ISHVEER made for each other (Episode 1)


Hi guys, on your request I remove amba and kailash from this ff. So consider his parents are also dead, and ishaani’s parents also died.

Ranveer at his home getting ready for office,
Ritika calls her. Hello RV where are you I am waiting for you in the office come fast. Ranveer says yaa I missed my alarm I am coming. Ritika says you will never change your habit and cuts the call.

Ranveer leaves and reaches his office. He calls rishi and says I asked you to find a personal secretary for me. He says yes I found one and he calls one girl. The girl comes in dirty clothes, in a shabbily manner.RV says is this a joke? I asked you to bring a secretary not a beggar from the roadside. Ishani says how dare you call me a beggar. Rishi says pls I will explain. He says actually sir, when I was driving the car, she came in the middle of my car, she asked me that I want a job pls sir can you help me I am well qualified. Rishi says just go away don’t fool me. But she said sir pls wait here for a second I will show my degrees to you. I thought about you RV sir so I waited. She brought everything to me. I checked everything and asked how come you are so qualified, is this fake? She says no trust me, I was rich before but after my parents death I had nothing left with me, so I have no place to say, nothing to eat. Rishi says OK I have a job. Ranveer says what nonsense.

Credit to: Maria

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  1. maria sis u r marvelous………..pls make ISHVEER together s soon s u can

    1. Thanks dear, I will unite them soon keep reading!!

      1. thanks my cute sissy

  2. It’s superb… make it long update maria dear

    1. Thanks Sanjana and I will surely update it longer next time. Keep reading

  3. Wow… awsm. … intro is good… diff story line…. can u pls make it a longer update…. it’s my request

    1. Thanks julina, I will update it longer next time

  4. Amazing yaar! Now make Ranveer Ishani’s friend fast and let the romance began.

    I am again asking, HOW DO YOU POST A NEW FF? Please help someone!!!!

    1. On the top its says somethinhg about publishing an article and you click on that.

  5. Its nice but try to make it more long

    1. Thanks Neelam next one will be longer

  6. Reallly a nice start sis…..go on like this only….

  7. You are doing an amazing job!! This is a great episode and I hope you make them meet soon!

  8. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    super dear some new story line . i love it dear …

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome.ya pls make it lengthy.

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