Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 4)

Ishveer wakes up . Ishani was changing her dress just then ranveer came and says” Today i will not come close to you beacause from now on (in italy) i will spend whole day loving you … Close to you ” he gaves a naughty smile
Ishani : ” jitna hasna hai hasloo me tmhare pass hi ni ayon gi apkr kr dikhanaaa ” she laughs
Ranveer : “Oh letsss see. Wait and watch muahh ?
They both were ready to go ,they came downstairs to take ashirwaad
Amba takes the arti of both
Amba: Please Dikraa Now i wanna hear the good news from both of you and all family laughs .
Ranveer: G maa No prob … I will fulfill it and grins to ishani and say Ishani right naww ?
Ishani smiles . They said goodbye to all and then sat in the car
Ishani : U r soooo Besharam na ranveer huh i dont wanna talk with you !!?
Ranveer : awwww melaa baby! Yeah im besharam …. Its my right ?
Ishani : are all the BAKWAS AND BESHARAM Things ur right??
Ranveer : Yeah beacause My Hot wife is with me… Who cares about world
Ishani: Hottttt??? (She was red with anger)
Ranveer was terrified
Ranveer says “nnn..nnn..nnoooo..noo Im mean HOT .. ii..i meann..n. you took bath from hot water na that s y.. thats ….y
Ishani: Ok Ok.
The took the tickets and went into the aeroplane.
They sat on the seats.
Ranveer coming close to ishani’s neck . Ishani says : Ranveer what r u doing ??? All people are looking at you plz stop
Ranveer : Who cares abt work baby?? Lets carry on ?
ishani jerks him and smiles at him.

The arrived at the station .
They didnt find any taxi. It was already about 1:00 at night .
Ranveer : Hayeeee ishaniii darr ni lrggrha tumhein ??
Ishani : plz ranveer na draoo naa … U r my sweettt cute world best husband so please dont afraid me
Ranveer : So What will you give to your “SWEET CUTE WORLD BEST HUSBAND?? A kiss ?? He make a face like this ?
Ishani Runsss shouting nooooo catch me if you can (this all scene is taking place on road)
Ranveer : ahhhhh okkkkk
Just then ishani was about to slip
Ranveer hold her tight and said :
I Taught you that Give me a Kiss …. If u have given the kiss early … U will not slip .. he smiles in a naughty mood .
Ishani blushes
Ishani : Ranveer yr please find the hotel early … Please
Ranveer : Q?? Tumne Honeymoon jaldi mana na hai naww boli ??


SORRYYYYY GUYZZZZ FOR SMALL UPDATE ACTUALLY I WAS BUSY …. SORRYYYY LOVEEEE UUUU And my name is Zainab … U can call cutie or zainu as u like and Im 12 years old (someone asked ) ?? ??????????????

Credit to: Cutie Pie



    i just love your ff zainu you’re an small but amazing writer……..just like Shakti told to Radhika……..a chota packet bada dhamaka…………..pls keep updating daily…….i was waiting from yesterday but at last you done its……………………..and again RAnveer in naughty mood Ishani in anger i just love this combination……..

  2. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    cutiepie nice name naaaa.. i agree withdurva and vyshu . nice dear i love it continue .

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