiting for ur next ff

  13. Pls continue its good?

  14. Hey Mariya & Julina if you get time pls update your ff I am waiting for you both ?

  15. nys intro..i agree ranaji’s wrds..and plzz don’t take rhithika’s charecter as’s a kind request..

    1. Yaa she is not a viplain

  16. Hi dear! This intro seems really nice….please continue it and update soon.

    ONE DOUBT, ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE – After reading all your FFs even I decided to write a FF and even I tried it but when I hit post article then it says that submission failed…..please help me solve this problem someone or give me solution of this problem.

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